Florence Knoll: 3 Furniture Pieces You Can Obtain This Black Friday (I/II)

In the previous post, we talked about how interesting and a bit tragic Florence Knoll’s early years were, as well as a brief description of the journey she went through to achieve the revolution that in her time marked the stage of an era.

Now is time to describe one of their most iconic pieces; the Florence Knoll sofa.

This sofa is completely upholstered with aniline leather and normally comes in two color presentations; black and brown, just like the two pictures below:

2. Florence Knoll armchair

This is an armchair made with the same structure and style as the sofa, it also comes in the same colors and its cushions are filled with dense foam which makes it a very comfy piece. It can be matched with the Florence Knoll sofa and can look like this:

Source: Scheitlin Syfrig – Roche forum, Buonas 2002. Photos © Walter Mair.

3. Florence Knoll bench

This is the third complement in her collection this bench is also upholstered in leather and their cushions are filled with the same high-quality foam. This trio will enhance your living room with a touch of personality and sophistication.

Florence Knoll: 3 Furniture Pieces You Can Obtain This Black Friday (I/II)

Today we are going to show you 5 incredible designs that you can implement into your home decoration, but before we start we think is important to expose who exactly was this iconic designer.

Florence Knoll early years

You may know this designer by its iconic Florence Knoll sofa that has appeared in a lot of movies and magazines, but you may don’t know how inspired her history is, that’s why we have dedicated a short section of the blog to exposed, take a look!

Florence was born during the First World War, orphaned at just 12 years old, and grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. From her early years, she showed interest in the field of architecture, the first step in architecture was thanks to the art director of her school who induced taught her the basic concepts of planning and writing. Her first project was designing a house.

After that, the journey really began because she studied at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, where he learned the basics and developed many connections that led her to create a team to found what we know today as Knoll.

Furniture Pieces

  1. Florence Knoll sofa

Click to see the description and more Florence Knoll furniture pieces.

The Flag Halyard Chair Is a Good Element For Your Small Living Room

The Flag Halyard Chair is a reflection of modernism. This is something that you won’t be able to understand if you don’t know clearly what modernism means. Modernity brought with it many revolutionary things, a vision of the world and reality focused on the practical and functional, but it also became a current of human thought that left aside the additions to impact the daily lives of people and help them deal with the routine and obligations of today’s world. This quickly resulted in the increasing construction and demand for small living spaces, such as studio apartments, residential complexes with small, single-story houses, and few rooms. This is more common in large metropolises with high populations, where space is becoming more and more expensive and scarce.

If you currently live in a small space, but this has not prevented you from wanting to give it proper decor, don’t be discouraged! There are many possibilities that a small space can offer you. You just need to have a better understanding of the options you have and how you can apply them wisely. If we have mentioned one of Hans Wegner’s pieces, it’s because there are also more affordable products such as the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, with which you can reinforce the modern style of your small living room.

When the square meters are not superfluous, you must know how to use every centimeter available in the most convenient way. The great diversity of furniture, decorative and design elements currently available make this task much easier in modern times. There is practically appropriate furniture for each type of space. A little imagination and practicality will suffice to turn your space into a very beautiful and functional area.

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These are distinctive features to invite you to relax, but the final detail resides in its recline angle combined with the two paddled cushions (The “wings”), that take you in a voyage of pleasure. 
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Interior Design Trends in 2021: What’s IN?

2021 is getting close, and every one wants that 2020 comes to an end. People is anxious for changes, and the bets are in the table: What’s in and what’s out?. We are in a good time to see what is going on.

Which will be the main trends in interior design  in 2021? Will Mid Century Modern style continue as the main trend in décor and furniture? Masterpieces like the Barcelona Chair or the Hans Wegner Shell Chair will stay as part of the most wanted pieces?               

For now, we will make a quick review to what’s in or what’s out in décor, according to very prestigious magazines.

What’s IN in Interior Design for 2021:

Integrated Hardware

Minimal, seamless and sleek look while still offering a sense of design. The vertical lines of the hardware emulate molding lines, creating a calming and ordered visual effect. Integrated hardware is considered more efficient.

Eco Friendly Fireplaces

We are definitely in the mist of a new era. Traditional ways of heating should be leave behind, and classical fireplaces emits CO2, and it’s costly to maintain. 

Kitchen Islands with Cantilevered Eat In Area

Kitchen Islands continue their rise as a preeminent place of American homes, and now they expand, with cantilevered areas to allow your family gathering around the kitchen in a comfortable way. With a lower profile than a diner table and with a relaxed style.

Grand Millennial Style

The new sensation in Interior Design, Grand Millennial Style may be a way to rename Vintage, or  Traditional Contemporary, but blending elements of classic design like chinoiserie, scallops, natural fiber rugs, topiaries, and more, with a contemporary edge.


Plants were already announced in 2020 like a big décor trend and already did it. Not only flower plants, but big, green plants. Besides, they are taking all the rooms of the house, and they are not restricting now to their traditional places (living room, kitchen, hallways), but other spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms and all the house in general.

Rattan and Wicker

Another winner trend in 2020, light wood is rocking, and it can be used in furniture and arts (wall arts, sculptures). Chairs, tables, or lighting, are the perfect layers to balance modern and traditional style.


Terrazzo was invented in Venice when workers took leftover, odd-shaped marble pieces and used them for flooring, the colors and shapes and combinations for this flooring have become endless.

Faux Marble

A curious case where the imitation works better than the original, Faux Marble is favored instead of original marble, due to its advantages for cleaning and maintenance. Marble, though beautiful, tend to retain stains, and is inevitable to suffer of this affection because of the nature of the kitchens.  

Rounded Edge Furniture

Another trend that comes winning from 2020. As prior years, rounded sofas are making it big. Not only with rounded ends, but with rounded frames and designs. This kind of sofas tend to be more expensive, due to the manufacture costs required to produce different frames, beyond the classic forms. Definitely, rounded sofas are great to create a refreshing impression in your room, and to show a different focal point, through color and shape, but its good to keep in mind that this kind of shapes are very fancy, but they fade quickly. If this happens, you will stay with a flamboyant pink sofa for more years that you wish. When it comes to classic choices, nothing beat the iconic Barcelona Sofa with its leather upholstery and its distinctive “X” silhouette.

If you want to enter in the world of classic masterpieces of Design, don’t miss the opportunity in Barcelona Design, the place for classic timeless pieces, like the Barcelona Chair and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.

The Eames Lounge Chair Is An Emblem Of Modernism

The Eames Lounge Chair has become, over time, something much more meaningful than a piece of furniture. Through the decades, thanks to its growing popularity and its unrivaled influence on the world of furniture design and modernism in general, the chair became a cultural reference for a whole stage in history, marked by a leap towards an aesthetic style that was reflected even in people’s lifestyles, in the world of architecture and decoration and almost all professional fields. Modernism, which emphasized the practical and the elegance of the simple, invaded the spaces of homes and offices with masterful pieces of furniture and fixtures that are still highly acclaimed today.

The piece is currently manufactured by two companies that have the official license to produce it, one in Europe (Vitra) and one in the United States (Herman Miller), but there are also very valuable knock-offs such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica of Manhattan Home Design. Comparatively, an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is vastly more affordable, priced at only a fraction of the original cost. Since its appearance on the market in 1956, the chair gradually became a highly coveted object by audiences of all kinds, who recognized in it an indisputable emblem of modernism and its importance for the life of contemporary man.

The Shell Chair: Organic & Gorgeous Structure Are Just Two Of Its Features

If you’re a follower of the mid-century modern movement, perhaps you’ve heard or at least looked at this chair before. The Shell Chair is the perfect combination of classic, functional, and modern.

Let’s start by talking about its organic lines that seem as if they hypnotize you with its waveform, this particularity is what makes the chair look elegant but simple at the same time. The Shell chair uses one of the most used materials of this MCM style; which is walnut plywood.

The walnut plywood used in the construction of this piece is top finished with a soft sheen addition that definitely adds a classy aura to the entire chair.

The chair can be used in any area, from living rooms to bedrooms, or perhaps the office, as it is a mid-century modern piece that was created to meet multiple needs, you will have multiple functions in just one piece!

The best comes now! As we know that you are going to love how this chair will fit into your design, we would like to recommend a very reputable site where they sell high-end replicas, including the Shell chair. Since it’s November they already have Black Friday discounts, so take a look and complement your mid-century living room with this piece of furniture!

Design notes from the Barcelona Chair. Color Grey.

Neutral colors have been used profusely in Interior Design for several years, specially grey. 

Why grey?

Grey, specially clear grey, is very close to white. It means that it can be used with almost any combination of color. That’s is good for most of the Interior Design trends. Grey as a color is a neutral element, used as factor of balance. With grey or any neutral color, you enhance your furniture elements as the focal center of the room. Your furniture will have the color, and it will be the center of attention. 

Can I use grey to make my room smaller? 

Many people like to use color as a tool to make a smaller or bigger impression. To make your room smaller by using color, you should use an strong option, not a neutral one. It can be a darker, solid, grey, but there are better alternatives.

Besides the color and intensity, is needed to be clear about which wall will be painted. To achieve this, please select one wall of a clear shape in the room. One accent wall painted plus three walls in a neutral color is a good proportion, to create a smaller view of the room.

Once your accent wall is finished, place in front of this wall, one actual accent chair. Based on the current options, a Shell chair is great. Your room will have a delimited area and will give you a sense of nearness.

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Why a Shell Chair? Why Barcelona Design? Why now?

Why a Shell Chair?

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You are about to enter in the world of design pieces, and this is something you will love, for sure. Once you’ve experienced the comfort and the beauty of pieces like “the Shell”, you will find how fascinating is the world of design. 

Why Barcelona Design?

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Can it it get any better?

Come to Barcelona Design, and get the real experience, with master pieces like the  Hans Wegner Shell Chair

5 Lounge Chairs You Can Obtain This Black Friday | Womb Chair & More!

Black Friday is almost here! Is the Womb chair or a lounge chair already in your wish list?

If not, don’t worry, it is very difficult to remember and select every piece that your life needs. The first things we normally remember in the days around Black Friday are technology and clothes, but we usually forget about other relevant things on a daily basis, such as articles for work, reading and meditation.

The articles that we specifically talk about are related to lounge chairs, because if you are one of those people who carry out activities like those mentioned, you may know how important it is to configure the right area so that you feel more productive when doing those activities.

That is why today we will help you in this difficult task and we will list some of the best armchair deals that you can find in Manhattan Home Design this Black Friday

Womb Chair

Their Womb Chairs and Ottoman feature accurately shaped fiberglass frames and high-density memory foam moldings wrapped in premium wool upholstery. So if you want a quality chair, this is a great deal for you!

They also have:

  • Eames Lounge Chair
  • Reach Upholstered Lounge Chair
  • Egg Chair

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