The Arco Lamp Can Make The Perfect Contrast On Your Dark Color Scheme

Environments that are too dark or where highly concentrated cool colors abound often need the support of warm accent colors that add brightness, visual interest, and balanced lighting. In this sense, the Arco lamp can be greatly helpful, considering the nature of its materials and the imposing appearance, impossible to ignore. The body of the Arco lamp is basically forged from high-gloss stainless steel, and this material can reflect all light sources in the environment. This produces an effect that’s both elegant and functionally favorable. Also, the base of this magnificent artifact is made from a gleaming piece of authentic Carrara marble.

The whiteness of the marble, in combination with the reflective finish of the stainless steel, form an amazing combination that can blend incredibly well into any environment with a dark color scheme. Also, the Arco lamp has some valuable technical advantages. Its reflector head can point the light in the direction you need it most, and it can also offer overhead light even if you place the base at a point quite far from the light source so that you will not stumble upon it.

Adding an iconic design like this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should invest a fortune. Some alternatives like the Manhattan Home Design’s Arco lamp replica can offer you a very similar benefit at a much lower price. Add an Arco lamp reproduction to your layout and enhance the brightness and excitement of your space with dark colors.

The Noguchi Table Is a Formidable Way To Get a Very Original Layout

Just a first impression with a piece as amazing as the Noguchi table is enough to understand why people still acclaiming it and picking it in their purpose of being original and achieving results with their very own personal seal, distinguished from the rest by some memorable detail, some element capable of making a significant and important difference for the final result. In this process, many times they leave aside, forget or belittle some valuable details because they are considered simple additions or details without importance. This is something that happens especially frequently when it comes to furniture since users are not always very clear about what they want to add and what not to their spaces.

The Noguchi table is one of those pieces that’s usually on this list, although it seems that it’s an obviously useful piece, in so many ways. The truth is that it’s an element that is often underestimated and forgotten until the set up seems complete but with something apparently missing. As with other decoration components such as curtains or rugs, when it comes to coffee tables, there’s an almost indefinite range of options from which you can choose to complement both the aesthetics and functionality of the place. These options are very diverse in terms of sizes, colors, shapes, styles, materials, and a long etcetera. Therefore, certain considerations must be taken into account before making the final decision to choose the most convenient model and consistent with the rest of the environment.

A Noguchi table replica is usually the best option for anyone. Add a Noguchi table reproduction to your layout and enjoy the amazing benefits of this model at a very affordable price!

The Noguchi Table Is The Best Company For Your Sofa and Entertainment Station

Despite all the years have passed since it was first presented, the Noguchi table remains such a versatile piece that interior design and decor professionals have been able to adapt it very easily to those new trends and fashions that, little by little, have been capturing attention within homes and formal work areas. It’s surprising that a piece that’s over fifty years old is still one of the world’s best-selling, most-acclaimed, and that at first glance it still looks impressively good in just about any area where it’s appropriate to place it. Besides, it’s a very functional piece.

The two great companions of the Noguchi table replica have been, in the last decade especially, the sofa and the entertainment center. After the advent of mass digitization, mostly with the appearance and popularization of the DVD and Blu-ray player, entertainment centers became one of the most in-demand items. More recently, with the great boom experienced with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus, among others, the entertainment center continues to be almost a mandatory element in any modern living room, more than anything to house the sophisticated flat screens that get so much attention in everyday life.

Add a Noguchi table reproduction to your modern living room and make it the perfect complement to your entertainment center and sofa!

The Noguchi Table Is The Perfect Furniture Piece For You To Make an MCM Transition

There are many ways to make a decorative transition to a Mid-Century Modern style that you feel most comfortable with, that represents your personality and preferences. These are three remarkable recommendations for that transition to be totally successful:

  1. Lighting. Note that your space can stand out in all its glory thanks to appropriate lighting. Furthermore, visual balance is also supported and highlighted by successful limitation. The colors, shapes, proportions, contrasts, and what you want to convey with interior design, stand out much better with correct and balanced lighting.
  2. Choose the right coffee table. A Mid-Century Modern coffee table such as the Noguchi table is an element that occupies a very visible and important place, and which can become the focal point of your design. Remember that there are hundreds of very different designs and alternatives. Choose a model that adds value to your space; that’s a reflection of your personality and looks good with the rest of the elements.
  3. Add a star chair. We all have a favorite piece of furniture in our most used areas of the house, which we use most frequently and which we appreciate the most. If this is not your case yet, you can consider adding an Eames Lounge chair and making it your main chair, as it’s one of the most iconic pieces of MCM.

The Eames Lounge Chair: The Element That Can Enhance Your Modern Layout

There will always be a way to match the interior design you’ve chosen for your home to match your personality, but this is not the only important thing. Your space must also adapt to the architectural properties that characterize your home. In this sense, a design that seems unattractive to you can actually work much better than one that you really like. For example, if you prefer a modern design, it’s best to include highly efficient furniture pieces, focused on solving problems immediately. Pieces that have an amazing recognizable style, such as the Eames Lounge Chair, the Noguchi table, the Arco lamp, among others.

Small-sized architectural spaces are a typical feature of modernity. If you live in a house of modest proportions and don’t share the space with too many people, the Eames Lounge Chair is probably the most suitable long-term investment, considering that it’s a highly resistant piece of furniture, capable of lasting several generations and preserve its aesthetic and functional attributes, as well as the quality of its materials. A replica like Manhattan Home Design can offer you the same benefits as the original product at a price three to four times less.

Add an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction to your modern architecture interior design to reinforce the aesthetic coherence of the comfortable environment you want to configure!

The Arco Lamp: Everything a Floor Lamp Can Offer

The form, the materials, the functions, the technology: everything always focused on responding to the user’s needs. The Arco lamp has become the greatest ally of the reading sessions and work areas of many people. Besides, it’s a piece present in workspaces, domestic areas, common areas of buildings for public use such as restaurants, lobbies, and lounges.

The sustained fame of this piece over decades made it one of the first meeting points for new generations with the Mid-Century Modern style and is often one of the first purchases made by people who decide to adopt this trend to decorate their spaces. Thanks to its popularity, there are currently many replicas of this piece in all parts of the world, some of them very faithful to the original design presented by FLOS more than fifty years ago. 

Additionally, an Arco lamp replica represents an emblem of its style and its time and the influence that it continued to have years after its appearance, which gives a very remarkable symbolic value to any area in which it’s used. An Arco lamp reproduction is a very desirable product for your living room. This design is part of the permanent collections of the Triennale Museum in Milan and the MoMA in New York.

The Marble Base Of Your Arco Lamp Is More Special Than You May Think

This very special and precious material present in the base of your Arco lamp is created from the physical or chemical alteration of the limestone sediments in a denser material, through heat and pressure. These transformations result in a rock of a crystalline nature that can be easily polished. After the respective treatment, the marble can reach a spectacular natural shine without the need to add waxes or chemical components that alter it. 

There are different types of marble whose appearance and nature will depend on several factors, but especially the quarry from where it was extracted and the way it has been treated. The most popular shades of marble used in the design and decoration industry are white, brown, red, green, black, gray, blue, and yellow marble. It’s a resource that’s applied to different indoor and outdoor spaces. Some renowned buildings are famous for including marble as an important component of their exterior facades, such as churches, museums, and pantheons.

In addition to the above, marble is a resource as natural as the wood of a tree trunk. It’s a product that requires certain care and is not recommended for environments with too high activity levels, such as an industrial kitchen where work is constantly carried out and where it’s not possible to clean stains and splashes quickly.

Arco Lamp
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How to Install Your Home Office In Your Living Room and Not Die In The Attempt

With the most recent changes the world has experienced, many people have been forced to start resorting to working hours entirely from home, mainly thanks to the benefits of technology. Surely you’re also among those people and you’ve had to assemble your makeshift workspace in some space for other functions, such as the living room. If this is your case, you should take the best advantage of the available resources to achieve the perfect balance, both in aesthetics and functionality.

If you’re a lover of Mid-Century Modern style, you may have included some very important and representative elements in your space such as the Noguchi Table, the Arco Lamp or an Eames Lounge Chair, but regardless of the furniture and additions that your space has, the most important thing is that you know how to put everything in its place and assign the ideal place for everything. These are some of the tips that can help you configure your home office within your living room:

* .- Get an ergonomic and efficient desk chair, preferably with casters, like the Eames Office Chair. This will allow you to move skillfully without having to get up all the time.

*.- Assign at least 20% of the space in your living room to your work area. You may have to move some furniture to other compartments in the house.

*.- If your living room is really small and you don’t think it can also fulfill the function of Home Office at the same time, you can temporarily reconfigure it to be able to do all kinds of activities until you can return to your office. In other words: you may need to move your couch to another area.

*.- To combat the monotony, boredom, and boredom of routine, you can set the space to be pleasant and peaceful: eliminate unnecessary noise, light aromatic candles, attract enough natural light, play stimulating music. It’s important that you feel good.

Follow these tips to have a multifunctional living room where you can also work daily and be a very efficient and productive person.

Mid-Century Modern

What Is Visual Balance And How To Achieve It In Your Living Room’s Layout?

In the world of interior design, “visual balance” is a very typical concept and practically a mandatory requirement for any design that you want to complete successfully. It doesn’t matter if you have an Arco lamp, a Noguchi table, an Eames Lounge Chair or another kind of legendary piece in your room, the important thing is that these elements are in the right balance. Visual balance is nothing more than the correct distribution of visual weight that objects have together within a space. In other words, some areas shouldn’t be more overloaded than others within the same space.

This balance is achieved through the correct distribution of the size, shape, color, and texture of the decorative elements. In this sense, larger, darker, brighter, and highly textured objects tend to feel heavier and should be evenly distributed. Today, many people install an Eames Office Chair or some other desk chair to set up their home office within common use areas. This strategy must be very well-conceived, in the same way, so that it looks in the correct balance within the room. No matter how you have decided to design your space, always remember to achieve the best visual balance.

Mid-Century Modern

4 Key Elements To Build Your Mid-Century Modern Living Room

You’re probably another “victim” of the Mid-Century Modern style: you’ve fallen before its charms and you want to explore and learn even more about the wonders that its elegant and functional designs can offer you. If you’ve already decided to transform your space and give it this style that has captivated you so much, below we recommend four key elements that can help you take those first key steps to have the living room you dream of:

* .- The Eames Lounge Chair: This legendary chair that combines wood, leather, and amazingly ergonomic design fixed on its metal base can be the star element of your living room. Ideal for moments of relaxation in the tranquility of your home.

*.- Noguchi Table: This is normally the MCM lovers’ favorite coffee table, for various reasons. Not only because of its fascinating sculptural hand-carved wooden base and stunning tempered glass table but also because of its functionality and comfort.

* .- The Arco Lamp: This legendary model born from the minds of the Castiglioni brothers is the perfect provider of additional lighting. Your space can shine brightly. Its authentic Carrara marble base will be the center of attention among your guests.

* .- The Eames Office Chair: if you are one of those who in quarantine times has had to improvise a corner of their living room to turn it into a Home Office, a piece like this can be the perfect MCM element, since it’s one piece within the same style and is very efficient.

With these four star elements, you’ll boost the task of beginning to give life to that Mid-Century Modern style living room you dream of!

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