2021 Mid-Century Chairs Options For Minimalism Lovers | Tips To Implement Minimalism (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about what minimalism is about and why the Womb chair is a good option for minimalist layouts. Now is time to show you a different but yet, classic option. We are talking about the one and only Egg chair

The Egg chair is perhaps the most iconic and eye-catching mid-century chairs of all, so if your goal is to have a remarkable experience but at the same time keeping the simplicity and functionality of minimalism, this may be the option for you. 

The Egg chair has been created with the aim of providing privacy to the user in public spaces, so it is normal to feel a bit isolated and have a sense of tranquility due to the shape of its backrest, which gives it a feeling of an embrace. 

You can find this iconic chair in different materials and colors. Regarding the upholstery, you can find it in leather and fabric, and as for the color, you can find it in red; blue, yellow, and more. Below we have placed an image where you can notice what colors are available in places like Manhattan Home Design.