Complement With These Modern Furniture Pieces Your Nursery Room (I/II)

If you haven’t read the previous article, we’d like to invite you to do so! There you will find an amazing suggestion for a comfortable sofa to complement your nursery room design. Now is the time to continue sharing our suggestions for modern furniture! 

This time we have placed an essential in any children’s room which is an armchair. Scroll down and check off two types of chairs that you can use for this purpose!

The Florence Knoll armchair, a classic but yet comfy support

The Florence Knoll armchair is a mid-century chair upholstered of a soft and long-lasting aniline leather that evokes the vibes of those good gold days. Although when looking for a piece of furniture your first objective is to find a functional piece, this chair is completely capable to give you what all mother wants: functionality and style! 

On this chair, you will be able to breast-feed your child without feeling uncomfortable because it is a great ergonomic form.

The Womb chair is the perfect option if you like lounges chairs

This is another great option you can select when choosing the chair for a breastfeeding baby. it comes with an ottoman so you will be able to lay all your body in the case is needed.

Complement With These Modern Furniture Pieces Your Nursery Room (I/II)

Scroll down and get to know a few modern sofas like the Togo sofa that will help you to complement your nursery room.

If you are reading this you may have a baby or you are thinking of having one, if that is the case, congratulations! Bringing a new life into the world is a blessing and this comes anchored in a lot of planning, including creating the children’s room. A nursery room should be a space where calm vibrations are evoked so that the baby feels welcome and safe, to achieve this objective it is necessary to consider several factors that we are sure you already know. What we have placed below are some suggestions to select the furniture, and thus complement your nursery room. Let us begin!

A Togo sofa is the perfect companion

Source: Decoist

The Togo sofa is a sofa you have ever seen, this piece will offer you the perfect support when you need to sleep the baby or perhaps watching while he’s sleeping. It comes in two presentations; the leather and the fabric one so you can choose the ones that fit you better.

Plus! The Togo sofa also is considered a family-friendly sofa.

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3 Reasons Why Millenials Love Mid-Century Modern Style & Its Furniture

The mid-century style is now often very normal to see implemented in the home, offices and even today it is very recurrent to see stores where the whole environment evokes those golden years. Millennials have been obsessed with mid-century modernism for several years now, but this 2021 is predicted that the implementation of this style will increase and it is all thanks in part to these people.

Furniture like the Egg chair or earthy and vibrant colors like green is what Millennials are implemented in their places, but, why they love it so much? Well, there are a few reasons for it, we have placed below the main ones. Scroll down and see if you agree with them!

  1. This generation tends to live in cities where apartments and condominiums are small, so to keep everything neat and open, they choose this style where the characteristics of minimalism are mixed with the style of the golden years.
  2. Some of these kinds of people work from home so they need a good distribution of the space. According to  John Klopf, a San Francisco-based architect, “One of the central ideas of these production homes was to build them in a modular fashion in order to simplify construction and keep the costs low”.
  3. It’s cheaper than other styles.

3 Tips For Brighten Up Your Living Room When Having Dark Modern Furniture (II/II)

In the previous article, we introduce you to the first step you can follow when having too many dark furniture pieces within a room, this step was related to chose complementary colors for drapery to enhance the contrast of the living room. In case you haven’t seen it, we recommend you to check the example we have placed for it in order to get the point.

Photo credit:

Now, the previous tip is not the only step you can follow. The next step that we are going to share it’s not so simple as the previous one but it can make a huge difference.

  1. Opt for lighter flooring 

In the decoration of the living room of the picture, you see that there is a dark Mario Bellini sofa and the designer decided to implement blonde flooring. So in case you haven’t chosen the flooring color or you have the budget to paint it or change it, you should choose a cool and blonde color when having dark elements in your room. 

  1. Don’t forget to dress the rugs and shelves

Try to select shades that are neutral and lighter than the furniture you are decorating.

3 Tips For Brighten Up Your Living Room When Having Dark Modern Furniture (I/II)

Having dark furniture is sometimes not an easy task. Placing too many dark elements – like the Togo sofa design in the image below – inside a room may not turn out as well as we thought from the start. If you are dealing with this situation, don’t panic! There are several ways to light up a room and break the monotony of dark space.


The following tips we are going to share with you today are placed to turn your darkness into a space that is still invigorating, warm, and welcoming. Let’s begin!

  1. Pay attention to drapery and add complementary colors

A great hack to enhance and lighten up your dark furniture is by choosing the right drapery. How? By choosing complementary colors. In this way, you will bounce back to life those brown, black, and darker colors.

Photo credit: Tricialee Photography

See the effect it creates? The yellow curtains immediately lighting up the living room.

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2021 Mid-Century Chairs Options For Minimalism Lovers | Tips To Implement Minimalism (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about what minimalism is about and why the Womb chair is a good option for minimalist layouts. Now is time to show you a different but yet, classic option. We are talking about the one and only Egg chair

The Egg chair is perhaps the most iconic and eye-catching mid-century chairs of all, so if your goal is to have a remarkable experience but at the same time keeping the simplicity and functionality of minimalism, this may be the option for you. 

The Egg chair has been created with the aim of providing privacy to the user in public spaces, so it is normal to feel a bit isolated and have a sense of tranquility due to the shape of its backrest, which gives it a feeling of an embrace. 

You can find this iconic chair in different materials and colors. Regarding the upholstery, you can find it in leather and fabric, and as for the color, you can find it in red; blue, yellow, and more. Below we have placed an image where you can notice what colors are available in places like Manhattan Home Design.

2021 Mid-Century Chairs Options For Minimalist Lovers | Tips To Implement Minimalism (I/II)

The Womb Chair and more pieces you can select this 2021!

2020 is now a thing of the past… 2021 is welcoming us and we are sure this year is going to be less chaotic and crazy than the previous one. To make sure this is going to happen the best way to ensure it is by creating a harmonious environment that evokes a peaceful and clean vibe. So, what style inspires these features? Yes! Minimalism. 

Minimalism is more than only a style, it is considered as a way of living and a state of mind. According to break the witch, Minimalism is defined as a “design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. Minimalism had its origins in the arts”. Having said this, is time to start and showing three mid-century furniture options to create a minimalist style.

The classic Womb Chair

This classic mid-century piece is considered one of the comfiest and stylish chairs of all. Although its structure is very simple, the combination of the ottoman, thick cushions and curved edges make it the perfect companion for any minimalist room. This is also a very versatile piece because it’s able to fit different needs.

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3 Important Features You Should Know About The LC3 Sofa | Get A Coupon Here! (II/II)

In the previous blog we introduced you to the LC3 sofa upholstery, we mentioned that it was fully covered in aniline leather and explained why is this leather a perfect option for this sofa. Now is time to know about the other two features this sofa has to offer.

  1. The LC3 sofa is filled with high-density foam

Before continuing we must mention that the LC3 sofa is part of the LC Collection where Le Corbusier, together with the other two designers, thought in every details such as the filling of the piece. The sofa is filled with high-density foam, which is considered by many people as a good quality material that allows the user to sit and enjoy a very pleasant and comfy experience.

  1. The LC3 sofa has a gorgeous aesthetic look

This is the last but not the least feature the sofa has. It has implemented a beautiful metal frame in order to show different and eye-catching structure. These organic lines are the perfect complement to match the sofa sophistication.

Now, in order to get it, you can use the code XMAS at Manhattan Home Design and enjoy a 10% discount. 

3 Important Features You Should Know About The LC3 Sofa | Get A Coupon Here! (I/II)

The new year is almost here! We are as excited as you are because we want you to start the year with fresh new vibes. To properly accompany these vibrations it is important that you and your environment are aligned and conditioned, that is why today we want to share one of the pieces most loved by our public; the Le Corbusier Sofa by le Corbusier.

This designer piece has multiple characteristics that will make you adore it in the first instance, here we have placed the main ones, let’s start!

  1. A gorgeous aniline leather 

Note: we must specify that the Le Corbusier sofa we are describing here is a replica from Manhattan Home Design. We have selected this high-end replica because in the final section of the blog you will a surprise! Stay to the end…

The main attraction of the Le Corbusier sofa is the selection of the sofa upholstery. This piece is fully covered with aniline leather, a special skin that is the most natural-looking leather type and is colored with soluble aniline dyes. Because it doesn’t have a pigment-based surface finish, aniline leather is a porous smooth leather. 

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Family Friendly Sofas With Different Styles | Get a 10% Of Discount! (I/II)

Get to Know the LC2 sofa, Mario Bellini, and Togo sofa.

Family sofas are very important when you have any type of family, no matter the number of members of the type you have, any type of family deserves to rest on a comfortable and attractive sofa. Typically, there are three things to consider when purchasing a family sofa and we would like to mention them before showing you the products we have selected for you. Let us begin!

The first factor to consider when you are choosing a family sofa is comfort, remember that on the sofa you will spend a lot of time with your loved ones so you must pay attention to proportions and size and it should be able to fit your needs. The second factor to consider is the materials used for upholstery, no matter if is leather or fabric, it should look resistant. The last factor is cushions, they should be thick and soft in order to spend hours on them.

That beign said it’s time to start with the first sofa, the one, and only LC2 sofa.

The LC2 sofa is a classic leather piece made by Le Corbusier and filled with high-density cushions very sophisticated and great for mature families who like modernism.

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