3 Tips For Brighten Up Your Living Room When Having Dark Modern Furniture (I/II)

Having dark furniture is sometimes not an easy task. Placing too many dark elements – like the Togo sofa design in the image below – inside a room may not turn out as well as we thought from the start. If you are dealing with this situation, don’t panic! There are several ways to light up a room and break the monotony of dark space.

Source: planete-deco.fr

The following tips we are going to share with you today are placed to turn your darkness into a space that is still invigorating, warm, and welcoming. Let’s begin!

  1. Pay attention to drapery and add complementary colors

A great hack to enhance and lighten up your dark furniture is by choosing the right drapery. How? By choosing complementary colors. In this way, you will bounce back to life those brown, black, and darker colors.

Photo credit: Tricialee Photography

See the effect it creates? The yellow curtains immediately lighting up the living room.

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