Boucle, the essence of the original Womb Chair

Declared in more than one occasion “the most comfortable chair in the world”, the Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair is without a doubt one icon of comfort and beauty for every home.

The beautiful, cozy design of this singular chair, by Saarinen, is a great virtue of this piece of design, but its material and fabrics are a good part too, and that is the case of boucle, the fabric of the original Saarinen’s womb chair.

Boucle is versatile, and while is soft to the touch, it has a nubby feeling that reminds you of  a soft children teddy bear. Boucle is made most of the times of wool, but cotton and linen can be used, too. When Florence Knoll asked Eero Saarinen to create a new chair, she requested “a chair that is like a basket full of cushions, to curl up and read a book in”. The response of Eero Saarinen was the Womb Chair Classic Boucle. There is no doubt that he could accomplish it successfully.

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