3 Family Friendly Sofas With Different Styles | Get a 10% Of Discount! (II/II)

We would like you to read the previous post in case you haven’t in order to fully enjoy the following information. In the previous post, we talked about which factors consider families when acquiring sofas, now it’s time to keep going and talk about the other two sofas we have selected for you and have a discount this Christmas. 

The Mario Bellini is the striking piece your family will love

The Mario Bellini sofa is the perfect piece for those families who like modernism and like to stand out from the crowd because this different Camaleonda sofa will attract the attention of all your visitors due to its structure and the different look it emanates. 

You can find this piece in two presentations; in leather and fabric. The version in leather comes in aniline which is a type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes. The dye colors the leather without producing the uniform surface of topcoat paint.  

The Togo sofa if you like the modern/boho vibe

This is a more informal sofa which gives a more relaxing vibe.

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Le Corbusier Furniture: The LC2 Sofa Is The Sophisticated & Fittable Piece For Your Small Room

Have you ever come across an apartment or small house where you want to furnish but maybe you can’t find the right piece? I was in the same situation as you and thank heaven I was able to get a fitting piece in my little apartment. Today I want to present to you the small but coolest two-seater sofa which is also a classic modern piece. Let’s describe this beauty!

The LC2 Sofa is all your living room needs

The LC2 sofa is part of the “Cushions Baskets” collection presented by one of the fathers of modernism; Le Corbusier. He was a very prominent designer who in the company of two other designers created a very complete and elegant collection where the LC2 sofa is the most desired element of the entire collection. You might be wondering why, and it’s basically due to the classic and sophisticated look these pieces have. 

The sofa has a beautiful natural shine due to the fact that it is lined with aniline leather, besides, it is filled with dense foam, which provides extreme comfort. 

What do you think of the LC2 sofa, comment below!

The Egg Chair Creator: Interesting Facts About Arne Jacobsen

Finally, we have brought you a few interesting facts about one of the favorites furniture designers of contemporary style, yes! The one and only Arne Jacobsen. He is widely recognized as a very influential figure in Scandinavian, one of the most famous designers when it comes to contemporary style, and last but no least the Egg chair creator.

Scroll down and get to know why is Arne Jacobsen so loved!

1. He originally wanted to be a painter

On that occasion, Arne Jacobsen was fortunate that his father’s decisions were “wise and calculated” since he was the one who decided the career he was going to study. The situation is interesting because normally parents are not the ones who should decide the professional trajectory of their children, but in this case, it resulted in a resounding success making it an icon in furniture design.

2. He won several awards

Thanks to her well-earned awards, she boosted his career. One of the defining awards for success and recognition was the Danish Association of Architects for their “House of the Future” design.

3. He was the mind behind the Egg chair

The Egg chair is his most iconic creation, offering features such as 

  • High-density Cushioning
  • Swivels and Tilt Lock
  • Curvature-true fiberglass shell
  • PU-injected foam wrapped in synthetic Dacron silk

Christmas Deals: An LC3 Sofa For Your Family & Friends

Christmas is by far one of the most desired seasons of the year, basically because we can reconnect with our loved ones, sharing memories and stories. As this is a family season, it is normal that our main objective is to make our people feel welcome and comfortable in our space, so in case you are hosting dinner this year we would like to help you in your preparation and offer you an unmissable discount in one of the most affordable replica stores; Manhattan Home Design.

Yes, we are talking about the only LC3 sofa, a design by the exclusive Le Corbusier. You may have recognized this sofa for two reasons, the first is because perhaps you are a follower of Le Corbusier’s projects and you already know the pieces in his Le Corbusier collection or the most popular reason; You’ve seen it in movies like Batman.

The LC3 sofa replica is part of the most sold pieces at Manhattan Home Design and due to this they decided to create an amazing Christmas discount, you will only have to write the code: XMAS, and that’s it! 10% discount on the gorgeous aniline leather piece.

Historically Famous Mid-Century Chairs You Should Know Exist (II/II)

In the blog above, we talked about how mid-century modern style has grown over the years and we started the list by noting why the shell chair has been historically recognized. Now, it’s time to show you other of the most iconic models that you should know that exist or maybe you already know, let’s find out!

The iconic egg chair you perhaps have seen in movies

The Egg chair is by far one of the most iconic chair models out there. The chair is not just a revolutionary piece, it is an eye-catching and comfortable one. 

This piece has been featured in many movies that are famous for how it looks. Whether you are a lover of mid-century modernity or not, this chair can be included in a reading corner, a living room, or anywhere you want to enhance.

The LC2 chair, a Le Corbusier creation

Le Corbusier is recognized as one of the fathers of modernism, his thoughts, ambition, and versatility made him one of the most honored designers of the era. He created the LC collection that is still seen in movies, offices, and even sophisticated living rooms even today.

Historically Famous Mid-Century Chairs You Should Know Exist (I/II)

Get to know from the shell chair to LC2 chair, scroll down and watch these pieces’ description!

Throughout history there have been a host of different furniture designs, we’ve been through art deco, early modern, mid-century, modern, industrial, and much more. But a fact is that one of the aforementioned styles has been increasing in use over the years even though it is old. Yes, we are talking about mid-century style, all this movement has made people fall in love with it for its characteristics of simplicity and functionality that it evokes in its pieces.

So, as this style has been prolonged for so long and nowadays people love to implement at least a mid-century element within their decoration, today we are going to list a few chairs that you should meet and maybe eventually even include in your layout. Let’s begin!

Shell Chair, a model made by Hans J. Wegner

The shell chair is a deeply dynamic piece that evokes a look so aesthetic that you will fall in love in the first place. It is constructed of molded plywood with oak and walnut veneer, an excellent eco-leather padded seat, and a high-end backrest. Due to these perfect mcm characteristics, this chair has been recognized for a long period of time.

Click to check more famous mid-century chairs.

Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair Design Analysis | Get To Know Its Features

Orange shell chair

Hans Wegner was a designer recognized for his great contributions to architecture and furniture design. He was born in 1914, showing his carpentry skills as a child as an apprentice cabinetmaker. This could be the first inspiration you use to create today’s blog star; the only Shell chair.

The Shell chair is a mid-century piece that was first created in 1963, this is a representation of an airy and dynamic concept recreated with simple materials. It has a slightly curved back made of oak molded plywood, it also shows an innovative three-legged stand and a frame where a winged seat reclined on a rounded leather-covered back.

This chair not only offers an aesthetic structure, it has much more to offer! In fact, full-grain Italian leather is included in the upper part and in the seat, to offer warm and comfortable support to the user.

An interesting fact about the shell chair is that it was not well received in the first place, it took years for it to be noticed and desired, this happened after the mid-century style greatly increased in popularity.

What is your favorite feature of the Shell chair? Comment below!

Mid-Century Chairs: Low, Medium & High Budgets Sites Where You Can Acquire Them (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about places where you can buy pieces with a low and medium budget.

Now is the time to talk about a different situation.

Compared to the example on the previous site mentioned which was Manhattan Home Design, in case you are on a big budget and want the original piece, there are a few manufacturers who take care about offering the original design piece.

Since we are talking about mid-century chairs, let’s take for example a situation where you want to purchase a Womb chair, the original piece designed by Eero Saarinen.

In this case, it would be convenient to visit the original manufacturer of the design itself, in the case of the womb chair, the company in charge of manufacturing them is no more and no less than Knoll.

Knoll is recognized for being the manufacturer of many iconic pieces such as the aforementioned, the Florence Knoll armchair and sofa, the Barcelona chair and sofa, and more Saarinen pieces.

Have you ever tried one of these places? Comment below!

Mid-Century Chairs: Low, Medium & High Budgets Sites Where You Can Acquire Them (I/II)

Acquiring modern pieces from the middle of the century is not an easy task in today’s times because you do not have the freedom to leave the house due to the quarantine it is difficult to find a reliable site which has a physical and online store.

However, there are multiple stores that due to the pandemic have created a friendly process online in which you can purchase your pieces with just a couple of clicks. These sites have long been interested in that the user can have a comfortable experience from home.

Mid-century chairs just as an Egg chair or a Florence Knoll armchair can be found at places in different presentations. Today we are going to show you three different places where you can acquire pieces like the aforementioned. 

Low-Medium budget

This category we have combined because you can find pieces in both ranges.

Manhattan Home Design is a place where it is focused on selling replicas from famous designers like Florence Knoll or Mies van der Rohe. Here you will find iconic mid-century and modern pieces.

Click to see high budget sites for mid-century chairs.

Florence Knoll: 3 Furniture Pieces You Can Obtain This Black Friday (I/II)

In the previous post, we talked about how interesting and a bit tragic Florence Knoll’s early years were, as well as a brief description of the journey she went through to achieve the revolution that in her time marked the stage of an era.

Now is time to describe one of their most iconic pieces; the Florence Knoll sofa.

This sofa is completely upholstered with aniline leather and normally comes in two color presentations; black and brown, just like the two pictures below:

2. Florence Knoll armchair

This is an armchair made with the same structure and style as the sofa, it also comes in the same colors and its cushions are filled with dense foam which makes it a very comfy piece. It can be matched with the Florence Knoll sofa and can look like this:

Source: Scheitlin Syfrig – Roche forum, Buonas 2002. Photos © Walter Mair.

3. Florence Knoll bench

This is the third complement in her collection this bench is also upholstered in leather and their cushions are filled with the same high-quality foam. This trio will enhance your living room with a touch of personality and sophistication.