Affordable Aniline Leather Sofas That Will Enhance Your Living Room (I/II)

From the Togo sofa to Mario Bellini, select your favorite!

When we think of a living room there are always more than three or four elements present where there is always a constant; the couch. The sofa is undoubtedly the protagonist of any living room since most of the social interaction takes place in it; either with family or friends. The sofa is the piece that keeps the best memories and welcomes guests, therefore this is a piece which should be designed with a structure adaptable to your needs and durable materials.

Among the favorites of durable materials, the classic leather sofa such as the Togo sofa will always be the number #1 option within American families. That is why today we have brought you 3 affordable options of sofas lined with aniline leather, which is by far the market leader. The aniline leather -in case you haven’t read about it- is a type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes. The dye colours the leather without producing the uniform surface of a topcoat paint. That being said, let’s star!

The Togo sofa is the modern piece you want

This piece has been known for more than forty years for being one of the classic sofas born from the ingenuity of Michel Ducaroy. It is fully upholstered with aniline leather and filled with multi-density foam and padded covers.

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