3 Important Features You Should Know About The LC3 Sofa | Get A Coupon Here! (I/II)

The new year is almost here! We are as excited as you are because we want you to start the year with fresh new vibes. To properly accompany these vibrations it is important that you and your environment are aligned and conditioned, that is why today we want to share one of the pieces most loved by our public; the Le Corbusier Sofa by le Corbusier.

This designer piece has multiple characteristics that will make you adore it in the first instance, here we have placed the main ones, let’s start!

  1. A gorgeous aniline leather 

Note: we must specify that the Le Corbusier sofa we are describing here is a replica from Manhattan Home Design. We have selected this high-end replica because in the final section of the blog you will a surprise! Stay to the end…

The main attraction of the Le Corbusier sofa is the selection of the sofa upholstery. This piece is fully covered with aniline leather, a special skin that is the most natural-looking leather type and is colored with soluble aniline dyes. Because it doesn’t have a pigment-based surface finish, aniline leather is a porous smooth leather. 

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