The Right Chairs: Get to Know 3 Great Benefits of This Office Chair

The Right Chairs replica that we offer at Manhattan Home Design is one of the many options on the office chair market, yet it stands out from the crowd! Today we are going to explain in detail why this chair is so unique and chosen by many today.

Lined with stretch mesh

This type of mesh is what offers suitable chairs two great characteristics of breathability and elasticity. This high-quality premium mesh is made from premium polyester fiber and DuPont yarn, and has been optimized for long hours of wear, skin feel, and long-term durability.

Control configuration changes

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of acquiring the great right chairs replica! You can forget about bending over to adjust the position of the chair. With the Right Chairs replica you can have control of everything at the distance of a lever.

Ergonomic and modern

The structure of the Right Chairs is designed to offer a completely ergonomic and modern model. In addition, it is user-friendly, which means that it is easy to adjust and comfortable to the body. You could sit for hours in this chair without feeling any lumbar pain. Every feature of The Right Chairs is designed not only to relieve load and pressure, but to keep your body naturally balanced and well supported so you can focus on work.

Timber Sofa: Transform Your Living Room Into A Mid-Century Paradise

The mid-century style is usually quite easy to recognize due to its predominant characteristics such as its intense color palette, juxtaposition of lines and use of certain beautiful materials such as leather, wood and metal.

To recreate a mid-century design inside your home, you only need certain iconic pieces that convey that retro vibe of those golden years. Within this particular category of furniture is the classic Timber Sofa.

If you’ve seen some mid-century layouts you’ve probably come across the Timber Sofa. This is a tan colored sofa with delicate finishes that give it a sophisticated and exquisite appearance in the sight of any lover of modern style. Its aniline leather material is the perfect contrast to that accent wall at home or that favorite piece of art that you have hanging on your wall.

The Timber Sofa is not only a “pretty face” since its manufacture is made in the most detailed and meticulous way possible. Its structure composed of oak moldings, high density feathery cushions, and its generous dimensions make it the perfect modern piece to fit into your mid-century paradise.

What do you think about the Timber Sofa? Comment below which mid-century sofa is your favorite!

Timber Chair is The Perfect Mid-Century Complement For Your Layout

Living rooms are those spaces where we put a lot of energy into the decorating process, this is perhaps because this section of the home is the most popular for all. For this reason, it is important to include elements that make it feel more warm for you and your guests.

The accent chairs are a way to highlight some detail of your living room and in turn add a space where the person feels welcomed. There are currently thousands of mid-century accent chairs but today we want to introduce you to the Timber chair.

This beautiful chair is made with an oak wood edge trim and voluptuous leather cushions, conducive to taking your design to another level and taking a visual journey back in time to that golden era. Its feather-filled cushions and fine leather upholstery will take you to a level of relaxation and a feeling of tranquility.

Each skin used is unique! These are chosen exclusively for those who love a soft fine leather with natural tan tones. What’s more! This type of leather, where the wrinkles of the original leather are left in the final product, are currently in trend. So not only will you get a piece that will stylize the layout of your house but will also make it look more beautiful.

You can enjoy all these features and even more by acquiring the Timber chair today!

Ophelia Bed Wood Frame: Knowing All The Incredible Features Of This Piece

The room is considered by many people as the sanctuary of the house. This space is where much of the time is usually spent, including nap times. This is one of the reasons why it should be optimally equipped and with functional elements that offer you comfort and tranquility.

To obtain a harmonious appearance that allows you to enjoy the aforementioned features, it is important to pay attention to detail. Either from the bedside tables to the bed frames. The latter is perhaps the most influential and striking when entering any room, that is why today we want to present the Ophelia Bed Wood Frame.

The Ophelia Bed Wood Frame is the perfect companion for those who love simplicity and warmth. This piece is made of soft upholstery, plush padding, and rounded edges. It can be easily used in modern or contemporary styles, so you will have no problem including it in your decorative spaces.

Your bed will certainly go up a notch with the addition of the Ophelia Bed Wood Frame. Here below we have summarized for you some of the most relevant features that this has to offer:

  • Includes strong metal brackets that hold the standard quality frame.
  • Includes European flexible slat system.
  • The upholstery is in durable modern fabric.

Differences Between Modernism & Contemporary Through Iconic Pieces (II/II)

In the past blog, we defined what the modern style is based on and described in detail the characteristics of the Shell chair. Now is the time to show you an example of modern design and then dive into the world of contemporary style. Let’s continue!


As you can see, the most constant element and which has the greatest proportion in the design is wood. As we mentioned before, the proportions of this material are what helps us to verify that it is indeed a modern design. In addition, it can be seen as the Shell chair that accentuates this material.

You can also appreciate a neutral color palette and a vibe of naturalness and calm.

What is a contemporary style?

Source: Decorilla

The contemporary style is basically a style that is in constant movement, that is, it constantly changes its appearance. Although it varies over time, it tends to have certain prominent characteristics such as a fairly rigid color palette made up of white, black, and gray. Exhibition of materials such as steel and glass and finally pieces where the ornament is valid.

So finally the difference between the two is that:

  • The modern style is not a changing style, it is a style born in the 20th century and ended in the middle of it. Unlike the contemporary that is constantly changing.
  • The modern style has mostly wood accents, unlike the contemporary where metal and glass are more prominent.
  • The modern style has a palette of earth colors, unlike the contemporary one where black and white are the most used duo.

Differences Between Modernism & Contemporary Through Iconic Pieces (I/II)

The contemporary the modern are two of the styles within the interior design that are currently most required. Although they are often confused because they were born in similar times and influences, they do not look the same!

There are certain furniture pieces and designs that allow us to differentiate them at a glance. 

Pieces such as the Shell chair or the LC2 sofa are just some of the elements that can help us to recognize them.

Today we will define both styles separately and we will show you certain designs with the most outstanding characteristics of each style. Also, we will show you the differences between modernism and contemporaneous. Let us begin!

The modern style and its characteristics

The modern style was born in the early 20th century and lasted until the middle of the 20th century. This style is usually recognized for having a calm appearance where earth tones are the ones that make up its color palette. It shows mostly wood accents combined with slightly more modern materials like metal. 

A great example of a piece made within the influences of this style is the Shell chair. The Shell chair is an aerodynamic chair that is made of plywood and leather. 

Click to see an example of modernism and contemporary layout.

Benefits of Designing Your Own Decoration | Easy Tricks

We have all stopped by that moment when we get bored with our decoration. It is normal that as time goes by, our layout looks a bit outdated or maybe a bit crowded. For this reason, it is important from time to time to update our layout and thus incorporate our new tastes and needs.

 Now, when doing this type of renovation, the question may arise whether to do it on our own or by hiring a professional. If you are hesitating between these two options, this blog is for you! Today we will discuss the pros of organizing our own decoration and we show you how to obtan pieces like the Egg chair in a chap way. Let us begin!

You can save money

If you decide to decorate on your own it is possible to save money! Not only because of the fact that you are not spending on interior designer, but also because you can carefully look for more prices and options when it comes to acquiring decorative objects.

For example, you can search the flea market or even the replica markets and get pieces like the Egg chair or any other coveted fish that you like.

You can distribute the space as you want

The distribution of the space is something very personal since it must adapt to your lifestyle. If, for example, you are a person who likes reading a lot, you can organize your floor plan yourself and

Modular Furniture & Its Mains Benefits | Presenting The Mario Bellini Sofa

If you are in the process of decorating or simply renovating your living room, you have probably read or heard of the term modular furniture. Today we will explain what these types of pieces are about, the benefits they offer and finally we will present the Mario Bellini sofa replica which is one of the best modern representations of modular sofas. Let us begin!

What is modular furniture?

According to Home Modular furniture refers to pre-made units that can be combined in different ways to furnish a room. Modular furnishings are often flat packed for home assembly. This means that they are basically pieces that are much more versatile than the traditional ones and that they also show a more contemporary look.

The modular furniture comes with a set of separate modules which are the ones that give it the characteristic configuration.The main benefit that this type of furniture brings is that they are fully configurable, that is, you can distribute it according to your preference. 

Now, the Mario Bellini sofa replica is basically a modern modular sofa that is fully upholstered in aniline leather and filled with polyurethane.

The Elegant Shell Chair Replica Can Be A Great Choice For This Father’s Day

Don’t leave your Father’s Day gift for the last minute and give away a replica of the Shell chair!

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of each month to commemorate the man of the home who helps and loves us so much every day of the year.

Instinctively, men tend to be a little more territorial, so having their own rooms around the house focused on satisfying their needs or hobbies gives them a certain pleasure. That is why today we have brought as a Father’s Day gift option a Shell chair replica.

The Shell chair replica is inspired by the original model designed by renowned designer Hans Wegner. This chair was launched on the market in the golden years when the mid-century style ruled the interior of the houses.

The Shell chair is a mid-century piece that was first created in 1963, this is a representation of an airy and dynamic concept recreated with simple materials. It has a slightly curved back made of molded oak plywood, and what makes it stand out is that it has three legs instead of four. This was thanks to the ingenuity that Hans Wegner had for his time.

Main Features Of The Womb Chair Replica | Why It´s A Great Choice

The Womb chair is not only one of the causes of the great success of the Knoll company and its designer Eero Saarinen, but it is also one of the icons within the mid-century style that since its launch has remained in hearts and homes. of many. This chair has transcended nationalities and pecans and is considered today a very popular lounge chair. Used in areas such as living rooms, offices, bars, among others.

Although this chair was launched on the market 60 years ago, people are still looking for it and trying to obtain it, however, this is not an easy task! Since being a very popular designer piece, it goes back over $ 4,000, an amount that the average citizen does not have to spend on furniture.

For that reason today we have come up with a more economical option and of very good quality. We are talking about the replica Womb chair! An affordable alternative for those who want to enjoy good design and comfort. Here are the main features of the Womb chair replica:

  • Polished #304 Stainless Steel Rod Base & Chrome Finish.
  • Upholstered With Premium Bouclé Wool.
  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel Legs For Extra Durability.
  • Fiberglass Shell, True To The Original.
  • High-Density Memory Foam Cushioning.