3 Ways To Decorate With Your Mid-Century Accent Chair | EASY Tips From Pinterest (II/II)

In the previous blog, we explain to you what was an accent chair about and we showed you a very traditional way to decorating with an accent chair like a Shell chair. So, in case you want to read it to understand better the following information, click on the above link!

Now, is time to show the other three ways that will enhance your living room with a mid-century accent chair. Let’s continue.

Create a lounge area with a Shell chair

This is quite easy and an affordable way to add that touch of personality you have always wanted for your living room. The lounge area is a zone for relaxation and chill when you are having a stressful day. It is also frequently used as a work from home are too!

Source: Icons Corner

Put am accent chair in your entryway to receive guests

What better way to welcome your loved ones like family and friends than by adding support to offer them comfort and a warm touch? See this easy arrangement you can do with a Shell chair and a few other elements.