Hans Wegner and the Shell Chair, When passion is for a lifetime

Was the year of 1960, in the midst of the presidential election of the most powerful country in the world. The candidates were about to make the first TV presidential debate ever, in the middle of the fascination of America with this media. This was one historic moment for many reasons, and all eyes were watching the face of movements of the candidates Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. In this first ever televised debate, the candidates were seated. The chairs were elegant and comfortable, but simple and no ostentatious. The model was The Chair, or as it was labeled later, the round chair, and its creator, a Danish named  Hans Wegner.

This meant for Wegner an outstanding success, success that was added to a extended list of famous chairs, like the China Series, the Shell Chair and the Ox Chair, among others. 

Hans Wegner is one of the best examples of commitment and passion for work. With an unflagging will for creation and hard work, we can say without a doubt that he is one of the greatest masterships of wood and interior design in the last century. With classic models of the Danish and Modernist movements, like the Wishbone Chair, the Chinese Chair or the Shell Chair, just to name a few, Wegner is the one the main images of a organic concept of Modern furniture.

Wegner was born in Tondern, Dennmark in 1914. Since its very childhood he manifested skills for wood and craftmanship for Interior Design. Already in 1938 and studying design, he was hired by Jacobsen and Erik Moller to design furniture for a town hall. Once this project was completed, he already started his own studio and never stopped working again in its life. From there a continuous path of hardwork with every time new models and design achievements was the constant.  

The Shell Chair  Well ahead of its time was the Shell Chair when it was created in 1963. Praised by critics, the public didn’t share the same reaction, and a very limited production was released. Reintroduced in 1998, a new generation in the rise of Mid century Modern Style rediscovered the unique design of the Hans Wegner Shell Chair and since then it became the classic image of an accent chair.

With a winged reminiscences design, on an unique seat, and a ultra refined setting of 3 spider – like legs supporting its laminated veneer seat and back, the Shell Chair meets to the perfection the principles of its creator, Hans Wegner. A comfortable chair that is beautiful from any angle.

Hans Wegner died in 2007 in Denmark. A tireless worker, he only took vacations pressed by its family once in a while.

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Network Communities You Can Use To Any Related Question About Modern Sofas & Interior Design (II/II)

Note: we recommend you to check the previous article about using Reddit when doubting about furniture and interior design.

Now that we’ve showcased on Reddit, now’s the time to talk about our personal favorite source when it comes to any interior and furniture design questions: Quora.

Quora is an answered questions platform where Internet users ask, answer, follow and edit questions. This feature makes this other platform special because you can find personal thoughts on items or furniture. For example, on this platform you can ask about mid-century chairs, where you can find a Le Corbusier chair, how to clean your leather furniture, or any other question related to this topic.

The last platform we will talk about is Houzz.

This platform not only works as a forum, but you can also find blogs. Here you can join them as an interior designer or fan of it. The folks here will help you establish an optimal and gorgeous design if you don’t know much about the science behind it.

The three social networks mentioned in both chapters will help you in your way of decorating a house or knowing the basics of interior design.

Network Communities You Can Use To Any Related Question About Modern Sofas & Interior Design (I/II)

Today, online communities are often used to find specific questions on a daily basis.

According to Wikipedia, a network community is “a computer-based system that is intended to help support (usually geographical) communities by supporting, augmenting, and extending already existing social networks, by using networking technologies by, and for, a community”.

When it comes to interior design and furniture, there are three platforms that are leading this field, and today we will show you and explain them in more detail. But first, surely you are wondering when do you turn to one of these platforms? Well, imagine that you want to buy the best modern sofa available on the market, or you are struggling with which is the best material; leather or sofa?

These questions are very popular with most people who own or have decorated a home.

So now, let’s start with the most famous one: Reddit.

Reddit is a social network where you can find and interact with social news, web content ranking, and also acts as a discussion website. This is the perfect place to turn when, for example, you need to know what it is like to have a specific modern sofa like the Mario Bellini sofa or what to do when your sofa gets wet.

Click to see the next chapter about the other platforms.

Your Modern Sofa Can Be The Best Match For a Living Wall

Surely, you’ve already had enough time to understand that a modern sofa is not the only piece that defines style within a layout. The way you take advantage of the space that the walls offer you is usually a good opportunity to make your midcentury sofa surround itself with an environment according to its style. For example, creating a living wall is a safe bet to add more visual interest, dynamism, and freshness. A living wall is nothing more than a wall covered in plants, either in individual pots or assembled to create a highly artistic design that will, in effect, come to life.

Imagine sitting in your modern sectional and being able to enjoy a renewed and purified air thanks to its living wall. This resource is not only interesting, beautiful, and eye-catching, but it can help you reduce your accumulated stress levels, improve the acoustics of the room, and even help regulate the temperature. Your living wall can be the stunning backdrop to an area decorated in a neutral or eclectic style. 

Leather sofas can be very compatible and look great with interesting colored plants, especially if your sofa upholstery is tan or stained leather. Don’t forget that plants are like pets in your care, which you must take care of and feed so that they always show their best face and help bring out the best not only out of your sofa but to the rest of your decorating style.

The Secret Behind the Unique look of the Hans Wegner Shell Chair

Light, winged, dynamic and beautiful above all. These are some of the words that come to our minds when we think about the Hans Wegner Shell Chair and its stunning design. But what is that crucial element that set this chair apart from the rest? Why its so original to our view?

If we take a closer look we’ll notice: Its a three leg chair. Not very common, even when we think that one – legged chairs, like the Tulip Chair, are more known that three- legged models. But, as we may see, the Hans Wegner Shell Chair has distinctive signs about it. The chair’s laminated legs, with some resemblance to a spider,  are made with several layers of veneer. The two front legs are made from a single element, resulting in a unique and stable form.

This combination of an winged appearance, with the two legs in the front plus one in the back is what take us to an aerial point of view, just like an classic airplane.

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Barcelona Sofa, among others. 

Hans Wegner, creator of the Shell Chair

The Shell Chair is without a doubt, one of the of iconic accent chairs in modern design.  Its avant garde  shape and creative winged seat catch the attention of everybody in the room. Let’s dig a little in the lifer of its creator, Hans Wegner. 
One of the greatest Danish Designer, Hans was born  actually in Prussia, in 1914. Since very young had enormous talent for design and skills for work with wood. He attended at the Danish School of Arts and the Architectural Academy in Conpenhague. In 1940 he had the opportunity to work with Arn Jacobsen, and Johannes Hansen.
After selling a piece of furniture to the Copenhagen Industrial Art Museum (Now Design Museum of Denmark), Wegner, a tireless  worker, opened its own studio. From there, a steady path of success will be a constant for Wegner. Absolutely devoted to chairs, Wegner created some of the most famous models in modern design: The China Chair; the Ox Chair; The Wishbone Chair, and the Shell Chair. 
Wegner had always a very functional approach, using constantly traditional craftsmanship techniques for joinery, just like sculptural pieces integrated into the design. The Shell chair is a fine example of that. 
Awarded with numerous awards, Wegner died in Denmark in 2007. 
Go to Barcelona Design to find more about Hans Wegner and its passion for Mid Century Modern and Scandinavian Furniture.

The Shell Chair: Ahead of its time

Created in 1963, the Shell Chair is the perfect example of one idea ahead of its time. By the time of its release in 1963, Hans Wegner, its creator wanted to transmit the idea of a chair that would be comfortable and functional, but keeping its beauty from any angle you see it.

Reintroduced in 1998, a new generation in the rise of Mid Century Modern Style rediscovered the unique design of the Shell Chair and since then it became the classic image of an accent chair. With a winged reminiscences design, on a unique seat,  and an ultra-refined setting of  3 spider-like legs supporting its laminated veneer seat and back, the Shell Chair is now a reflex of avant-garde.

But in spite of its unique shape, the Shell Chair is very compatible with different styles and materials, since its main body is made of wood. Scandinavian, Coastal Living, Contemporary, and Mid Century Modern settings, of course, go well with the solid but aerial presence of the Shell Chair. 

If you want to experience the feeling of avant-garde comfort, you can order this masterwork now at Barcelona Designs or call us at 646-650-6552. 

The Flag Halyard Chair: Your Loyal Companion In Winter

What better way to prepare for winter than to choose a nice, warm and cozy chair like the Flag Halyard Chair? That’s just one of the most important steps that would await you during this particular season. It’s not only about minimizing the damage that tremendous changes in temperature can cause to your home but also finding the most comfortable, pleasant, and appropriate way to cope with the weather. If you have your fireplace ready to give you all the warmth and light that you are going to need during these difficult days, the best thing you can do is have a chair that’s your faithful companion so you can relax by the fire.

One of the main reasons we recommend this chair is because of its sheepskin cover. As you can imagine, a surface of this type is capable of providing a much softer and more comfortable warmth, unlike flat surfaces of synthetic materials that quickly absorb the temperature of the environment and will quickly become as cold as the air. The Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design is not only recommended for its materials but also for its design, made especially for relaxation with all the elegance that its style transmits.

Make the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction your infallible winter companion and enjoy the advantages of having a pleasant piece that many will long to have to rest in their living rooms.

Benefits of Taking Breaks At Work | The Florence Knoll Armchair Is The Best Partner For It! (II/II)

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Now that we have shown you an introduction to why you should pay attention to breaks at work, it’s to continue with the benefits of these breaks

2. You will have a better outlook

By pausing your work a few minutes and sitting in a harmonious corner with a comfy chair, like a Florence armchair which has cushions filled with dense foam, you’ll have a new and perhaps better perspective of the problem you are trying to solve. So, reassess your goals and priorities reconsider if you are distributing your attention accordingly with tasks and project 

3. You will be more productive and creative

Remember that the brain, as well as the muscles, must be trained and rested. Imagine that you’re running and get tired, what do you do? Yes, you rest before continue your running, is the same case with our brains. By allowing it some time you will perform better and with more energy.

What do you think about taking breaks at work? Comment below!

Benefits of Taking Breaks At Work | The Florence Knoll Armchair Is The Best Partner For It! (I/II)

Are you a workaholic who doesn’t take breaks at work? Well, you only need a Florence Knoll armchair and breaks!

If you’re not familiar with the workaholic term, according to the Oxford English Dictionary it refers to a “person who works compulsively. The term originates from alcoholism. The person works at the cost of their sleep, meeting friends or family”. These kinds of aptitudes can affect your health and performance at work, that’s why I have decided to show a few benefits of taking breaks at work!

Adding regular breaks in your working day is more helpful than you may think, in fact, a University of Illinois study found that the attention resources of the human brain diminish after a long period of concentration on a single task, diminishing our ability to concentrate and the way we perform at work. Here are the top benefits of taking pauses to rest at work:

  1. Breaks help with: Processing and information retention

Our brains work in two different ways; focused and diffuse. When brains work diffusely, we are more relaxed like on a beach day. In fact, according to studies we solve the most difficult task in this state.

Click to see the other benefits of taking breaks at your Florence Knoll armchair.