Modernist Furniture That Will Love! | Camaleonda Sofa & More! (II/II)

Note: we recommend you to check the previous article to get to know the background of the modernist pieces. 

Modular sofa with wave shapes
Mario Bellini sofa from Manhattan Home Design

Now that we have mentioned the creator of Camaleonda; which is Mario Bellini in case you haven’t seen the previous article, it’s time to share the incredible description and features that this sofa has.

The Camaleonda sofa is a unique type of sectional not only for its particular style but also for its main attraction, which is the configurable characteristic it has. This allows people to set the layout they prefer according to their space and preferences.

A modular piece is a must if you like to control every detail and arrangement of your interior design.

The second on the list is the LC2 chair made by perhaps one of the greatest influences of modernism; Le Corbusier. It is a square and extremely comfortable chair that is often used in offices that need to serve or receive customers. These chairs are the perfect support for those clients.

LC2 Chair From MHD

The last element that we are going to mention is the Barcelona table made by the incredible figure who created the famous phrase: less is more.

Barcelona Table from MHD

Which was your favorite modernism piece?