5 TV Series and Movies Set with Mid-Century Furniture (I/II)

When producing a TV series or a movie, the work behind the production is very hard, especially when the scenes have to be set in other times like mid-century or futuristic.

Small details such as the makeup and attire of the actors; the color of the scenes, and the style of the furniture on the set, are factors that help move your mind to where the director of the movie wants you to go.

As on this blog, we are very fanatic about mid-century furniture pieces such as the Florence Knoll sofa and Mies van der Rohe creations, today we wanted to show a few movies and TV series where pieces like the aforementioned have appeared and have shown as the central piece of the room where is placed. 

The Florence Knoll sofa

This sofa has made its debut in the one and only Mad Men. Mad Med is a TV series. 

Mad Men is an American period drama television series created by Matthew Weiner and produced by Lionsgate Television. According to IMBD, Mad Men is about “one of New York’s most prestigious ad agencies at the beginning of the 1960s, focusing on one of the firm’s most mysterious but extremely talented ad executives, Donald Draper”.

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