Give An LC3 Sofa In This 2021 Father´s Day

Father’s day is very close! This special day is made to celebrate the man of the house who has taught us so much, from a little mechanics to how to ride a bike. What better way to commemorate it than with a special gift.

If there is something that parents like to have it´s territory or an exclusive environment dedicated to their hobbies. This is why we have brought the option of the LC3 sofa replica as it is a fairly affordable and elegant piece of furniture.

This sofa is recognized worldwide for being an icon of modern elegance. You hardly recognize it because this particular piece has appeared in movies like Batman, where sophistication is the main theme. In addition, if you are a faithful follower of the modernist movement, you have probably seen it among the most famous pieces that set a trend.

The LC3 replica sofa will make your dad feel an exclusive experience. With its aniline leather and dense foam padding, he will be able to go for hours without any problems.

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The Shell Chair Is The Mid-Century Classic You Need

During these chaotic times, people tend to prefer the classics since they generate a certain security and comfort. These pieces often represent timeless vibes and authentic beauty.

For this reason, a Hans Wegner Shell chair is an excellent choice when it comes to accent chairs. This is a chair forged under the mid-century influences and with an exclusive appeal thanks to its avant-garde appearance. This chair follows in detail the characteristics of the American favorite style; the mid-century, which is based on:

Appearance functionality

Freedom in the use of materials

Organic and elegant lines

These basic fundamentals, plus Hans Wegner’s skill in shaping shapes, were the key points that helped this renowned icon create the most prolific designs in the world of furniture.

While the Hans Wegner Shell Chair is widely offered in the classic design home market, it does not mean that you have to pay the high price of a design home to enjoy its beauty and convenience. There is a not so well known option which is the replica market. This market has been growing due to the high demand for classic designs but the low budget of the people. The Shell replica chair is a perfect alternative for when you want to enjoy the comfort, functionality and avant-garde of a mid-century design so adored.

Womb Chair: The Timeless Piece That Is Being Included In Offices (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked a bit about the history and techniques that were used in the creation of the majestic Womb Chair. Now is the time to describe it in detail and explain why it is now so common to see it within multiple offices and business designs. Let’s continue!

The Womb chair is not only a piece with optimal structure, but it also has a beautiful appearance that can be perfectly displayed in different types of layouts. Check out some of the reasons why people include her in an office or business below.

  1. High-quality materials

This chair uses materials considered premium within the furniture industry. This chair consists of soft boucle wool and fiberglass covered with thick foam, the robust and elegant armchair suitable for any contemporary business office environment.

Molded foam materials allow a relaxing position for office workers or visitors.

  1.  Comfy

One of the most outstanding features is that it has the ability to provide comfort in different positions. The Womb chair is the right piece to have more pleasant workdays.

  1. Fittable in any interior design style

Whether you have a replica or original Womb chair, this piece can match many styles of decor, from industrial to mid-century.

Womb Chair: The Timeless Piece That Is Being Included In Offices (I/II)

Office decorations have evolved along with the furniture industry. From time to time it can be seen that the decoration and elements within the office are not the same. Now it is much more common to see comfortable lounge pieces and not just Mad Men-style chairs. Today we will introduce you to the history of the Womb chair, a classic lounge chair that is currently included in many offices and businesses. In addition, we will explain this last oak phenomenon. Let us begin!

The Womb chair was created by designer Eero Saarinen at the request of his partner and his boss Florence Knoll. Florence asked Eero to create “a chair that would be like a basket full of pillows … something that I could really snuggle into.”

The design was a success because it turned out to be an innovative design from every point of view, from a structural approach to its composition. Eero had to study naval techniques to achieve a versatile design that is comfortable in many positions and angles.

Now that we know a bit about the Womb Chair history, why business owners include these chairs in their designs? Click to know.

The Egg Chair: Facts You Should Know Before Acquiring It

The Egg chair is possibly the most iconic piece in the entire career of the famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. This chair has captivated a lot of people since its first presentation at the opening of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Its high and imposing backrest together with its gruess mattresses and swivel base have made this piece transcend time, even being considered an interior design classic.

If you are looking for an Egg chair to include in your living room, bedroom or even office, you will surely want to know these curious facts about its history and characteristics. Scroll down and find out where you can buy a replica of it!

– The Egg chair has appeared many times in television series, popular movies and even music videos of famous artists around the world. Below we have compiled only some of the works where he made an impressive appearance:

* The Beatles Help! Video – 1965,

* Men in Black – 1997.

* Big brother – 2000.

* Zoolander – 2001

* Ugly Betty – 2006.

* How to lose friends and alienate people – 2008.

* The Bridge – 2011.

– The Egg chair is filled with fire-retardant polyurethane foam.

– His main purpose was only to furnish the lobby of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark’s first skyscraper, on which Jacobsen worked between 1956 and 1960.

– You can find replicas of the Egg chair at websites like Manhattan Home Design or Barcelona Designs.

The Tulip Table and Its Biomorphic Expression

Biomorphism and Mid-Century Modern are two trends that practically emerged simultaneously, each in its own way and its own area. Biomorphism is an aesthetic trend, very recognizable, while Mid-Century Modern is a decorating style that’s based on the modernist philosophy and the approach of its designs. Some designs considered masterpieces, such as the Tulip table, are a perfect example of how both trends meet and go hand in hand to generate great works.

When the Finnish Eero Saarinen set out to create a table that was unlike any other existing table, he understood that he had to start by breaking paradigms and archetypes. The modern table was conceived as a piece with four legs, and it was the shape of a flower that suggested changing those legs for a single conical base that would give stability and balance to the structure.

Thus, the Tulip table became a whole collection of designs of different sizes and shapes, all with the characteristic of its biomorphic silhouette inspired by the flower that gave it its name. Later models such as the black Tulip table appeared and even some very faithful emulations such as the Tulip table replica by Manhattan Home Design.

Biomorphism, which is inspired by the smooth lines and curves characteristic of living beings to give life to their designs, became a trend that other legendary designers, such as the Japanese-American Isamu Noguchi, also knew how to apply this trend successfully to his works.

Best Airbnb Tips To Enhance Your Properties & Attract Clientes (I/II)

In the previous post we explained a little about the growth of Airbnb users and why it is important to decorate the spaces you have to offer. We also introduce you to an inexpensive furniture option such as the Le Corbusier chair collection which can help you in your way of creating a modernist layout.

Now is the time to show you some perfect tips to satisfy the needs and general tastes of your customers in a more economical way. Let ‘s start!

Choose replicas instead of original parts

The original furniture, be it a chair or any other, is more expensive than you possibly think and it should be taken into account that the stay of the guests does not usually last more than a few days. This means that they will not appreciate much the effort to obtain the original furniture. Instead, you can go for replicas! They will appreciate your intention of wanting to make them feel like they are in a luxurious place worthy of 5 stars.

Stay in tune with all the spaces

This translates into choosing a central theme and sticking with it. Whether it is a mid-century modern, industrial or nautical style, you should try to make every room convey the isma vibe,

Choose a neutral and peaceful decoration

People often break out of the routine to relax and be calm. So try to select neutral tones and create the perfect environment for them to feel safe and relaxed. Depending on the site you have, you can add certain home colors and accents.

For example, if you have a room on the beach you can opt for nautical items.

Best Airbnb Tips To Enhance Your Properties & Attract Clientes (I/II)

Le Corbusier chair replica and more elements you need within your Airbnb room!

If you entered this blog, you probably already know what the application that revolutionized the accommodation industry is about. This platform which allows private and tourist accommodation to be easier to manage is becoming more and more popular as the years go by, in fact, the number of users has increased by a considerable percentage. In 2012 the user statistic was 6 million and in 2018 it closed with 150 million. So, if you make use of the Airbnb platform and this is a method of income in your finances, stay here and discover why it is important to pay attention to your decoration and how you can do it.

A pleasant and quiet environment attracts users

This year it is essential that you invest time in the surroundings of your rooms / houses / apartments, since as the supply of rental properties increases there will be a lot of competition. For this,try to meet the user needs and be as practical and functional as possible. Pick a central theme for your décor that you think will appeal to the general public. An example of this can be modernism. Modernism is simple but at the same time aesthetically pleasing.

When you are decorating your surroundings, try to include pieces such as a replica of a Le Corbusier chair or sofa. They are comfortable and evoke a vibe of luxury and comfort that you can get at an affordable price.

How to get a good Airbnb design on a budget? Click on the link.

3 Benefits You Will Obtain If You Acquire An Egg Chair

Today we will tell you some interesting facts about the now renowned Egg chair!

The Egg Chair made its first appearance in 1958 in the lobby of a SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. This piece made by the iconic Arne Jacobsen swept the interior design and left a mark within the culture of the golden years.

The Egg chair is undoubtedly a piece made to highlight and harmonize spaces. The appearance of this piece brings immediate joy and serenity to the environment, as it wraps around with its prominent back and combines with modern elements.

Below we have listed just some of the benefits of purchasing an Egg chair.

Elevate a space in a beauty way

A globally recognizable piece, Jacobsen’s creations are the pinnacle of timeless design. They helped define the foundations of modern and Danish design and now it can be said that an Egg Chair more than a piece of furniture is a way to beautify a space.

The striking appeal of the Egg Chair is also due to its versatility. These chairs adapt to all kinds of living environments and come with a ton of cool features.

Absolute comfort and privacy

Comfort is the most outstanding characteristic after its appearance. It has high sides and a padded seat and padded wear for using it a long time. Serving as a comfortable microcosm on their own, they allow you to reconnect with your inner self.

The Napa Sofa: an Unforgettable Cushioning Experience

The living room is your main entertainment place for your guests? If so, the best thing you can do is to make sure you can offer them a modern sofa where they can spend hours of great comfort, enjoying pleasant moments. 

A model like the Napa sofa will not only provide great functionality but will also make your living room look great. Its tanned leather upholstery with comfortable and dense cushions will be welcoming enough for an unforgettable experience. The goal is not only to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment but also well designed.

It’s very common today to find modern style decors, or with iconic pieces, very striking, and even designs that have achieved great international fame. Many people choose these products with the purpose of creating the most pleasant environment possible for themselves and their guests. 

It’s common for a midcentury sofa to also be integrated into these spaces to give them the ideal focal point and luxurious ergonomics. When it comes to setting the most convenient color scheme, decors with neutral colors like gray and white are very popular. Also, there are very valid creative ways to combine them with vivid and bold accent colors.

The Napa sofa will transform your living room into a temple dedicated to a modern style where you can live very special moments with your family and friends. Make it the most pleasant place in your home, where everyone will always want to return!