Affordables Aniline Leather Sofas That Will Enhance Your Living Room (I/II)

In the previous blog we talked about what is aniline leather and explained to you why the Togo sofa might be the option for you. Now is time to continue with the list and show you the other affordable option we have brought for you. Scroll down and choose your favorite.

Mario bellini sofa, the modular and gorgeous piece

The Mario Bellini sofa also known by many people as the “Camaleonda”, is an extravagant, very striking and luxurious model that will bring life to your living room. This aniline piece is perfect when you like to customize the positions of the sofa as you like. Sometimes when we have uncommon dimensions or perhaps a reduced space, it is convenient for us to have a sofa where the pieces can be configured in a way that they can be distributed throughout the room without looking messy.

Florence Knoll sofa, the mid-century option 

This is a great option when you like classic sofas that are functional and fittable to different spaces. This sofa comes in two colors; tan and black. Both are very neutral and has that natural shine that aniline leather offers.