3 Reasons Why Millenials Love Mid-Century Modern Style & Its Furniture

The mid-century style is now often very normal to see implemented in the home, offices and even today it is very recurrent to see stores where the whole environment evokes those golden years. Millennials have been obsessed with mid-century modernism for several years now, but this 2021 is predicted that the implementation of this style will increase and it is all thanks in part to these people.

Furniture like the Egg chair or earthy and vibrant colors like green is what Millennials are implemented in their places, but, why they love it so much? Well, there are a few reasons for it, we have placed below the main ones. Scroll down and see if you agree with them!

  1. This generation tends to live in cities where apartments and condominiums are small, so to keep everything neat and open, they choose this style where the characteristics of minimalism are mixed with the style of the golden years.
  2. Some of these kinds of people work from home so they need a good distribution of the space. According to  John Klopf, a San Francisco-based architect, “One of the central ideas of these production homes was to build them in a modular fashion in order to simplify construction and keep the costs low”.
  3. It’s cheaper than other styles.