Benefits of Taking Breaks At Work | The Florence Knoll Armchair Is The Best Partner For It! (I/II)

Are you a workaholic who doesn’t take breaks at work? Well, you only need a Florence Knoll armchair and breaks!

If you’re not familiar with the workaholic term, according to the Oxford English Dictionary it refers to a “person who works compulsively. The term originates from alcoholism. The person works at the cost of their sleep, meeting friends or family”. These kinds of aptitudes can affect your health and performance at work, that’s why I have decided to show a few benefits of taking breaks at work!

Adding regular breaks in your working day is more helpful than you may think, in fact, a University of Illinois study found that the attention resources of the human brain diminish after a long period of concentration on a single task, diminishing our ability to concentrate and the way we perform at work. Here are the top benefits of taking pauses to rest at work:

  1. Breaks help with: Processing and information retention

Our brains work in two different ways; focused and diffuse. When brains work diffusely, we are more relaxed like on a beach day. In fact, according to studies we solve the most difficult task in this state.

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