The Arco Lamp: a Perfect Ally To Work From Home

Multifunctional spaces have become an impressive trend, especially in the last year, a period during which quarantine, isolation, and work-from-home modalities forced many people to transform their environment and adapt it to the new lifestyle that before it seemed distant or very alien.

In that sense, having tools at home that symbolize the perfect combination of style and functionality such as the Arco lamp is an undoubted advantage, both for environments designed according to an open-concept floor plan and more traditional indoors.

We are not even referring to the original product as there are alternatives like the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design that work and look just as good as the authentic piece from the Castiglioni brothers.

This design was recognized from its inception for several technical advantages. It was practically the only floor lamp that could offer steerable overhead light as if it were a ceiling lamp, with a robust and attractive marble base that provides stability.

The base can be up to two meters away from the reflector head so that the user can move freely around the light source without tripping over it. This makes it an ideal device for work environments such as workshops, offices, reading rooms, etc.

Yet an Arco lamp reproduction is so impressive in a visual sense that its very presence, defined by the height of its stainless steel arch of up to 95 inches high, is something simply to behold. This piece was made to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

Three Environments In Which You Can Use Your Flag Halyard Chair

We can think of a thousand and one great and valid ways to use the Flag Halyard Chair. However, we have thought of these three as some of the most amazing that will give you a very memorable and friendly user experience:

  1. The balcony. It’s really pleasant and exciting to have a spectacular seat in which you can enjoy the afternoon breeze and the warm rays of the setting sun. A Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair is designed for relaxation, and in that sense, it can offer much more than many chairs you can think of to place on your balcony.
  2. The library. Is there a greater privilege than being able to enjoy your favorite books in a luxurious seat? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to invest a fortune as some products like the Flag Halyard Chair replica from Manhattan Home Design are really affordable and very faithful to the original design of the famous Dane.
  3. The living room. As is reasonable, you may have already thought about how convenient it can be to have a Flag Halyard Chair reproduction as an accent chair in your living room. After all, its sturdy metal frame, flag-line weave that offers an unmatched feel, and sheepskin cover make it the perfect throne for unforgettable moments in this space.

Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: Perfect For Minimalist Environments

Minimalist environments have captured the attention of a large public in recent years. This is mostly because the main decorating styles nowadays look very good with minimalist environments, compartments in which “less is more”, almost always compartments of reduced dimensions.

In these environments, a model as elegant as the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is almost always useful. Its tan leather upholstery, reminiscent of the color of caramel, and its comfy cushions make it visually and functionally compatible with the lifestyle of most users.

Choosing a perfect midcentury sofa is not always an easy task, especially when you don’t have much experience in these topics and activities and people are easily overwhelmed by the wide variety of options available. However, if it’s a minimalist environment, never forget that you don’t need more than is strictly necessary.

Therefore, a modern sofa with a simple design will always look good and will work well with this type of flower plans, more than anything if it’s a piece inspired by a geometric silhouette devoid of ornamental details, whose structure is focused on offering the user maximum comfort, ergonomics, durability, and strength possible. Never doubt it: the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa can become the cornerstone and focal point of your minimalist décor.

The Eames Lounge Chair Represents Your Oasis of Rest

Who hasn’t found the stress of daily life, commitments, obligations, and routine sometimes too overwhelming and simply need to disconnect from everything? All people, at some point, experience that sensation. However, many times it’s not so easy to escape from it and find an effective way to disconnect the mind and relax the body.

The answer, although many may not know it or despise it, might be to have a premium chair such as the Eames Lounge Chair, a Mid-Century Modern style masterpiece with ergonomic properties and materials especially combined and assembled for total relaxation of the human body.

The merit of this chair is so real that today it’s known that a close friend of the Eameses, film producer Julian Blaustein, was visiting the house one day, reading some scripts, sitting on one of the test prototypes of the piece, and at some point, Charles returned to the room and found him sound asleep. Instead of being offended, the designer was pleased to see the effects that his design had on users.

Some later models such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica that sell online stores specialized in MCM products such as Manhattan Home Design or Barcelona Designs, fully respect the technical, ergonomic, aesthetic, and functional characteristics of this masterpiece that continues to be the favorite of many people around the world to enjoy your reading hours or take a short nap and recharge your batteries, both at home and in the office.

The Arco Lamp: an Unmatched Technical Advantage

Believe it or not, the whole image of a living room can change thanks to the addition of a floor lamp. The perfect lighting in the perfect spot is an aspect that can favor the functional result and the visual effect in an extraordinary way. Due to its aesthetic appearance and its technical advantages, a model like the Arco lamp can provide the ideal touch of grace that many don’t even know how to achieve.

The best thing about this masterful design by the Castiglioni brothers is that it can be one of the focal points of your living room and at the same time become the perfect companion for your office, workshop, or workplace.

The piece became so famous that today there are products such as the Arco lamp reproduction from Barcelona Designs, which amazingly emulates all its characteristics.

The stainless steel arch of the Arco lamp replica represents a unique technical advantage, taking into account that it’s one of the first floor lamps that became so famous precisely for projecting overhead light in a very bold and intelligent way.

As if that weren’t enough, its authentic Carrara marble base, extraordinary from every point of view, sets it apart from any known archetype of popular floor lamp and places it in a status of superior elegance, strikingly creative, and of great presence.

Can Your Modern Sofa Be Part of a Transitional Layout?

Listening to the work of professionals who have dedicated most of their lives to creating environments will always be something that will be very worthwhile for those of us who want to learn a little more about interior design and décor every day. 

Also, if you live in a city or region where the cost of living is comfortable, and you can have your own space to furnish it to your liking and according to your needs, you can always experiment with a modern sofa with which you can renew your layout. One of these very valid and interesting ways of experimenting is the Transitional style, which is basically a combination of characteristic elements of the Classic style and Modernism.

A midcentury sofa is not a design that one can imagine in a single way and with a single feature. On the contrary, there are many possibilities that this category of sofas encompasses, considering that the Mid-Century Modern style was a revolutionary and outstanding trend precisely for breaking paradigms and innovating. 

A modern sectional can look great with classic elements such as tall windows, antique-style ceiling lamps, quirky antiques, and textures that suggest the style of bygone eras. The leather sofas, in contrast to these materials and elements, mark a visual break from the old to propose a more current and dynamic touch, turning it into a Transitional style environment.

Regardless of the choice you make or the aesthetic style you choose, remember that the best sofas will always stand out for their quality and the aesthetic and functional contribution that they are capable of making.

Top 3 Curious Facts About The Tulip Table

This Mid-Century Modern masterpiece is a box of surprises. If you don’t know it, the following are three curiosities that will fully awaken your interest in this design:

  1. It’s a table that broke schemes. When it first appeared in 1957, Eero Saarinen’s Tulip table caused a sensation because it represented an innovative model that completely transformed the way tables were conceived up to that time, with its characteristic four legs. Saarinen, with his flower-shaped one-legged table, blurred the image that people had of what an accent or coffee table should look like.
  2. It’s available in various colors. The black Tulip table, for example, represents the chromatic counterpart of this design, intended for people who want to add it as an element that reinforces accent tones in an environment of light shades. Also, some of the table models have a surface that resembles marble.
  3. It’s not a single model, but many. There’s the Tulip table with a rectangular surface, another model with a round surface, a model with a walnut surface, and the sizes are also very diverse: 24, 40, 60 inches, among many others. Each model is focused on meeting a particular need in each environment, taking into account the number of decorating styles and how highly versatile this collection is.

Why Is There an Eames Lounge Chair In So Many Places?

The tendency to search for the perfect reading chair is common and popular for several reasons. One of them is the existence of models that offer superior ergonomics and are, in fact, highly recognized for being technically appropriate designs for this type of activity. 

Among the chairs that meet these characteristics and are within the catalog of recognized pieces, there’s no doubt that the Eames Lounge Chair has a special place for being a highly sold model for more than fifty years for similar purposes, since it’s a piece suitable for both office and indoor environments (especially living rooms and studies) and outdoors such as terraces, patios, and balconies.

The Eames Lounge Chair was in development for several years before the chair went on sale. Its designers, Charles and Ray Eames, sought perfection. They wanted to deliver a product that could fulfill the demands of an audience that wouldn’t care so much about the price but the quality of the piece.

In other words, a chair aimed at modern high-end consumers who wanted something really new, made by professionals. The end result turned out to be so momentous that it became a reference for different uses. Today, the chair is not only present in reading rooms, libraries, and studies but also public areas and many others.

The Flag Halyard Chair Can Turn Your Layout Into An Exciting Place

The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair is an extraordinary item. It belongs to that group of pieces of furniture that people cannot ignore when they enter a place and see them. In a way, it represents an almost guaranteed focal point, a safe bet of modernism that can make the most forceful difference between exciting and boring and reinforce originality, classy sense, sophistication, and comfort. Much is said about “boring” environments, but there are really few people who could tell you what’s missing in a site to make it more special, exciting, and interesting.

A Flag Halyard Chair, for those educated in furniture design, is also an excellent sign of dynamism. This chair represents the revolutionary and carefree spirit of modernity combined with elegant materials such as sheepskin. It’s intended to adorn, beautify, and also add comfort and ergonomics.

Curiously, this piece was designed during a sunny summer afternoon next to the beach because, at first glance, it may not seem like the perfect type of chair for outdoors, but really its versatility is outstanding and appealing.

As if that were not enough, remember that a Flag Halyard Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design can be an amazing and extraordinary option, considering that it’s a Flag Halyard Chair reproduction created according to the characteristics of the original design. It’s an astonishing piece for many reasons and from many points of view, which can help you add the thrilling touch you want.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: a Model Made To Last

Leather upholstery usually has an excellent reputation in modern settings. That’s not surprising, especially if you take into account the wide range of options, finishes, and colors that the development of industrial techniques has allowed in recent decades. Some people choose models like the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa because it’s amazingly comfortable, easy to clean, and has outstanding durability.

Besides, leather is perfect for people who suffer from allergies, as it’s waterproof and doesn’t absorb particles from the environment, unlike leather upholstery. These are the functional aspects that many people love in a midcentury sofa, and they go a long way towards explaining its renewed popularity.

On the other hand, a modern sofa upholstered in leather is a perfect choice for the so-called “man caves”, which are spaces full of very sober and formal elegance, focused on function and masculine minimalism. Leather is also a very soft material that gains flexibility over the years and naturally develops a patina that makes it look even more elegant and appealing.

Actually, buttery caramel color was a shade that had been gaining fame since the 1970s. A popularity that became established in recent decades, with the strong dissemination of the Mid-Century Modern style. After all, a model as robust, resistant, and welcoming as this one was created to conquer outstanding spaces, like yours.