Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Mid Century Modern Furniture

You probably already know that there are multiple design styles when it comes to furniture. But what do you really know about Mid Century Modern design other than it’s currently trendy right now and highly favored at the moment? Probably not much, which is why Manhattan Home Design wants to educate you on this fascinating design and help you learn to appreciate the kind of furniture we specialize in. And if you’re inspired to purchase some for your own space, read all about how great our styles are with are many positive Manhattan Home Design reviews!

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

So let’s first define what Mid-Century Modern is…

Basically, it’s the period of popular interior design that swept the nation from the 1940s to the late-1960s. And it wasn’t just interior design, as the term defined things like graphic, architecture and industrial design, which all had one simple aesthetic – simplicity in the form of very clean lines and sculptural forms. It was truly the era in modern design where less was more! And you’ll find a vast variety of Mid-Century Modern furniture on our site and in our showroom, letting our Manhattan Home Design reviews speak for our furniture and its quality.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

When it came to architecture, many Mid-Century homes were defined by form, light and space, with huge windows vital both inside and out. They also featured high ceilings and lots of open spaces to let the home breath. In terms of materials, it was all about sleek and modern designs, which is why lots of stone, brick and wood were used. Some very notable Mid Century Modern architectures included people like Richard Neutra, Eero Saarinen, John Lautner, Paul Revere Williams and Joseph Eichler.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Now when it came to furniture, the same ethos was true for the new designs that boasted sleek and sculptural forms that was all about physical ergonomics – the thought that furniture design should focus and complement on the human body so that it’s comfortable by all means. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in all of our pieces, just read the Manhattan Home Design reviews!

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Another feature of Mid Century Modern furniture is the fact that it’s made using materials like fiberglass, plexiglass and tubular steel, in addition to (then) new fabricating techniques, which helped provide the unique shapes of many of the furniture pieces inspired in this design era (such as the highly popular Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen, which we have plenty Manhattan Home Design reviews on).

So now you know the history behind the design trend everyone is obsessed with!

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