Benefits of Taking Breaks At Work | The Florence Knoll Armchair Is The Best Partner For It! (II/II)

Note: We recommend you to read the previous article before continuing, in this way you will enjoy and understand better the following information.

Now that we have shown you an introduction to why you should pay attention to breaks at work, it’s to continue with the benefits of these breaks

2. You will have a better outlook

By pausing your work a few minutes and sitting in a harmonious corner with a comfy chair, like a Florence armchair which has cushions filled with dense foam, you’ll have a new and perhaps better perspective of the problem you are trying to solve. So, reassess your goals and priorities reconsider if you are distributing your attention accordingly with tasks and project 

3. You will be more productive and creative

Remember that the brain, as well as the muscles, must be trained and rested. Imagine that you’re running and get tired, what do you do? Yes, you rest before continue your running, is the same case with our brains. By allowing it some time you will perform better and with more energy.

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