The Tulip Table and Its Biomorphic Expression

Biomorphism and Mid-Century Modern are two trends that practically emerged simultaneously, each in its own way and its own area. Biomorphism is an aesthetic trend, very recognizable, while Mid-Century Modern is a decorating style that’s based on the modernist philosophy and the approach of its designs. Some designs considered masterpieces, such as the Tulip table, are a perfect example of how both trends meet and go hand in hand to generate great works.

When the Finnish Eero Saarinen set out to create a table that was unlike any other existing table, he understood that he had to start by breaking paradigms and archetypes. The modern table was conceived as a piece with four legs, and it was the shape of a flower that suggested changing those legs for a single conical base that would give stability and balance to the structure.

Thus, the Tulip table became a whole collection of designs of different sizes and shapes, all with the characteristic of its biomorphic silhouette inspired by the flower that gave it its name. Later models such as the black Tulip table appeared and even some very faithful emulations such as the Tulip table replica by Manhattan Home Design.

Biomorphism, which is inspired by the smooth lines and curves characteristic of living beings to give life to their designs, became a trend that other legendary designers, such as the Japanese-American Isamu Noguchi, also knew how to apply this trend successfully to his works.

The Napa Sofa: an Unforgettable Cushioning Experience

The living room is your main entertainment place for your guests? If so, the best thing you can do is to make sure you can offer them a modern sofa where they can spend hours of great comfort, enjoying pleasant moments. 

A model like the Napa sofa will not only provide great functionality but will also make your living room look great. Its tanned leather upholstery with comfortable and dense cushions will be welcoming enough for an unforgettable experience. The goal is not only to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment but also well designed.

It’s very common today to find modern style decors, or with iconic pieces, very striking, and even designs that have achieved great international fame. Many people choose these products with the purpose of creating the most pleasant environment possible for themselves and their guests. 

It’s common for a midcentury sofa to also be integrated into these spaces to give them the ideal focal point and luxurious ergonomics. When it comes to setting the most convenient color scheme, decors with neutral colors like gray and white are very popular. Also, there are very valid creative ways to combine them with vivid and bold accent colors.

The Napa sofa will transform your living room into a temple dedicated to a modern style where you can live very special moments with your family and friends. Make it the most pleasant place in your home, where everyone will always want to return!

Why Is Your Modern Sofa Appropriate For an Eclectic Décor?

Have you heard of eclectic trends in interior design and décor? If there’s one certain thing about the world of décor it’s that recipes were made to break, and ideas about what’s valid and what is not are always be prone to be replaced by new, bold trends capable of generating new proposals and styles. In that sense, a modern sofa could be a perfect match for your environment.

The beauty of a space is not always based on symmetry and order. Frequently, originality generates more points in favor of a layout’s final result. The strict order or the guidelines to follow to adapt to a style aren’t always the most convenient since, in fact, the possibilities of innovating tend to infinity. There’s no need to be afraid of experimentation with a new midcentury sofa when it comes to layout renovations.

Some styles are more popular than others and even more flexible, with greater adaptability to different environments. The mission of finding original conceptual ideas will never lose validity or importance. Eclectic trends always seek to combine elements of different styles accurately to generate highly contrasting original layouts.

The best sofas deserve to be surrounded by the most outstanding environments. Counter traditional geometric shapes and common lines (rectangles, squares, typical horizontal and vertical straight lines) with other more daring ideas, such as mirrors with irregular shapes, sharp angles and asymmetrical objects, furniture with a biomorphic tendency, combining natural elements like exotic plants, wood, stones, and minerals with other more recognizable ones like metals and fine textiles it’s a good way to generate a fascinating and innovative visual impact.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: a Direct Way of Expressing Modernism

Has it ever happened to you that while you were watching a movie, a series, or any TV program with an old-style setting, you realized how much things have changed in the world of furniture design? The Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is a direct sample of them and also an alternative that you have on hand to express directly everything that Mid-Century Modern means.

It’s enough to note the differences between an antique sofa full of ornamental details that would currently be considered unnecessary. Also, classic furniture pieces didn’t focus so much on user comfort and that’s one of the reasons why they don’t seem the most ergonomic models at first glance. All that changed over time with the incorporation of increasingly appropriate materials for human use and industrial techniques that facilitated mass production processes.

A midcentury sofa is currently the most common thing you can get in a furniture store. People are looking not only for something durable but also versatile in an aesthetic sense. A modern sofa tends to go beyond the obvious and offer solutions that a little more than a hundred years ago were unknown.

For example, modular sofas can be transformed according to the user’s needs to adjust the position of their seats to a more convenient way. Many sectionals and sofabeds also offer attractive technical advantages. The Woodrow Box Skandi sofa, with its tan leather upholstery, will become the cornerstone of your floor plan and a powerful decorative element.

Why Is The Eames Lounge Chair Everywhere?

It’s enough to mention that it is one of the chairs that has appeared the most in the history of cinema and television in all kinds of audiovisual productions. The Eames Lounge Chair is as recognized a star as any Hollywood celebrity, and it only takes a short Google search to discover the impact that its appearance on the market had more than sixty years ago, building a legacy that resists dying.

Some uninformed passersby might claim that it was the fame of Charles and Ray Eames that launched such a piece of furniture to fame in this way. However, although, indeed, this duet of geniuses was already widely applauded for their contributions to the world of architecture, what their luxury seat achieved it did on its own merits, being a design of the highest category.

The strongest evidence of those merits is probably the existence of products like the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, a model that emulates every detail specified by the designers, including premium materials, a design with impressive ergonomics, and the ottoman that accompanies it.

An Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is the most direct and affordable way to access the benefits of this masterful piece that’s waiting to be part of your layout as soon as you give it the opportunity.

The Arco Lamp Is a Perfect Addition To Your Clear Color Palette

If you didn’t know this floor lamp, you’ve been missing one of the most known and loved masterful designs in the world, belonging to the Mid-Century Modern style. The popularity of the Arco lamp dates back to 1962 when the Castiglioni brothers decided to introduce to the world a model with technical and aesthetic characteristics like never before seen.

If you’ve already heard about this iconic design, you’ve probably also heard about its memorable Carrara marble base, one of its most amazing and talked-about components. The marble base has the function of providing firmness and stability to the imposing stainless steel arch; however, that’s not its only function as it also adds extraordinary aesthetic value.

It’s such an essential component that even its closest products such as the Arco Lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design include the same type of marble, thus respecting its dimensions and the details of its characteristics. Adding an Arco lamp reproduction can be very convenient if you have a white ceramic marble floor or a light color palette in general.

The veined, natural and unique appearance of this marble, which is the same type of marble used even in the great artistic works of antiquity, including the sculptures of Michelangelo, can mean a perfect match, capable of making the most elegant aspects stand out and eye-catching of your layout to make it look like a luxurious environment.

Your Modern Sofa: The Item That Will Steal All Eyes

It’s common for a modern sofa to become the focal point of any living room. A midcentury sofa is one of the most representative elements of any space; it’s a piece of furniture to which the gaze is directed naturally, almost by inertia, and in most cases, it’s one of the elements with the greatest capacity to define the style of an area.

When you’ve chosen the decorating style of your living room, you’ll use it as the main orientation to obtain the most important guidelines regarding it: where to place it, which piece to choose exactly, select the correct colors and materials, among other related aspects.

Leather sofas speak of sophistication and modern trend that practically never go out of date. A modern sectional is also a great help for dividing very wide floors, where a moderate selection of furniture doesn’t seem to be enough to fill the area and make it highly functional.

The best sofas are leaders in transforming an interior design and making it look in all the splendor of its characteristics. When putting together your floor plan, make sure you can have enough space between the coffee table, the wall, and the sofa in your living room.

Remember that some stores specialized in first-class furniture pieces are especially convenient to help you make a selection with enough consistency, good taste, and elegance that your home deserves. Add a sofa and amaze yourself at the results.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: a Furniture Piece That Brings Happiness

You probably remember that feeling of excitement and fulfillment very well when you bring a new item home that you just bought and you’re certain that it will improve your life in a good way. There’s no reason why we cannot think that the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is not one of these products.

From the first moment, the piece becomes part of your floor plan and you start to admire its tan leather upholstery, its comfy cushions, its generous dimensions, and its geometric silhouette, typical of highly durable modern designs. You’ll realize that you’ve made a very beneficial decision for you and your family.

Such a beautiful and functional midcentury sofa can easily become the favorite spot for your children, your pets, and even be your front-row seat if you love being at home and doing activities such as watching TV, reading, and even spending a nice moment with friends while sharing drinks and snacks.

A modern sofa like this can be the infallible star of your family photos and become a source of special memories that will be activated in your mind just by looking at it. Sofas often play a very important role in families, and the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa has everything you need to win your affection and care.

The Eames Lounge Chair: Everything You Need By 2021

We live in turbulent times in which the majority of people are subjected to situations of great stress, uncertainty, danger, and a notable fear of the changes that the world is experiencing.

One of the best ways to deal with adverse psychological situations is by having a good resource where you can rest and forget about problems for a minute. The Eames Lounge Chair may be the great answer you’ve been looking for to try to mitigate all that is affecting you in an emotional and mental sense.

Many people think that to have this masterpiece at home they need to invest a fortune of several thousand dollars. This is largely true as it’s a very famous chair for its quality and iconic value.

However, there are products like the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, whose price represents only a fraction of the original cost. This makes it a much more accessible and affordable model for a wider audience.

Think about everything you can do with an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction at home. It’s easy to bet that it will become one of your favorite chairs in your daily routine and probably your most loved piece of furniture because it will be that little place you can go to when you feel that the situation is very overwhelming. An Eames Lounge Chair can give a much better face to your 2021 so you can live it with peace of mind.

The Arco Lamp: Your Faithful Companion Day and Night

When the Milanese brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni launched their well-known Arco lamp on the market in 1962, they may not have imagined the scope it would have, how famous and influential it would become. Its popularity has grown so much over the decades that, today, it’s a floor lamp used in a wide variety of spaces, within which the bedroom, of course, is no exception. There are several reasons, both aesthetic and functional, why this piece is a good candidate to wear and use in your bedroom.

First, its telescopic arm adjusts to provide the perfect arc, allowing you to have overhead light even when placing the base up to two meters away from the reflector head. It’s an elegant and minimalist design, in tune with the new decorative trends.

Do you work at a desk installed in your bedroom? What better source of light than an Arco lamp replica? It’s a piece that you can get at Manhattan Home Design for three or four times less than the original product. Also, if you are a lover of reading before going to bed at night, the Arco lamp can be your perfect complement and your main tool to achieve successful reading sessions.

Add an Arco lamp reproduction to your bedroom and enjoy the wonderful benefits of having an iconic Mid-Century Modern style piece in your bedroom.