Modernist Furniture That Will Love! | Camaleonda Sofa & More! (I/II)

Get to know the Mario Bellini sofa and more elements that are part of the Modernism movement.

According to Britannica modernism was a “break with the past and the concurrent search for new forms of expression. It fostered a period of experimentation in the arts from the late 19th to the mid-20th century, particularly in the years following World War I”.

Modernism arises when an artist from different areas got tired of the current style – at that time – outdated, so he decides to create elements that expire the visionary and future appearance that they were looking for so much.

It has been a well-loved and influential movement in the art, design, and construction industry. Modernist furniture has particular characteristics that make the pieces stand out from the rest, these characteristics include clearer looks with minimal embellishments, clean lines and geometric shapes, straight lines, warm neutral colors, use of metal, and more features that make the furniture modern is distinguishable from others.

Let’s start with one of the elements that converted into a very demanded furniture due to its unique design, comfy look, and high-quality cushions, the Cameleonda sofa o Mario Bellini sofa.

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The Modern Sofa: A Vital Decision For Your Layout

You’ve probably thought that choosing a modern sofa suitable for you, according to your tastes and your lifestyle can be one of the simplest tasks you’ve ever had, regardless of whether it’s a traditional purchase or in an online store. However, the task is usually a bit more complex than that, taking into account that it’s one of the most expensive items you’ll buy for your home, and you need to make sure that the investment you’ll make is the most convenient and correct for you. When you think of a midcentury sofa, a large number of options may come to your mind that you should know how to classify wisely so as not to get confused and fail in the process.

A modern sectional is often a highly sought after option these days, but it’s the perfect example of an alternative that shouldn’t be selected lightly. Just think about the size that a piece of this style can occupy within the area you have available and the specific function it will have. On the other hand, when you choose leather sofas, you must also consider certain vital aspects, especially the type of use people are going to give it. Sofas with leather upholstery are particularly contraindicated for people who have pets with claws, as it’s a material very vulnerable to sharp or pointed instruments.

The best sofas will always fit your needs in every way, from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. In any scenario, never underestimate how important it’s to make the right decision when choosing your modern sofa.

Places To Acquire MCM Furniture Like A Florence Knoll Sofa (II/II)

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Now that we have defined the elements of mid-century furniture and the factors that we have taken into account to create the following list, it is time to share with you the stores we think you should go to when buying a mid-century sofa or any other element for living room, office, bedroom, etc.

  1. Manhattan Home Design

We have decided to start with this site because it is a store where one of its most popular sold items is the Florence Knoll sofa. This sofa’s an ultra-comfortable piece that emulates with amazing accuracy the model introduced by Florence Knoll in 1956. It is as comfy as it sees and the best of it is the quality of its materials, which include high resistance upholstery and high-density foam in cushions.

  1. Knoll

On this site, you can also find the Florence Knoll style sofa but in the original presentation. If you are comfortable with your budget and you are not limited, this may be the best option for you. You can also find pieces by Mies van der Rohe and Eames.

  1. Chairish

Chairish is a site where you can find antiques and used vintages furniture. So if you don’t have a problem acquiring used pieces, this may be the place for you.

Places To Acquire MCM Furniture Like A Florence Knoll Sofa (I/II)

Check the list of best sites for acquiring Florence Knoll sofa and other mid-century furniture pieces.

MCM or also called mid-century furniture is recognized for having beautiful details and particular characteristics that make people fall in love with them in the first instance. The use of MCM’s interior design style has increased in recent years, from living rooms to offices.

This is a style that is influenced by a couple of movements at that time resulting in a category based on functionality and simplicity. Organic shapes, clean lines, contrasting colors such as neutrals and daring, contradictory materials such as plastic are usually seen in the furniture; Formica, and stainless steel, among other things that make it an aesthetic and warm style.

Due to these relevant characteristics, Internet searches have increased due to the desire to find the best furniture stores MCM style. That is why today we are going to share with a couple of sites where you will find incredible replicas and original pieces of this incredible and functional style.

These places have been analyzed by their product description, reputation, reviews, catalog, and more. 

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5 Throw Pillows To Add On Your LC3 Sofa (II/II)

Note: we recommend you to read the previous article where we explain what are throw pillows are and why to add them is a good option.

Now that we have defined all the concepts and show the benefits of adding throw pillows, below we have placed five gorgeous throw pillows to match your black and antique brown LC3 sofa.

Let’s start with the option to match your black modern sofa:

Add texture with cushions

A great way to eliminate that uncomfortable emptiness is by placing some fluffy pillows, this way it will not only look good and chic but also offer a different texture to the touch.

Plus! Add some other accessories, in the example below the designer added beautiful steel framed mirrors, perfect for your LC3 sofa!

If you don’t know which color to choose, look around you!

This is the perfect pattern that you can follow when selecting the colors of your pillow, if you look around the sofa you will see 2 different colors; black and tan. So the designer basically took the colors from a couple of accents around the room.

Use patterns with small details of colors the same as the LC3 sofa

5 Throw Pillows To Add To Your LC3 Sofa (I/II)

If you find yourself in the struggle of seeing the living room too empty, let me tell you that the solution is in the small details.

When you have such an iconic piece from mid-century modern style like an LC3 sofa, you only want the best for your interior design to be striking and functional.

What are throw pillows and how you can implement them in your interior design?

Throw pillows are small and comfy bags that you can find in plenty of sizes since it is a very often used element in almost every sofa living room. This piece is commonly used besides offering comfort support to match the color accents from the whole area.

Believe it or not, they are more useful than you may think because by adding them you can improve the area, have a well-set color matching, contrast different structures, and balance the proportions of the room.

The most used throw pillow is the square pillow which ranges from 16 inches to 24 inches.

Today, we’re going to show a few samples of throw pillows to implement them into your home decor.

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The Napa Sofa Is The Modern Couch Your Guests Will Love

The creation of a space has to do with different priorities of the users. Within these, fashion and style are usually among the main factors. For others, with more minimalist and modern trends, the most important thing is functionality, the most useful aspect of design, and all the advantages it can bring in that sense. Therefore, there are models such as the Napa sofa, a couch with especially attractive tanned leather upholstery, which is also quite comfortable thanks to its wide, dense, and soft cushions, which support the body in a relaxing and pleasant way.

The Napa sofa is like other models with similar characteristics such as the Luca sofa, but with different material upholstery. In any case, the prominence of a midcentury sofa is indisputable. Take into account that it’s one of the elements within the area in which users will naturally focus their attention in the first place, and it’s also one of the most used pieces of furniture, not only in the living room but the whole house in general. The Napa sofa can show a real and amazing hue and create a great contrast if you choose a soft and light color scheme for the compartment that highlights its tan finish.

Ultramodern spaces can have a vintage, traditional and attractive touch with a modern sofa like this one, for which you can find the best place in your living room.

The Flag Halyard Chair: The Best Chair For Your Area Rug

It’s surprising how a single element can make a gigantic difference in the appearance of a compartment, especially when it comes to a living room, considering that this is one of the main places of use in the whole house. The living room, especially in current times, has become, for many, even the workplace since it’s there where people usually decide to install their home office. A Flag Halyard Chair is an example of an extraordinary element that can make a difference impossible to ignore. It’s enough to take the first impression to understand that this chair is much more than a sophisticated design.

If you choose a Flag Halyard Chair replica, make sure the area rug you pick is visually and functionally compatible with your chair. The texture of the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction stands out to the eye and the touch since its sheepskin cover was specially selected by designer Hans Wegner so that the user would have a pleasant, stimulating, and welcoming experience. The rug on which you’ll place it will generate a sense of cohesion that will make the layout look like a whole, in which all the elements have a very important role. The texture, colors, and size of your area rug should reflect the same elegance and originality of your Flag Halyard Chair reproduction.

The wonders of modern design can bring many benefits to your space, and it’s never too late to discover them. Successfully combine your area rug with your Flag Halyard Chair and give your decor an exciting and attractive twist.

The Florence Arm Chair Is The Piece That Leather Lovers Need

If you are a true fan of that natural leather look, you need to know about the Florence arm chair!

cubic armchair tan

The Florence armchair is a mid-century chair ruled by the principles of that time; which includes simplicity and functionality.

This chair was made by Florence Knoll, an architect and furniture designer who dedicated her life to improving office design and solving quotidian problems. 

“I needed a piece of furniture, it was not there, so I designed it.”

Florence Knoll Bassett
Designer Florence Knoll, 1949 | Kristine | Flickr
Designer Florence Knoll, 1949

Although Florence was a woman in a male-led industry, she introduced the Florence Knoll chair as a one-piece solution that supports luxurious upholstery while looking aesthetic and accommodates those awkward nooks and crannies while making them look elegant. To her surprise, the chair caught the eye of many home and office owners.

Now, why you need to have it?

The answer is very simple: Italian leather upholstery!

This leather is one of the most wanted in the market, the Florence Knoll chair has finishes reformed with flexible aniline, natural oils, and waxes, these together with its stainless frame around all the cubic form, make this mid-century chair an iconic piece!

So if you are a leather lover, try this soft and warm texture and let us know what you think.

A Modern Sofa Will Give Multiple Purposes To Your Living Room

You were wondering why a modern sofa is of such vital importance to practically any interior design today, regardless of its characteristics and its decorating style? The answer is this: the living room is one of the most relevant places in your house, and in this sense, it offers you possibilities like the ones on this list:

  • Entertainment center. You know… Movies, video games, music, live concerts, sports… What better place to live these pleasant moments than in your midcentury sofa? This is one of the most recurring uses that are given to this area of the house. Your living room may be the best entertainment room you could ever want.
  • Reading room. When silence reigns, the lighting is adequate, and you have a comfortable modern sectional, your living room can become the ideal space to enjoy your favorite books. This is one of the quietest and most productive activities that your living room will allow you to do thanks to its wonderful possibilities.
  • Tea and coffee room. Have you received unexpected visits? Do you not want to carry out any extravagant activity, but simply sit down to talk peacefully with your guests? The leather sofas could be the perfect spot for this pleasant interaction. A coffee table of adequate proportions and an aesthetic that matches the rest of your decoration is the perfect setting to share a cup of tea or coffee with those special people.
  • Home office. Something that’s currently trending. Working from home has become a common method thanks to which countless companies from all over the world and also private professionals have begun to adapt to emerging contingencies and social changes. Converting a fraction of your living room into a work environment is a very valid option if you have the necessary resources. What could be better than a modern sofa to take advantage of your break times during the workdays?

As you can see, the possibilities that the best sofas can offer are endless, and some people manage to carry out not only the activities on this list but many others too, thanks to smart space management and the furniture that makes up their layout. Take note of the ones that work best for you and enjoy a versatile living room.