The Coffee Table Can Fit Your 90’s Style Options (I/II)

  1. Don’t underrate the dar wooden cabinets

Dark wooden accents are back! You just need to know how to mix with them. 

For example, an all-white kitchen with plenty of natural light is the perfect canvas to add these elements. Plus! You can also take into consideration the advice from Crown Point, where it says that white quartz countertops neutralize the otherwise-harsh effect, and a subway tile backsplash provides timeless-but-modern style.

  1. Primary colors are the palette you must choose to get into

By having the Barcelona table replica or original -depending on your budget- you won’t have a problem in following this retro suggestion of colors, due to the neutrality that this amazing table shows.

Remember that these colors include: yellow, red, and blue. Bid for them and catch everyone’s eyes.

  1. We leave the best in the end…

Yes! You will love this hidden treasure. Do you remember when we were kids and watching movies like the fifth element? Those neon elements definitely take us back to that movie and time.

So don’t be afraid to show confidence and authenticity by adding such an attractive element like a neon sign.

Plus! If you don’t know how to choose the colors, take as an inspiration the colors of your walls.

The Coffee Table Can Fit Your 90’s Style Options (I/II)

The ’90s are still loved for some people, even if they were not the most loveable style trend.

Back in the days, these elements were about plenty of accessories, printed multi-colored cotton fabric printed with an enamel finish throughout, Tuscan style inspiration and the cherry on top; the inflatable furniture where the teenagers sat while having long talks with their platonic love.

You imagine all the above when reading 90’s right? But wait! That’s not the only thing that represents this cool style, actually, it has some hidden treasures hidden.

If you are part of that group of people who still loves retro vibes, don’t worry, we got you -insert blinks eye- because today we have found those hidden treasures for you to take advantage of it and enhance any area of your house by implementing this amazing recompilation. 

So, how the black eyes peas used to say: let’s get started!

  1. Decorate your Barcelona table – Fake last more…

In those days the dried and plastic flower were a must-have in any coffee table or any other furnishing they want. Try to add these accents to your Barcelona table and see how it will help you to travel through time. 

You Can Acquire a Barcelona Daybed With A Small Budget | Here’s How! (II/II)

Note: we recommend you to check the first part of how to acquire a Barcelona Daybed with a small budget.

Depending on the site you choose, the features may vary, but for example, if you choose the Barcelona Designs website you will be able to enjoy the following features:

  • The Barcelona daybed replica sits upon on a polished tubular stainless steel base and a strong ash wood platform finished with a protective clear lacquer.
  • The best quality for the best daybed! 

It is taken from a single cowhide, 72 individual panels are then cut, welted, and tufted with leather and buttons, all by hand. 

  • Lay down and enjoy its perfect confection! 

For additional comfort, its cushions are filled with high-end, fire retardant, urethane foam. For cushion support, 17 straps are stretched over a rubber webbing. 

These are just one of the main features you will enjoy with this beautiful design, in addition to the Barcelona sofa bed replica, its unique matching leather cushion attaches to the cushioning platform with straps and snaps fasteners for additional support.

What are you waiting for? Go see some Barcelona daybed replicas and choose your favorite!

You Can Acquire a Barcelona Daybed With A Small Budget | Here’s How! (I/II)

A Barcelona daybed is one of the pieces created by Mies van der Rohe for the Barcelona Collection back in the ’50s, very elegant, very functional, and very aesthetic!

Those are just a few adjectives to describe the excellent furniture that is the daybed.

Before we talk about the options for owning it, let’s take a few lines to describe in-depth some relevant features of this iconic design.

The Barcelona daybed, as we mentioned earlier, was originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, it shows the mastery of Rohe’s lines and materials that defined modern and mid-century design. In addition, it is made with high-quality materials, making it one of the most luxurious sofa beds.

So the interesting question why are we here, how can you get it?

Well, you have can obtain the Barcelona daybed in two ways. The first could be through the Knoll website, they offer original parts plus shipping.

On the other hand, if you want to save money because you have a smaller budget, we have the perfect option for you! A Barcelona daybed replica.

Continue the second part of how to acquire a Barcelona Daybed replica here!

A Modern Sofa Is a Versatile Piece That Can Make a Remarkable Difference

The modern sofa is one of those pieces of furniture that never loses its validity. No matter how the years go by, and the styles reinvent themselves, the sofa will always be present as one of the most relevant pieces and with the greatest prominence in the whole house. The relevance of a midcentury sofa for a given layout is so important that it’s often the one that provides the biggest load of aesthetic sense, the focal point, and the piece that most emphatically reflects the type of use that people give to an environment. The furniture design industry has evolved so much that there are currently different types of sofas such as the modern sectional, the armchair, the loveseat, the sofa bed, among others.

Leather sofas can be the key starting point for creating a transition between an old-fashioned style and a more up-to-date style, depending on the aesthetic characteristics of the design, its dimensions, and its relationship to the rest of the elements within the area. The best sofas usually offer more than what can simply be appreciated and, depending on the manufacturer, they can last many years being just as beautiful and functional and even last a lifetime. An infallible recommendation is to acquire a timeless sofa, which can look good with practically any current decorative style and that there’s no need to replace it in a long time.

A modern sofa can be the great leap that your living room is needing towards pleasant decor for your whole family and the guests that you receive at home. Choose the model that most resembled you, and you’ll notice the positive changes immediately.

Create a Homework Corner With A Barcelona Ottoman & A Desk

A task corner, as the name suggests, is a place that is designed to perform specific tasks; as homework. If you have children or teenagers at school, you know that building a space where they can focus and be comfortable at the same time will help them be more effective and productive at home.

Building the habit of studying at home is a bit difficult at first, but adding this area to whatever free space you have could help you throughout the entire process. Also, this way you can keep the kids motivated.

So how can you start creating the homework corner?

The first step is to select the area, the main recommendation for this is to choose a bright and open area. After that you can start by choosing the right furniture for your child, a great example could be a Barcelona ottoman and a small white desk.

By having these two main elements, the rest is all about a stylish addition such as a pop of color, a wall covering with nice and subtle patterns, an addition of nature, etc. Remember to keep supplies close by to save time and productivity.

Create A Homework Corner For Your Kids With A Barcelona Chair

Quarantine has made us reinvent ourselves in our daily routine. Things like going shopping, working, and even the school has had to adapt to the new regulations against COVID.

School classes are not as they used to be, now children and teenagers have to take classes from their houses in order to avoid any crowds and keeping their health. 

That said, is important to creating a space where they can focus on their tasks and can be as comfortable as they can, in this way they will feel more motivated and will help them to forget all the situation of crisis we are going through.

Creating a homework corner is more simple than you think, you will only need a couple of elements like a chair, desk, and an electronic item such as a laptop or PC.

For example, you can add a steel desk with a Barcelona chair, in this way the materials will complement each other and will help you to begin the environmental arrangement your kids need.

Besides, you can also try to add some plants or any accessory with a thematic they like. If they are a fan of nature you can opt by adding some plants around them. 

The Eames Lounge Chair: a Design With Legendary Ergonomics

There are several reasons why an Eames Lounge Chair is so comfortable. Its creators, the famous Charles and Ray Eames, tried to maximize form and function to generate a first-class piece. The Eames Lounge Chair stands out from other similar designs because it not only looks good, it feels good. It doesn’t just dazzle with its appearance, it’s also incredibly comfortable and ergonomic, capable of offering an optimal wearing experience for which it owes its fame. The works of this famous duet are characterized by their impeccable craftsmanship, and the special attention to detail, particularities in which they invested years of perfection to create their luxury piece.

The first thing its designers wanted was for the chair to be fixed in a permanent position that was convenient for the body. This would help any user to relieve tension from the base of the spine. In the end, the seat was set at a 15-degree angle, ideal for relaxing the entire body. The Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design faithfully emulates these characteristics, including the parts that support the entire lumbar area and the upper parts that keep the chest lifted. 

The patented cushions of the Eames Lounge Chair reproduction contribute to the chair’s legendary comfort, as they’re components that attach to the lumbar support and give the body the flexibility and lightness it needs. Add this masterpiece to your spaces, and you’ll be giving it a masterpiece of modernity.

Why You Should Buy Your Barcelona Chair Or Another Piece Online

Buying online on your Barcelona chair can be quite scary, but it is easier than you think. Also, this is an excellent way to avoid any infection especially in this quarantine time.

It has many benefits and you should know them before deciding whether to buy your Barcelona chair or your preferred item either through websites.

Acquiring the Barcelona chair online is the safer option

Purchasing your Barcelona chair online will help you keep your distance from other people, not because you are not a social person, it is only because due to COVID-19 you NEED to keep your distance. If you go to physical stores, even if they follow the healthy rules, it is very difficult to completely avoid contagion.

Why is it difficult? Because even if store workers try to keep a clean environment, not everyone gets serious about washing their hands, wear a mask, and go to stores only unaccompanied.

Save a lot of time by buying through websites!

Not only will you maintain your health, but you will also save time. Looking at the furniture through the websites you will only have to make a few clicks to check all the colors of the Barcelona chair replica, or all the elements of the Barcelona collection, or if you are looking for another furniture model you will see plenty of options from the comfort of your home.

A Modern Sofa Is a Piece Of Furniture With Great Meaning

What are the characteristics that give your modern sofa more personality? Almost always, the properties of a sofa are the most visible and obvious: the texture, the seams, the finishes, the consistency of the materials, and the measurements of the piece. There are sofa models with really soft textures, tufts, cushions, and top-notch upholstery. Leather sofas are very common components of modern environments. Professional decorators and furniture designers often find the most suitable color for each material and texture, so that it’s ideally suited to each decorating style. Unlike other pieces of furniture, sofas have become increasingly popular over time. A midcentury sofa is usually an object with a very great and important meaning in any decor.

In ancient times, there was a tendency to add a modern sectional only in a room with very large dimensions, but this is an idea that has been abrogated over time, as people have been finding new ways to use them and integrate them into the various decorating styles. Currently, however, it’s common to find this and other types of furniture in small areas, lobbies and can also be used to separate floors with open decorating concepts.

Choose the best sofas for your home, and you’ll be making an amazing choice that will give a modern and pleasant touch to your favorite place in the house.