3 Ways To Decorate With Your Mid-Century Accent Chair | EASY Tips From Pinterest (I/II)

Today we are going to show you chic ways to decorate with your favorite mid-century accent chair. But first, do you know what an accent chair is? If not, no problem! Scroll down if you want to know more about this very frequently used term or jump this part if you already know what this is about. 

A gorgeous Shell chair that has an interesting design. 

What is an accent chair and how it can enhance the space? 

An accent chair, as we mentioned earlier, is a very used term within the interior design field. This refers to a chair that is placed in a strategical position for one purpose, which is to add visual interest r a focal point in a room. These rooms can include all the spaces within a home like the bedrooms, living rooms, and even entryways. 

So, how can it enhance a room? It can add character, personality, proportions, and even balance the whole area with its form and color.

Add it in your living room close to the fireplace

Source: Home & Design

This is a very traditional way to enhance a living room, by placing an accent chair close to the fireplace in order to warm the body while feeling comfy. 

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