A practical guide to the Hans Wegner Shell Chair

What is the Hans Wegner Shell Chair?

Created in 1963, the Hans Wegner Shell Chair stands out as one of the most original and beautiful modern chairs ever made. The Shell Chair has an aerial, dynamic design where noble oak and walnut are treated as bent plywood, supporting an innovative three legged frame where a winged seat reclined in a rounded covered leather back. 
The manufacture techniques and treatment of wood used in this chair were pretty innovative at the time, giving it a sophisticated, renewed view to the concept of a wood chair.

Who created the Shell Chair?

Hans Wegner is one of the most prolific and creative chair designers of modern times. Its name is associated with the most outstanding members of Mid Century Modern style, just like Scandinavian or Modern Danish movements.  Hans was born  actually in Prussia, in 1914. Since very young had enormous talent for design and skills for work with wood. He attended at the Danish Scool of Arts and the Architectural Academy in Conpenhague. In 1940 he had the opportunity to work with Arn Jacobsen, and Johanes Hansen.
Wegner had always a very functional approach, using constantly traditional craftsmanship techniques for joinery, just like sculptural pieces integrated into the design. The Shell chair is a fine example of that. Its estimated that Wegner created more than 500 different models of chair, in an unflagging rhythm of work. He died in 2007 in Denmark. 

Was the Hans Wegner Chair an Instant Success?

Unlike what occurred with another Mid Century Modern models, this chair wasn’t successful in its beginnings. Release by fist time in 1963, it received acclaimed reviews by critics due to this design and manufacture techniques, but a rather cold reception by the public. Difficulties associated with the scale production of the chair and a low demand lead to stop it. In 1998, the house of design Carl Hanssen and Sons, released it again. By that time, Mid Century Modern style was experiencing its great comeback, and the Shell Chair took advantage of that becoming a great success. 

What’s the best use for a Hans Wegner Shell Chair?

The Hans Wegner Shell Chair is the ultimate accent chair. It can stand alone easily in that spot in your living room, as an affirmation of class and taste. Comfortable and good looking enough to give your room the final touch of design. Though that one is good enough, it equally creates a good effect in pairs, but, as it happens with timeless design pieces, the Hans Wegner Shell Chair fits great in public-high profile, elegant spaces, like for example, airport cafe’s; or a waiting room in a fancy antechamber.

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