3 Important Features You Should Know About The LC3 Sofa | Get A Coupon Here! (II/II)

In the previous blog we introduced you to the LC3 sofa upholstery, we mentioned that it was fully covered in aniline leather and explained why is this leather a perfect option for this sofa. Now is time to know about the other two features this sofa has to offer.

  1. The LC3 sofa is filled with high-density foam

Before continuing we must mention that the LC3 sofa is part of the LC Collection where Le Corbusier, together with the other two designers, thought in every details such as the filling of the piece. The sofa is filled with high-density foam, which is considered by many people as a good quality material that allows the user to sit and enjoy a very pleasant and comfy experience.

  1. The LC3 sofa has a gorgeous aesthetic look

This is the last but not the least feature the sofa has. It has implemented a beautiful metal frame in order to show different and eye-catching structure. These organic lines are the perfect complement to match the sofa sophistication.

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