Brief Background Of Modernism & Iconic Pieces Created Under Its Influences (I/II)

Today the modernist movement can be seen in many places and fields; from art to interior design. In fact, this is one of the styles that has been mostly implemented in home decorations due to its surprising characteristics that we will describe later. But have you ever wondered when this movement came out? When did it begin to influence designers when creating pieces like the LC2 chair? This is what we are going to answer you today! We will give you a brief background on its interesting history and we will show you one of the most iconic pieces created by someone who is considered a pioneer within the modernist movement; Le Corbusier. So let’s start this journey!

When Modernism was first created?

This movement emerged in 1880 and in fact, lasted longer than you might imagine because it ended in 1940, a very long period, right?

Although it ended in the 40s, we keep seeing the influences of this style in current interior designs, this may be due to the fundamentals which it is based on, which are involved in working for originality and innovation, ignoring tradition and rationalism. It encouraged us to  free ourselves using different authentic processes and creating new abstract forms by letting feeling and art be part of the construction process.

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If we talk about Accent Chairs, we talk about the Shell Chair

It’s easy to find headlines or news about the work of Hans Wegner on a daily basis, considering the impressive volume of work of the Danish master, but into that massive (at least 500) of furniture pieces, the Shell Chair has a singular preference by public from everywhere.

One new proof of that was provided very recently by Gear Patrol, a specialized Men’s Magazine. In one fine article, they include the Shell Chair as one of the best accent chairs of all time. The top 20 Accent Chairs has worldwide popular items such as the Wassily Chair and refreshing surprises, like the Citizenry Lindu Cane Lounge Chair.

When it comes to the Shell Chair, it was praised as: ‘ It’s like the calling card for minimalist-obsessed design-and-streetwear enthusiasts with a penchant for taking mirror pictures.’

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The Eames Lounge Chair: Everything You Need By 2021

We live in turbulent times in which the majority of people are subjected to situations of great stress, uncertainty, danger, and a notable fear of the changes that the world is experiencing.

One of the best ways to deal with adverse psychological situations is by having a good resource where you can rest and forget about problems for a minute. The Eames Lounge Chair may be the great answer you’ve been looking for to try to mitigate all that is affecting you in an emotional and mental sense.

Many people think that to have this masterpiece at home they need to invest a fortune of several thousand dollars. This is largely true as it’s a very famous chair for its quality and iconic value.

However, there are products like the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, whose price represents only a fraction of the original cost. This makes it a much more accessible and affordable model for a wider audience.

Think about everything you can do with an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction at home. It’s easy to bet that it will become one of your favorite chairs in your daily routine and probably your most loved piece of furniture because it will be that little place you can go to when you feel that the situation is very overwhelming. An Eames Lounge Chair can give a much better face to your 2021 so you can live it with peace of mind.

How To Select An Accent Chair That Best Suits You | Quick Guide (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about one of the types of accent chairs and we described the LC2 chair as an example. Now is the time to move on to the other two types of popular accent chairs. Scroll down and get to know them!

Lounge chairs – Womb Chair

By reading the name, you can predict its structure. The armchairs, as their name implies, refer to those pieces to rest and be in a relaxing position. Since they are intended for you to be relaxed, they are specially created and used to provide pleasant comfort.

A great example of an armchair is the Womb armchair. This is a mid-century design that offers a laid-back design with a sloped back and a place to rest your feet. They come in a very fine fabric material and you can find them in many color variations such as green, red, black, and gray.

Scandinavian chairs – Shell Chair

Scandivian chair frames tend to be streamlined, simple yet elegant. They show very delicate lines and details that make the whole piece visually attractive.

An example of this is the beautiful Shell chair.

How To Select An Accent Chair That Best Suits You | Quick Guide (I/II)

Well if you clicked on the title, you are a person who likes to organize and think before buying, right? If so, congratulations! Not everyone takes pre-purchase planning into account or knows how important it is.

Acquiring furniture that adapts to your lifestyle and needs is one of the decisions that will influence the success of your decorations. Today we have brought you a guide on how to choose the perfect accent chair according to your tastes and lifestyle.

LC2 Chair from Manhattan Home Design.

Accent chairs are those pieces that are arranged to – as their name indicates – accentuate or enhance a space. These also add a feeling of exclusivity to the user as they generally come with different features. Let’s see which are the models and which one should be used in your case.

Armchair – LC2 Chair

The armchair is perhaps the most popular accent chair and is based on two lateral supports for the arms – hence its name – offering comfort for the whole body including the arms.

A great example of an armchair is the Le Corbusier chair or the LC2 chair. It is upholstered in full-grain leather and filled with high-density foam.
Click to see the other types of armchairs.

Frasier and the Wabi Sabi Principle

It happened in Frasier, the classic sitcom of the 1990s. Frasier, a sophisticated psychologist who lives with his dad, is fed up with the old chair that Martin (his dad) brought there since they’re living together. The chair, old and held together with duct tape, has no place in the cosmopolitan decor of Frasier’s Seattle apartment (A very Mid-Century Modern place). 

So he decides to dump it and buy a new one, a trendy massage chair for its dad. Martin tries the new one…And asks for the old one. After several ups and downs, Frasier gets the old chair and everything gets back to normal.

What can we learn from an episode like this? Decor is not only about beauty and new shiny brand new furniture, or valuable antiques. It has to do with the sentimental value of things we have and cherish, too. As it happens with every aspect of Interior Design, the key resides in balance. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and create a personal, passionate place.

There is a treasured decor principle for this: WabiSabi. This Japanese expression makes reference to finding beauty in imperfection. Wabi refers to living with humility and simplicity while being at one with nature, while Sabi is defined as the ability to accept the lifecycle of anything as it is—flaws and all. And that´s exactly the principle that leaves Frasier for us: To appreciate the old dad´s chair has to do with appreciate imperfection and to be in touch with yourself. 

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The Arco Lamp: Your Faithful Companion Day and Night

When the Milanese brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni launched their well-known Arco lamp on the market in 1962, they may not have imagined the scope it would have, how famous and influential it would become. Its popularity has grown so much over the decades that, today, it’s a floor lamp used in a wide variety of spaces, within which the bedroom, of course, is no exception. There are several reasons, both aesthetic and functional, why this piece is a good candidate to wear and use in your bedroom.

First, its telescopic arm adjusts to provide the perfect arc, allowing you to have overhead light even when placing the base up to two meters away from the reflector head. It’s an elegant and minimalist design, in tune with the new decorative trends.

Do you work at a desk installed in your bedroom? What better source of light than an Arco lamp replica? It’s a piece that you can get at Manhattan Home Design for three or four times less than the original product. Also, if you are a lover of reading before going to bed at night, the Arco lamp can be your perfect complement and your main tool to achieve successful reading sessions.

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Iconic Chairs That Villains Have Used In Movies (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about one of the most iconic chairs used in movies which was the classic Egg chair. Now, is time to show you a variation of an Egg chair that was used in the famous movie; Austin Powers.

The Egg chair (black) – Austin Powers

Austin Powers has become a classic series of American spy action comedy films that stars Dr. Evil as the film’s villain. This character is recognized for spending most of the movie sitting in his majestic black leather chair. The thing is, this is also an Egg chair, did you know?

Source: New Line Cinema

His Egg chair has slight differences but the main feature, which is a high-backed swivel, are still there. 

The Ox chair – Austin Powers

This chair is part of the Dr. Evil chair collection. As you can see, it also shows a high back that demonstrates superiority and power. The black leather is also a key element to complement the raw vibe these villains have.

Did you know about these chairs? Comment below which one was your favorite.

Iconic Chairs That Villains Have Used In Movies (I/II)

Villains are usually the hated characters in movies, but accept it or not, they have tremendous flair! These characters always show them in a somewhat dark but authentic style, they sit them on striking furniture and use the accessories most desired by the other characters. To mention one example, in the movie Zoolander, one of Will Farrell’s villains is often remembered for sitting in his majestic white Egg chair. And like this, there are many cases.

In today’s blog we will show you a series of chairs that have even become famous for having appeared together with the villains of the movies. Let us begin!

The Egg chair – Zoolander

In case you haven’t remembered which scene we previously talked about in Zoolander movie, is the following one:

Source: INFURN

We have unlocked a memory right? Well, the chair in the pictureIt is the iconic creation of Arne Jacobsen, a Danish designer and architect who built it for a hotel grand opening. 

Not only has he appeared in the Zoolander film, he has also appeared in the James Bond film, which is one of the most famous agent films out there even today.

Click to know about more villains chairs.

Hans Wegner’s Chairs: The Peacock Chair

Continuing with the series of Hans Wegner’s chairs, let’s take a look at one of its most colorful models: The Peacock Chair.

With a bumpy history, just like the Shell Chair, the Peacock Chair is one masterpiece ahead of its time at the moment of its creation. Designed in 1947, the Peacock Chair was never released into scale production in Hans Wegner’s lifetime, with just some artisan items produced

Nevertheless, Hans Wegner in its unflappable work rhythm experimented through the years with different materials and techniques to make its Peacock a perfect chair. It made an appearance in the Cabinet Makers’s Guild Association of 1953, where Hans presented its chair with a special upholstered edition.

 The Peacock came finally to the light in 2014, when the house PP Mobler decide it to re release it, with great success.

What’s the Peacock Chair like?

The Peacock Chair is a direct heiress  of the classic British Windsor chair. With a arched wide back seat made of sculptured spindles, it has all the classic characteristic features of Hans Wegner’s  wood Chairs:  It sculptured body, elegant shapes and its craftmanship, delicated backseat. Differently of the Winsor, the creation of Hans Wegner had flat spindles. Finn Juhl, a great designer and friend of Wegner suggested that this  flat spindle backreast was very much alike a full extended peacock tale, and this way the name of the chair was given.

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