Brief Background Of Modernism & Iconic Pieces Created Under Its Influences (I/II)

Today the modernist movement can be seen in many places and fields; from art to interior design. In fact, this is one of the styles that has been mostly implemented in home decorations due to its surprising characteristics that we will describe later. But have you ever wondered when this movement came out? When did it begin to influence designers when creating pieces like the LC2 chair? This is what we are going to answer you today! We will give you a brief background on its interesting history and we will show you one of the most iconic pieces created by someone who is considered a pioneer within the modernist movement; Le Corbusier. So let’s start this journey!

When Modernism was first created?

This movement emerged in 1880 and in fact, lasted longer than you might imagine because it ended in 1940, a very long period, right?

Although it ended in the 40s, we keep seeing the influences of this style in current interior designs, this may be due to the fundamentals which it is based on, which are involved in working for originality and innovation, ignoring tradition and rationalism. It encouraged us to  free ourselves using different authentic processes and creating new abstract forms by letting feeling and art be part of the construction process.

Click to know the LC2 chair made by Le Corbusier.