The Eames Lounge: a Perfect Christmas Gift

Much has been said about the Eames Lounge Chair. So much so that it’s precisely this sustained fame that has kept it at the top of popularity and in the minds of consumers as one of the most prodigious products that appeared during the last century. 

The Eames Lounge chair is that type of seat that quickly and easily becomes the best friend of users who are fortunate to be their owners. Plus, it’s one of the most durable chairs ever made, and that’s one particular detail that cannot be said for all modern furniture pieces that you can find on the market.

Why consider an Eames Lounge Chair replica as a perfect Christmas gift? The answer to that question is obvious just by thinking briefly. You just have to think of all the benefits that having such an elegant chair represents for anyone, with ergonomics developed by professionals who took the trouble to perfect it over the years to deliver a result that was up to the demands and desires of the high-end users. Those types of buyers wouldn’t bother asking the price so much but the performance of the piece.

The Eames Lounge Chair reproduction by Manhattan Home Design is the perfect Christmas gift for that special person who occupies a unique place in your heart because it’s a product that emulates with amazing fidelity the characteristics of the original piece. That means that you’ll be giving away a highly exclusive design for just a fraction of the original cost.

The Asher Bed: The Transformative Agent of Your Bedroom

A modern bedroom can be quite a compliment to the eyes, especially when stylish and visually appealing materials are abundant. A piece like the Asher bed can be the start of a layout that’s truly inspiring for any average visitor or user.

Your room can be minimalist and contain only the really necessary elements, or it can be filled with components that produce a dazzling effect. Your platform bed frame can be an essential part of the modern and warm decor, or it can be the focal point of your Scandinavian, rustic, or transitional style bedroom. The important thing is that the result is optimal and favorable in an aesthetic and functional sense.

Surely, you have ever entered a bedroom and experienced that feeling that the wood bed frame could be located in a more convenient place, or it occurred to you that even that modern bed frame didn’t correspond to that outdated and misused environment that surrounded it.

What you must necessarily ask yourself is: how far is your own bedroom from experiencing this inconsistency? Have you managed to achieve the ideal status of aesthetic coherence, functionality, and efficiency that allows you to fully enjoy your mid-century bed frame? If you have doubts regarding the answer to that question, it’s probably time to renew your bedroom’s layout.

The Arco Lamp: a Perfect Design For Every Space

You won’t discover many of the functional advantages of having well-lit spaces until you have optimized this very important aspect of each environment as well as possible. Well-managed and balanced lighting means, in most cases, a successful interior design and a well-used physical space. For this, the best thing is to be able to have such valuable elements as the Arco lamp, wall lights, canned lights, table lamps, and any other tool that can help improve and enhance the quality of your lighting design.

Never forget that the design of each compartment must be based, firstly, on the functions that are usually carried out in it. In the living room, for example, it’s important to verify that the balance between direct and indirect light is appropriate. The Arco lamp replica from Manhattan Home Design is especially useful in that regard because it can efficiently support both forms of lighting. When it comes to the kitchen, the form of direct lighting is especially important, considering that it’s a workshop in which you prepare your meals every day, and you need everything to look well and clearly.

If you usually read in your bedroom or study, the need for a focused light is paramount since office, reading, and writing work environments, if they lack good lighting, are directly harmful to the health of the eyes. Can you think of a better option than the Arco lamp reproduction? This device allows you to direct the lighting to the point where you need it most, thanks to its movable reflector head.

Regardless of the physical resources you have, always keep in mind that if you cannot optimally configure your lighting design, you’ll be wasting the potential of your home or office.

The Flag Halyard Chair Is a Good Element For Your Small Living Room

The Flag Halyard Chair is a reflection of modernism. This is something that you won’t be able to understand if you don’t know clearly what modernism means. Modernity brought with it many revolutionary things, a vision of the world and reality focused on the practical and functional, but it also became a current of human thought that left aside the additions to impact the daily lives of people and help them deal with the routine and obligations of today’s world. This quickly resulted in the increasing construction and demand for small living spaces, such as studio apartments, residential complexes with small, single-story houses, and few rooms. This is more common in large metropolises with high populations, where space is becoming more and more expensive and scarce.

If you currently live in a small space, but this has not prevented you from wanting to give it proper decor, don’t be discouraged! There are many possibilities that a small space can offer you. You just need to have a better understanding of the options you have and how you can apply them wisely. If we have mentioned one of Hans Wegner’s pieces, it’s because there are also more affordable products such as the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, with which you can reinforce the modern style of your small living room.

When the square meters are not superfluous, you must know how to use every centimeter available in the most convenient way. The great diversity of furniture, decorative and design elements currently available make this task much easier in modern times. There is practically appropriate furniture for each type of space. A little imagination and practicality will suffice to turn your space into a very beautiful and functional area.

The Eames Lounge Chair Is An Emblem Of Modernism

The Eames Lounge Chair has become, over time, something much more meaningful than a piece of furniture. Through the decades, thanks to its growing popularity and its unrivaled influence on the world of furniture design and modernism in general, the chair became a cultural reference for a whole stage in history, marked by a leap towards an aesthetic style that was reflected even in people’s lifestyles, in the world of architecture and decoration and almost all professional fields. Modernism, which emphasized the practical and the elegance of the simple, invaded the spaces of homes and offices with masterful pieces of furniture and fixtures that are still highly acclaimed today.

The piece is currently manufactured by two companies that have the official license to produce it, one in Europe (Vitra) and one in the United States (Herman Miller), but there are also very valuable knock-offs such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica of Manhattan Home Design. Comparatively, an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is vastly more affordable, priced at only a fraction of the original cost. Since its appearance on the market in 1956, the chair gradually became a highly coveted object by audiences of all kinds, who recognized in it an indisputable emblem of modernism and its importance for the life of contemporary man.

The Tulip Table: A Perfect Piece For Minimalist Environments

It’s just over half a century ago that architect and industrial designer Eero Saarinen brought to the world his famous collection of pedestal tables and chairs, which became world-famous for their tulip shape. Today, a Tulip table is currently one of the most obvious expressions of modernism, with an elegance based on simplicity. The main concept on which these pieces are based is to present models that totally renew the traditional aesthetics of the legs as the main support and, instead, present the idea of a more unified design, in which their connection with the ground is a visually continuous extension of its upper part. The creator was given the task of imagining pieces in which the idea of the legs was eliminated and, instead, it was a column that did the work of supporting the structure.

The pieces became models so legendary and respected for their originality that even the most faithful imitations, such as the tulip table replica by Manhattan Home Design, are admired for their quality and are among the best-selling products in the store. The name of the piece refers to the fact that its curved base opens upwards forming a kind of “stem” holding the upper part, in which the greater volume of the design remains as if it were a flower. Besides, the catalog of these pieces includes various variations, sizes, and even colors, since the black tulip table is a very similar design, but with a very sober black color, ideal for areas with neutral color schemes. This Saarinen masterpiece, with its simplistic and delicate elegance, is perfect for minimalist settings.

The Napa Sofa: a Perfect Way To Modernize Your Living Room

The Napa sofa is like that ideal leather furniture prospect that many people want, but not everyone knows it exists. There’s a widespread idea about modern style leather sofas always with dark upholstery and traditional designs. However, the Napa sofa stands out from the majority of models in its category mainly due to the tan finish of its leather upholstery and the great comfort offered by its dense cushions. After all, the sophistication of a midcentury sofa is worth highlighting in all the fullness of its attributes.

A modern sofa like this can look great both in a man cave and in an environment with less manly decor and feminine touches. The secret is to choose a suitable color palette. Neutral colors, pastel tones, and beige tend to combine very well with this type of material. A more feminine room is also achieved from the details. Remember that decorative pillows are a great key point in your favor, and you can find them in a wide variety of colors, models, and designs.

If you are designing an open-concept floor plan, never forget that you can also use sectionals strategically to visually divide the layout. The Napa sofa also has a sectional version that looks and feels spectacularly good. Never underestimate the possibilities that a modern leather sofa can bring you.

The Flag Halyard Chair: The Ultimate Modern Touch For Your Living Room

A shimmering Flag Halyard Chair in the center of your living room is much more than an accent chair, much more than an extra shade of color, and certainly more than a superfluous piece of furniture. This chair is a masterpiece, which stands out for its attributes: a masterpiece destined to enhance superlatively the style and characteristics of the area of your house or apartment in which you decide to place it, and that also includes the outdoor spaces. Only its textures and wide proportions inject a great load of visual interest and classy sense impossible to ignore.

A dose of drama is usually not too much, especially if it’s added through such an authentic piece in its style. Some knockoffs, like the Manhattan Home Design Flag Halyard Chair replica, are quality products meant to make a stunning impact on modern décor. It’s common for a Flag Halyard Chair reproduction to become the focal point of an environment; that is, the first thing people will turn their attention to when entering the room. Before adding this or any other of the accent chairs that you can choose from the endless catalog of modern designs, keep in mind that the chair must be intended for a particular function, both visually and useful.

Accent chairs, almost always, are applied as the ideal companion to sofas and the final touch-up that helps define the style and aesthetic value. Discover everything that the Flag Halyard Chair can do to improve your layout in a spectacular way.

The Ophelia Bed Can Change The Image Of Your Bedroom

Are you one of the people who leave the bedroom’s decoration last? Then you are inside the statistics. MCM lovers who are widely familiar with this type of furniture sometimes know that by simply adding an Ophelia Bed and a few other extras, the results can speak for themselves. However, spending your time and money on a platform bed frame is only the first step to start exploring your creativity and discovering what you can achieve within this style. We already know that it’s not exactly the place where your friends and family will meet frequently to share the Christmas dinner and pleasant moments, but that doesn’t mean that you should try less to optimize its layout.

Changes don’t necessarily have to be absolutely radical to be meaningful. Sometimes you just have to rearrange everything around your mid-century bed frame, and everything will take on a new face amazingly. A wood bed frame, for example, can be paired with decorative wood accents, an eye-catching dresser, a nightstand, or perhaps a similarly styled media center that looks great. By itself, a modern bed frame is usually striking, outstanding, with characteristics that are difficult to go unnoticed.

If you like minimalist environments, always remember that “less is more”. Sometimes just changing the direction your Ophelia bed is facing, with its elegantly upholstered fabric structure, is enough to let the energies in your bedroom flow in another way.

The Flag Halyard Chair: a Suitable Piece For Your Holiday Season’s Decor

Excited for the holiday season? You should be! After all, it’s a time of magic and excitement, ideal to let your creativity run wild with great ideas to create inspiring decorations that can transmit all the power of the Christmas spirit. The living room is usually the star compartment within these themed decors since this area represents the cover letter of your home, the place that normally welcomes your guests and generates the first impressions about the entire house. Don’t doubt that all the elements of your living room have decorative potential, and the Flag Halyard Chair is no exception in that sense.

Your sofa, lamps, sideboard or media center, coffee table, and the rest of the elements that make up your floor plan are dressed up to receive the holiday, and especially to keep your magnificent Christmas tree company, the maximum conceptual and thematic expression of the moment. It’s no coincidence that we mentioned the Flag Halyard Chair as an accent chair that could have great significance for your themed décor as its sheepskin covering evokes the softness and purity of snow. Its ample proportions and the experience of use of great comfort can make your Christmas living room a more impressive setting. After all, why wouldn’t Santa like to rest on a chair like that?

The most exciting thing about this design by the famous Hans Wegner is that you don’t need to invest a fortune to have it in your layout. There are convenient options like the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, a piece that perfectly emulates the properties of the original product and is made with high-quality materials. Make this Flag Halyard Chair reproduction a key element of your environment and enjoy the amazing result.