3 Iconic Arne Jacobsen Furniture Creations & Facts About Hime | The Egg Chair & More (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about some interesting facts about the life of Arne Jacobsen and we mentioned one of the most iconic pieces called the Egg chair.

This chair has captivated audiences since its inception with its extravagant backrest, stainless steel swivel base, and curved arm support. In addition, this piece can currently be found in leather or fabric, so it is able to satisfy any need and taste.

The Drop Chair

The drop chair is another of the famous and attractive pieces designed by this architect. This chair was also introduced – like the Egg chair – at the opening of the SAS Royal Hotel in 1958. Although it was only produced in a limited quantity, after the audience became aware of it, this cipher had to be increased five years later due to your demand.

Its hugging, shovel-shaped shape is made of plastic in many shades or upholstered in leather or fabric, while its four legs are chrome-plated.

Ant Chair

Originally, the architect designed the three-legged Ant Chair for the cafeteria of Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company, to offer the customer something affordable, lightweight and stackable. Its shape, reminiscent of an ant, is made up of bent plywood and steel tube legs.