A Modern Sofa: The Many Faces of One Versatile Piece

There are very effective remedies for monotony. You don’t have to resign yourself to looking at your modern sofa every day and finding it always predictable and boring. The help and advice of professionals is always a good start to generate an interesting change in your layout and keep it renewed frequently. Refreshing the face of your midcentury sofa is not necessarily a matter of placing a pillow in each corner and finishing the task, although it’s precisely the pillows that play a very important role in this mission. 

First of all, you can generate interesting contrasting effects by including pillows with bold and light colors and placing one next to the other to create a clean and dynamic spin, with colors that respect consistency to ensure continuity. If you have a modern sectional, grouping pillow trios with geometric patterns can go a long way in adding movement. Also, you can place them some distance between each cushion for an anchored look. Some users prefer to decorate their leather sofas with a Scandi touch, adding a set of loose square pillows in one corner and a smaller rectangular pillow in the center of the seat.

The best sofas are sometimes decorated with contrasting striped fabric cushions, but their success will depend on the color scheme that defines the setting. Remember that not all the work has to be done by the cushions: you can also experiment with moving the furniture around and redefining your floor plan to always give a new face to one of the most important compartments of your house.