5 Throw Pillows To Add To Your LC3 Sofa (I/II)

If you find yourself in the struggle of seeing the living room too empty, let me tell you that the solution is in the small details.

When you have such an iconic piece from mid-century modern style like an LC3 sofa, you only want the best for your interior design to be striking and functional.

What are throw pillows and how you can implement them in your interior design?

Throw pillows are small and comfy bags that you can find in plenty of sizes since it is a very often used element in almost every sofa living room. This piece is commonly used besides offering comfort support to match the color accents from the whole area.

Believe it or not, they are more useful than you may think because by adding them you can improve the area, have a well-set color matching, contrast different structures, and balance the proportions of the room.

The most used throw pillow is the square pillow which ranges from 16 inches to 24 inches.

Today, we’re going to show a few samples of throw pillows to implement them into your home decor.

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