Best Airbnb Tips To Enhance Your Properties & Attract Clientes (I/II)

In the previous post we explained a little about the growth of Airbnb users and why it is important to decorate the spaces you have to offer. We also introduce you to an inexpensive furniture option such as the Le Corbusier chair collection which can help you in your way of creating a modernist layout.

Now is the time to show you some perfect tips to satisfy the needs and general tastes of your customers in a more economical way. Let ‘s start!

Choose replicas instead of original parts

The original furniture, be it a chair or any other, is more expensive than you possibly think and it should be taken into account that the stay of the guests does not usually last more than a few days. This means that they will not appreciate much the effort to obtain the original furniture. Instead, you can go for replicas! They will appreciate your intention of wanting to make them feel like they are in a luxurious place worthy of 5 stars.

Stay in tune with all the spaces

This translates into choosing a central theme and sticking with it. Whether it is a mid-century modern, industrial or nautical style, you should try to make every room convey the isma vibe,

Choose a neutral and peaceful decoration

People often break out of the routine to relax and be calm. So try to select neutral tones and create the perfect environment for them to feel safe and relaxed. Depending on the site you have, you can add certain home colors and accents.

For example, if you have a room on the beach you can opt for nautical items.