How to Install Your Home Office In Your Living Room and Not Die In The Attempt

With the most recent changes the world has experienced, many people have been forced to start resorting to working hours entirely from home, mainly thanks to the benefits of technology. Surely you’re also among those people and you’ve had to assemble your makeshift workspace in some space for other functions, such as the living room. If this is your case, you should take the best advantage of the available resources to achieve the perfect balance, both in aesthetics and functionality.

If you’re a lover of Mid-Century Modern style, you may have included some very important and representative elements in your space such as the Noguchi Table, the Arco Lamp or an Eames Lounge Chair, but regardless of the furniture and additions that your space has, the most important thing is that you know how to put everything in its place and assign the ideal place for everything. These are some of the tips that can help you configure your home office within your living room:

* .- Get an ergonomic and efficient desk chair, preferably with casters, like the Eames Office Chair. This will allow you to move skillfully without having to get up all the time.

*.- Assign at least 20% of the space in your living room to your work area. You may have to move some furniture to other compartments in the house.

*.- If your living room is really small and you don’t think it can also fulfill the function of Home Office at the same time, you can temporarily reconfigure it to be able to do all kinds of activities until you can return to your office. In other words: you may need to move your couch to another area.

*.- To combat the monotony, boredom, and boredom of routine, you can set the space to be pleasant and peaceful: eliminate unnecessary noise, light aromatic candles, attract enough natural light, play stimulating music. It’s important that you feel good.

Follow these tips to have a multifunctional living room where you can also work daily and be a very efficient and productive person.

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What Is Visual Balance And How To Achieve It In Your Living Room’s Layout?

In the world of interior design, “visual balance” is a very typical concept and practically a mandatory requirement for any design that you want to complete successfully. It doesn’t matter if you have an Arco lamp, a Noguchi table, an Eames Lounge Chair or another kind of legendary piece in your room, the important thing is that these elements are in the right balance. Visual balance is nothing more than the correct distribution of visual weight that objects have together within a space. In other words, some areas shouldn’t be more overloaded than others within the same space.

This balance is achieved through the correct distribution of the size, shape, color, and texture of the decorative elements. In this sense, larger, darker, brighter, and highly textured objects tend to feel heavier and should be evenly distributed. Today, many people install an Eames Office Chair or some other desk chair to set up their home office within common use areas. This strategy must be very well-conceived, in the same way, so that it looks in the correct balance within the room. No matter how you have decided to design your space, always remember to achieve the best visual balance.

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4 Key Elements To Build Your Mid-Century Modern Living Room

You’re probably another “victim” of the Mid-Century Modern style: you’ve fallen before its charms and you want to explore and learn even more about the wonders that its elegant and functional designs can offer you. If you’ve already decided to transform your space and give it this style that has captivated you so much, below we recommend four key elements that can help you take those first key steps to have the living room you dream of:

* .- The Eames Lounge Chair: This legendary chair that combines wood, leather, and amazingly ergonomic design fixed on its metal base can be the star element of your living room. Ideal for moments of relaxation in the tranquility of your home.

*.- Noguchi Table: This is normally the MCM lovers’ favorite coffee table, for various reasons. Not only because of its fascinating sculptural hand-carved wooden base and stunning tempered glass table but also because of its functionality and comfort.

* .- The Arco Lamp: This legendary model born from the minds of the Castiglioni brothers is the perfect provider of additional lighting. Your space can shine brightly. Its authentic Carrara marble base will be the center of attention among your guests.

* .- The Eames Office Chair: if you are one of those who in quarantine times has had to improvise a corner of their living room to turn it into a Home Office, a piece like this can be the perfect MCM element, since it’s one piece within the same style and is very efficient.

With these four star elements, you’ll boost the task of beginning to give life to that Mid-Century Modern style living room you dream of!

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4 Aspects That Every Layout Must Take Into Account

Achieving to design the ideal layout is not only a matter of aesthetics or a desire for perfection but also the ability to adapt a physical living space to your most particular tastes and needs. When you get that, you’ve achieved everything, since the main idea of interior design is to make one space have everything we need, both in aesthetics and functionality. However, doing this is not always easy for various reasons. These are four keys to achieve a successful layout:

1.- The lighting. Inadequate lighting can ruin a good decoration, in the same way that wise lighting can enhance the most outstanding aspects of a place in a very significant way. Some floor lamps like the Arco lamp can help you achieve the perfect lighting.

2.- The administration of free space. You don’t want your space to look too crowded and not have easy access to it, especially when you have visitors at home. If you added a masterpiece like an Eames Lounge chair, be sure to place it in the most strategically convenient location.

3.- The color palette. The charm begins with the colors, and when you choose the tones that best express your personality, with a suitable combination of nuances that provide the right atmosphere, you’ll have fifty percent of the job done. Some pieces like the Noguchi table, for example, come in different colors depending on the color palette you want to integrate it with.

4.- Coherence. Everything in its place and a place for everything. That’s the main premise of all organized design. If you installed an Eames Office Chair in your living room because you needed to work from home, be sure to put it in the right corner. Coherence isn’t just about putting everything where it belongs, but also about ensuring that all the elements are correctly interrelated.

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The Importance Of Free Space In Your Compartment

Free space management is one of the key elements of any interior design you want to implement. When a designer sets out to give shape and life to the content of a compartment, one of the first tasks to be carried out is to have an exact notion of the proportions: How much space does it have? What can be achieved with the available resources? What’s the best way to take advantage of everything together? It’s not enough to have a Noguchi table, for example, to define a style, or to have an Eames Lounge Chair as the protagonist of your living room: the designer’s mission is to unify the entire layout so that it’s consistent and meaningful.

Modern times have made it imperative to set aside space to work from home, something that the development of technologies and telecommunications has greatly facilitated. Depending on the space you have, you can add an Eames Office Chair in the perfect corner or in a compartment that’s most appropriate for you. An Arco lamp can turn your space into an environment for reading and study and thus make it multifunctional to get the most out of it.

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Why Is The Color Scheme Important In Interior Decoration?

Colors are the cornerstone of visual harmony. It’s the first thing that perception captures and practically the most stimulating factor among all those that are part of a particular layout. Some floor lamps such as the Arco lamp are capable of highlighting the magic of colors in an environment since the lighting in its proper measure is capable of making a decorative style shine in its maximum splendor. If you have a Noguchi table in your living room, for example, or an Eames Lounge Chair, adequate lighting can bring out the aesthetics of the place much more.

Even in office environments, it’s important to take care of the harmony of colors. An Eames Office Chair will look best in an environment with compatible colors. The tones and nuances have a whole story to tell and can bring personality, charm, communicate a message, a feeling, an emotion, and can make a definite difference from other similar layouts. Pay attention to the colors of your decoration and you can have an original layout with a lot of visual appeals.

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What Should Your Mid-Century Modern Style Lounge Have?

Managing the free space of your resting place doesn’t have to be a daunting task, especially if the space you have is just enough and you shouldn’t have to remove or add new pieces. If you have a Noguchi table reproduction in the center, a little lighting will suffice to make the layout look good. To complement the ceiling lighting, with one Arco lamp replica you can shed light on the areas that need it most.

Lounges should be focused on the appropriate and strategic use of resources to provide resting and comfort. Some furniture such as the Eames Lounge Chair has remained in the taste of people for a long time, and have been the main pieces in many living rooms, common areas, and even office environments. Some users include an Eames Ribbed Chair replica into their living rooms to transform it into a workplace.

Eames Lounge Chair

The Shell Chair Will Surprise Your Visitors With Its Comfort and Design

Every time we receive visitors in our house, we have the implicit desire that they can feel as comfortable as possible and delighted with the decorative style we’ve chosen for our living room. The Shell Chair can achieve this effect on its visitors.

Shell Chair
Source: Manhattan Home Design

At first, this original design by Hans Wegner was not very popular, but later it became a mid-century furniture design classic. Our replica of the Wegner Shell Chair is a truly faithful embodiment of Wegner’s vision. Visit our Showroom in NYC to know this and other products.

Shell Chair

Noguchi Table: The Power of a Style That Never Dies

The passing of time made evident that the classic will always have its niche within the taste of people in general. Regardless of whether you are a professional familiar with interior design and decoration or if you are simply a person of good taste who wants to transform the image of your home to make it more defined, with a recognizable and pleasant look, you have surely heard about the Mid-Century Modern style, that cover some iconic pieces as the Noguchi table.

The MCM is easily recognizable for some distinctive characteristics. Its style comprehends clean lines, the use of many different materials and forms that have marked a pretty appreciated trend since the 1930s to mid-1960s, approximately, with such a great impact that its designs became iconic and permanently within a world so changing and dynamic as the indoor decoration world.

The Mid-Century Modern, with its enchanting simplicity, based on minimal ornamentation, appealing range of colors, diverse and contrasting materials, and convenient functionality, was the cornerstone for some careers of designers, especially in the United States, generating a list containing names as George Nelson, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and his wife Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi, among many others.

Defining the Style

What makes a furniture piece a Mid-Century Modern specimen? What have to have? The answer to that question has a lot to do with the beginning of it all: the way it started. Since there were a lot of important and certainly terrible events in the Mid-Century period, especially World War II, migratory changes caused many European citizens to leave their countries to start a new life in America. That’s one of the main reasons why the Mid-Century Style, although it was born in North America, had its real roots in European influences, given the important amount of representative artists that helped to define the style with their original creations.

On the other hand, technological advances prepared the way for the appearance of new materials that were integrated into the Mid-Century Modern world. The exploration of new textures and effects, colors and new forms detonated the birth of new models that would become the sensation among the consumers and indoor decorators of those years and on.

Noguchi Table
Source: CDN

Thus, the legacy remained until today, gaining more and more strength, interestingly, renewing itself in an increasingly significant way and attracting more and more fans and current designers who, wrapped in the charm of those legendary models, coupled with this style without letting the most iconic pieces lose prominence.

Styling Your House

If you are in the process of remodeling or redecorating your home, some fresh ideas never go wrong, and they can help you hit the mark with those significant arrangements, that new furniture you want to acquire or even a new house that you are ready to buy and you want it to look as much as possible in all the splendor of the MCM.

The budget you have and the number of changes you are willing to make will be the two main factors you must take into account to follow these recommendations. You may not find it feasible to follow them to the letter, but in any case, it’s not more to keep an eye to get some valuable inspiration. Below, we list a compendium of some key ideas that can help you get that Mid-Century Modern style you’re looking for:

  • The colors of nature in your living room. True colors: warm, vibrant, reminiscent of the tones of nature, should be the main attraction of your spaces. Remember that the Mid-Century Modern style comprises a wide range of tones with which you can experiment. The main colors you can choose are transitions of wood color, like olive green, mustard, orange, yellow, or some other notable flushes as pink, gray, turquoise, and black.
Noguchi table
Source: Manhattan Home Design
  • Clear spaces, avoid overloads. One of the most significant features of the Mid-Century Modern style is the remarkable advantage that it can obtain from wide spaces. Make sure that there is not too much furniture or elements in your room that may reduce simplicity and beauty to the environment.
  • Lighting: a key factor. To show off your home’s transformation, you should shed some light on the subject! Although there are certain models of Mid-Century Modern lamps, such as the Arco lamp, it’s not only a matter of choosing the most convenient lamp and the best spot to place it, but you should also pay special attention to natural lighting, which must be sufficient and abundant.
  • Find your star piece! If there’s something especially relevant about the Mid-Century Modern is that there are models that have made the trend something recognizable, and although they all have their charm and have had a huge acceptance for decades, surely there are some that you want to look with special interest. A Noguchi table in the center of your living room, for example, could be the star that shines with great elegance.
Noguchi Table
Source: Barcelona Designs
  • Functionality: Forbidden to forget. Not everything is about good taste, appearance, and visual appeal. And this is something you should not put aside. Mid-Century Modern designs are a sign that what looks good can also work just as well. For instance, a Concourse Console table in your room can be very useful in many ways if you know where to place it.

As you can see, getting the ideal look with which you want to give your spaces a new face is easier when your ideas flow in the right direction. The years have shown that the MCM is within the tastes of the majority, and you can rest assured that both your friends and your family will receive it with utmost pleasure.

Looking for an Arco Lamp? Here Are Some Options to Buy

If the time has come to think outside the box and generate new ideas to renew your indoor spaces, there’s no doubt that you are stepping on very complex terrain, full of diverse alternatives in which a detail that may seem minimal can actually modify the appearance of any place in a dramatic way. Whether you want to integrate an Arco lamp or a chandelier, a traditional coffee table or a Mid-Century Modern style into your layout, the truth is that you will have to make the right choices to get the most satisfactory result.

Before making any investment, you must first be very clear about where you are going to do it. Therefore, it’s essential to choose correctly the store where you are going to buy your furniture, your ornaments, fixtures, and materials in general that you are going to use for the work you have in mind. It’s not only a matter of prices but also of reliability, freedom to choose between several options, taking advantage of the offers that you may find on the road and of course, be certain of being on the right track.

Making The Right Choices

Finding the perfect options to buy and hit the spot with the most appropriate ideas is a task that can get complicated if you are not knowledgeable enough about prices, stores and have reliable alternatives at hand that are as close as possible to what you want for your home. Here are some direct tips about some websites that you can check, price comparisons, brief product reviews and some other details that might interest you a lot:

Comparing prices: what’s best for me? If you take a look at the most notable options you can find on the Internet, you’ll realize about several alternatives from which you can choose to get what you are looking for. Compare, for example, these three products, sold by three different stores:

Product: Eames Lounge Chair

  • OfficeDesigns (Sales price: $4,295.00)
  • Manhattan Home Design (Sales price: $994.00)
Eames Lounge Chair

In this case, surely noticed a huge difference between the prices of both purchase options of the Eames Lounge chair, a legendary design from the mid-60s, created by Charles and Ray Eames and considered an icon of modern furniture design. However, the difference between both offers is not only the price: the Manhattan Home Design version is a replica, true to the original version and made with high-quality materials. If you think about it: what price fits more to your budget, since you are looking for something that doesn’t have to be the original patented product? To choose a replica can allow you to save an important amount of money.

Product: Arco lamp

  • Flos (Sales price: $3,495.00)
  • Barcelona Designs (Sales price: $549.00)
Arco lamp

Just like in the previous case, it’s evident that choosing the replica is a quite wiser decision since you are not interested that much in the originality of the piece, but in the quality of it and how it’s gonna look in your house. The Arco lamp is certainly an icon of mid-century modern style that can enhance incredibly the elegance of your place, and with a moderate amount of money, you can get a replica for such a lower price.

Product: Noguchi table

  • Modterior (Sales price: $399.00)
  • Eternity Modern (Sales price: $845.00)
Noguchi table

Unlike the previous examples, this time we compared two replicas, and the answer to which one could be more convenient becomes evident. However, the remarkable point right here is that you should remember to always look for different options and always compare, even when you’re sure to always pick up a replica. The Noguchi table was designed by Isamu Noguchi, a great sculptor, set designer, and interior/industrial designer of the past century and this piece of him can be the main star in your living room.

Many shops, many options, many doubts. Don’t lose your way! Confusions, temptations, and even small misleading offers that may want you to change your mind in the process could cause you to forget or distort the original idea you had for your remodeling. Focus on what you are looking for and what you need according to the design you drew and don’t be confused among so many alternatives.

Manage the budget well. Your budget is the cornerstone of your entire project. Don’t let it be affected by last-minute changes, unforeseen and unnecessary acquisitions or ultimately erratic handling of the money you allocated remodeling your space. Try to structure your budget from the beginning, before making your investment and you’ll see that, if you are respectful enough about your scheme, you’ll be able to not only take advantage of your money better until the last cent but maybe even subtract something else for some additional purchases.

You have finished your makeover. And now what? You invested your money like a genius, bought just what you needed, without more or less, and now the picture is complete and shiny. It’s just the scene you wanted… however, your inspiration continues to give you good ideas that you feel willing to experience. Who said not? Experimenting is always good, as long as it is to improve.

Arco lamp
Source: Revelglobalevents

You can always check for more information on the Internet about these wonders and see if you may integrate some more of them into your layout to make it a Mid-Century Modern environment shinning in all its splendor.