A Mid-Century Idea That Will Make Your Home Look Cozier 

A space that evokes calm vibrations and that has functional elements that allow you to rest in a pleasant way is definitely what we want for our spaces in the house, right? Today we will present a mid-century idea that will help you achieve the aforementioned goal; a cozy place.

We call it “a mid-century idea” since the protagonist is a Womb chair that belongs to the aforementioned style. Many people like the idea of implementing a corner where they can rest from a tiring day or even take breaks from work in case of working from home. Basically what we are talking about is nothing more and nothing less than a reading / relaxation corner. By having an armchair, a lamp and a table, it will be more than enough to configure this space. A Womb armchair is the perfect armchair for these corners, as it has a beautiful ergonomics and aesthetics.

The Womb chair also comes with an ottoman for extra comfort. This ottoman is the one that will help you rest your entire body in case you want to lie down completely. Also, as it is an icon in the furniture world, this chair comes in different colors and materials. Among these is leather and fabric, and among the colors we can find it in green, gray, orange, white, black, blue, and the most iconic of all; Red.