3 Plants That You Can Add Next To Your Barcelona Sofa

barcelona white sofa
Barcelona sofa from Barcelona Designs

If you are renovating a space or want your room to stop being a monotonous space, plants can be a solution! Plants are loved by everyone because they are versatile and visually appealing, they can be used to add color, shape, and bring life to a dull, dead room.

Indoor plants must definitely be part of your toolkit when decorating a room, here are 5 options to complement your Barcelona sofa and whole design:


Also known as snake plants, are popular & easy-care houseplants these are some of the toughest plants you can find. You can put them indoors, garden, or next to your furniture to make it stand out. They’ll match perfectly with a white Barcelona sofa like the one above.

Plus! They required low maintenance.


This type of plant has a particular way of growing; creates a rare shape with its leaves as it grows (simulating a hair). If you are creative and you like weirdness, this plant is definitely for you. Imagine how it would look hanging on the wall matching with your Barcelona sofa.

Peruvian Apple Cactus (Cereus Peruvianus)

I am personally a huge fan of cacti, they look stunning and are very kind to care for them (they require little maintenance). This species also does not need a table to pose it due to its height.

Which is your favorite plant to decorate your living room?