A Hans Wegner Shell Chair: A Gift for a Guy that has Everything

At least this is what Gear Patrol, a Man Magazine consider about this famous design from the Danish Master.

One of the most recognizable chairs in the world of furniture, the Shell Chair its creation of Hans Wegner one of the most prolific figures of the Scandi and Mid Century Modern trends, that have taken the center stage in the world of furniture since the end of the 1990s. As a matter of fact, he created 300 hundred chairs.

But the Hans Wegner Shell Chair is one of he most outstanding chair in a very outstanding collection by it self. Three- legged, Aerial, with a dynamic silhouette, but with a comfortable and somehow friendly look, the Shell Chair has some pretty arguments at its favor to call it the perfect accent chair. 

In the article, the Shell Chair is considered a “classic design” , “simple and beautiful”.

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