3 Elements You Need To Create An Optimal Reading Nook | An Egg Chair & More (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about how a reading corner can improve your day to day. We also describe the unique features that the Egg chair offers and why this is a great option to choose from when looking for a functional and elegant stand. Now, it’s time to move on to the other items needed to create the reading/relaxation corner. Let ‘s continue!

Select a tall and stylish lamp 

Lamps are necessary in reading corners because good lighting can often improve our experience when doing activities that require concentration. Among these can be found reading, writing and a very daily present, virtual meetings.

Source: stylizimoblog.com

When adding the lamp of your preference, try to choose one that suits the style of your surroundings, also, this can be an opportunity to show a touch of character and style in the space where you are going to configure the reading nook.

Select a side table according to your chair dimension

For example, if you choose the Egg chair you will realize that this is a not so tall chair, so try to opt for a low side table for better comfort.