Looking for an Arco Lamp? Here Are Some Options to Buy

If the time has come to think outside the box and generate new ideas to renew your indoor spaces, there’s no doubt that you are stepping on very complex terrain, full of diverse alternatives in which a detail that may seem minimal can actually modify the appearance of any place in a dramatic way. Whether you want to integrate an Arco lamp or a chandelier, a traditional coffee table or a Mid-Century Modern style into your layout, the truth is that you will have to make the right choices to get the most satisfactory result.

Before making any investment, you must first be very clear about where you are going to do it. Therefore, it’s essential to choose correctly the store where you are going to buy your furniture, your ornaments, fixtures, and materials in general that you are going to use for the work you have in mind. It’s not only a matter of prices but also of reliability, freedom to choose between several options, taking advantage of the offers that you may find on the road and of course, be certain of being on the right track.

Making The Right Choices

Finding the perfect options to buy and hit the spot with the most appropriate ideas is a task that can get complicated if you are not knowledgeable enough about prices, stores and have reliable alternatives at hand that are as close as possible to what you want for your home. Here are some direct tips about some websites that you can check, price comparisons, brief product reviews and some other details that might interest you a lot:

Comparing prices: what’s best for me? If you take a look at the most notable options you can find on the Internet, you’ll realize about several alternatives from which you can choose to get what you are looking for. Compare, for example, these three products, sold by three different stores:

Product: Eames Lounge Chair

  • OfficeDesigns (Sales price: $4,295.00)
  • Manhattan Home Design (Sales price: $994.00)
Eames Lounge Chair
Source: Bigcommerce.com

In this case, surely noticed a huge difference between the prices of both purchase options of the Eames Lounge chair, a legendary design from the mid-60s, created by Charles and Ray Eames and considered an icon of modern furniture design. However, the difference between both offers is not only the price: the Manhattan Home Design version is a replica, true to the original version and made with high-quality materials. If you think about it: what price fits more to your budget, since you are looking for something that doesn’t have to be the original patented product? To choose a replica can allow you to save an important amount of money.

Product: Arco lamp

  • Flos (Sales price: $3,495.00)
  • Barcelona Designs (Sales price: $549.00)
Arco lamp
Source: Bigcommerce.com

Just like in the previous case, it’s evident that choosing the replica is a quite wiser decision since you are not interested that much in the originality of the piece, but in the quality of it and how it’s gonna look in your house. The Arco lamp is certainly an icon of mid-century modern style that can enhance incredibly the elegance of your place, and with a moderate amount of money, you can get a replica for such a lower price.

Product: Noguchi table

  • Modterior (Sales price: $399.00)
  • Eternity Modern (Sales price: $845.00)
Noguchi table
Source: Bigcommerce.com

Unlike the previous examples, this time we compared two replicas, and the answer to which one could be more convenient becomes evident. However, the remarkable point right here is that you should remember to always look for different options and always compare, even when you’re sure to always pick up a replica. The Noguchi table was designed by Isamu Noguchi, a great sculptor, set designer, and interior/industrial designer of the past century and this piece of him can be the main star in your living room.

Many shops, many options, many doubts. Don’t lose your way! Confusions, temptations, and even small misleading offers that may want you to change your mind in the process could cause you to forget or distort the original idea you had for your remodeling. Focus on what you are looking for and what you need according to the design you drew and don’t be confused among so many alternatives.

Manage the budget well. Your budget is the cornerstone of your entire project. Don’t let it be affected by last-minute changes, unforeseen and unnecessary acquisitions or ultimately erratic handling of the money you allocated remodeling your space. Try to structure your budget from the beginning, before making your investment and you’ll see that, if you are respectful enough about your scheme, you’ll be able to not only take advantage of your money better until the last cent but maybe even subtract something else for some additional purchases.

You have finished your makeover. And now what? You invested your money like a genius, bought just what you needed, without more or less, and now the picture is complete and shiny. It’s just the scene you wanted… however, your inspiration continues to give you good ideas that you feel willing to experience. Who said not? Experimenting is always good, as long as it is to improve.

Arco lamp
Source: Revelglobalevents

You can always check for more information on the Internet about these wonders and see if you may integrate some more of them into your layout to make it a Mid-Century Modern environment shinning in all its splendor.

Tulipan Table: Top 5 ways to get the most of it.

Stylish, delicate, practical. What are the first words that come to your mind when you look at this iconic symbol of Mid Century Modern furniture? No matter where it is: in a living room, in a hall, or a dining room. The Tulip Table will always be the center of attention. 

Find the 5 top ways to get the most of your Tulipan Table
Source: World of Modern Design
Born from the Pedestal Collection, the Tulip Table is freeing the world of the chaos of legs since 1955.

And how could it be different? The drop-like shape that rests in a solid rounded base, without annoying legs, was all a breakthrough when it was released in 1955, as a part of the Pedestal Collection, designed by Eero Saarinen for the house Knoll. Its base is made of heavy cast aluminum and its body of stainless steel has an abrasion-resistant rilsan finished that brings this clean, shiny look. Its top, of beveled edges, has a surface of cleft slate, quartz or marble, depending on the final use of the table: indoor or outdoor. It’s hard for us not to see these little wonders in any restaurant, terrace, or garden before. Nevertheless, let’s share here some of the classical uses of this beautiful piece of furniture.

Number one. Dinner room. There is a famous statement of Eero Saarinen when he released the design of the Pedestal Collection in 1955: “The undercarriage of chairs and tables in a typical interior makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world” Saarinen was upset about the mess of legs under the table. By reducing them to one single base, Saarinen refreshes our perspective in any space. You can see it clearly in the dining room, with a set of Tulip Table and Chairs presenting an elegant, clean but beautiful look.  

Number two. Party. The sole view of a party room filled with the stylish, futuristic shape of Tulips Tables is a start for a good time. Fancy like no other, the several combinations of its heights and widths its suitable for any occasion. Besides, in its version with top of marble, you’ll find a series of laminates, wooden or stoned, that gives the perfect finish to a table made to shine.

The Tulip Table is versatile and slender
Source: Pinterest
With its iconic look and versatile marble top, the Tulip Table offers multiple choices for different spaces.

Number three. Garden-Outdoors. The shiny marble top of the Tulip Table definitely make a great contrast with wooden materials, so its use outdoors it’s great. As a side table on the way to the garden, with just a little colorful piece on top, definitely works. On the other hand, there should not be worries about endurance or resistance of the piece, due to its strong body of stainless steel and the quality of its marble top.

The Tulip Table and Chairs are clean cut and futuristic. You can get a lot of them.
Source: Home Edit
Clean, colorful and futuristic. Invigorates your space like no other, with simplicity.

Number four. Side table. It’s a natural use for a slender, elegant table, that fits almost everywhere. In a hall, a living room or a bedroom, few tables fit better. It’s the perfect piece to place your current readings, not to mention the most convenient mini charge area. Hardly an overloader furniture, you can add several in your space, without filling it.  

Number five. Office. Did we mention that a Tulip is a rounded table?. Well, it is. One fine, clean and futuristic space to sit together, and to reach an agreement about plans to achieve, a Tulip chair is the perfect addition when you need a little space to chat closely. Remember that it has many as 4 or six-seat space, depending on its size. 

Reach out a consensus around a Tulip Table.
Source: HomeEdit

A face to face meeting in a Tulip Table is an invitation to settle an agreement and chat about mutual goals with openness. Available in Manhattan Home Design.

A classic piece from a golden era of the Mid Century, a Tulip Table is always a must in a fancy indoor or outdoor space, not only because of the beauty of its design but for its practicality and versatility.  If you want to give you the opportunity to take one of this design masterworks home, you can get in Manhattan Home Design a high-quality replica, that will cost you a fraction of the original one.

Eames Lounge Chair and 5 Best Mid-Century Modern Black Friday Deals

Have you seen the calendar? The time of the year when you can get all the pieces you wish for your indoors at low prices is almost here. As you may know, Black Friday is arriving at all stores in the blink of an eye and we are ready to show what we’ll be offering during this edition, including a fantastic deal on our bestselling Eames Lounge Chair

To help you get your wish list done before all the discounts break in your device, we decided to give you a hand by telling you about our top 5 mid-century Modern pieces on sale in our store next Black Friday.  

Don’t Fall Behind and Go Mid-Century Modern

Eames Office Chair

In the middle of the last era (the 1950s) this design style was born to stay and stand on the current new millennium. 

Refined and indispensable, mid-century modern (MCM) designs are here to blend the solidity of architecture, the elegance of natural resources and the contrast of minimalism within the four concrete (or wood) walls that you may call home, office, etc.

If the vision of your perfect place reassembles commodity, looks, and functionality then, you have come to the right place, because MCM pieces are the ones missing in that cart.

The best part is, that there’s still plenty of time to make space for some good offers that next November 29th is bringing on MCM goods. 

Let’s now take a look at our MCM furniture pieces going on super sale this Black Friday!

What Are the Best Deal for this Black Friday?

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman 

Eames Office Chair

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is the top of tops of our Mid-Century Lounge Chair category. This piece, our greatest bestseller and one of the most famous among design enthusiasts, couldn’t miss a spot in this blog. 

Designers, Charles and Ray Eames, created this spectacular modern style chair that was meant to be comfortable and durable. Perhaps, it did not fail its goal.

During the next Black Friday in Manhattan Home Design, one of our favorite small businesses, you’ll find our Eames Lounge chair Vitra replica craft with your choice of top-grain-eco premium Italian leather, high-density cushions, and imported veneers on super sale. 

Is it okay to get a replica?

Well, let us tell you that our version is not even an inch far from the original. The veneer of the chair features 7 ply’s of cross-grained engineered wood and is kiln-dried to prevent warping or cracking. Its cushions are removable and have silicone shock mounts underneath the arm to provide flexibility and longevity. 

Nearly, no discernible difference between our replica and the original design, don’t you think? 

Well, let’s be honest, there is indeed a big difference between our replica and the original piece and that is… the price! 

Get it for a lower than the original price without losing the quality factor, only in our store. 

Womb Chair & Ottoman

The Eero Saarinen creation is one of the most wanted furniture of the era. For those who dreamed about taking a nap or reading a book sitting in it, this time will come with the chance to finally get one. 

This ultimate designer fiberglass is a must-have to style your living room, office or bedroom. Perhaps, famous all-sides-chair is gonna be available at MHD during Black Friday. And, also at stores like Barcelona Designs. 

Indeed, the guys at Barcelona Designs produce quality, true-to-design replicas of the Womb Chair & Ottoman, and tho’ the color palette isn’t as broad as in different makers, the colors evoke the initial style designed by Saarinen.  

The version is shipped assembled to home as sports a similar size and fine arts specifications of the initial Saarinen product. The upholstery is premium boucle fabric (just like the real one) and includes the iconic premium-grade fiberglass.

Don’t miss the chance for a -%75 off. 

Click here to check it out!

Tulip Tables

It does not matter if you’re building a dining room, designing an office or decorating a living room, MCM Tulip Tables are the perfect fit. 

Get creative by adding iconic tulip form tables interpreted in our store as faithful replicas of the Eero Saarinen vanguardist creation. 

Oh, alright, but there are several. Which one should I pick? 

Well, after swimming among our reproductions of this stylish table, we stumbled upon the Tulip 28″ Square Wood Top Dining Table, one of the most creative versions thanks to its squared not-so-conventional shape. 

This Tulip Table that rests upon a heavy molded aluminum cast base that’s connected to a threaded rod, can function as the modern trace in any room. As a final touch, it features a Wood Top with transparent polyester coating and lacquered with a scratch and chip-resistant finish, which makes it a refined high-quality choice. 

If chic and restful sounds appealing to you, this little designer table is the right thing to buy among furniture on sale this Black Friday. 

Extra: How can you nail the mid-century modern style on your interior design?

Before we go to the final two. Let’s review a few simple tips to nail the mid-mod style if you decide to go for one or more of these pieces on Black Friday. 

Use textures in the room

Using different fabrics on an MCM design is essential to achieve an amazing look. One of the most popular types of fabrics during this era was and still is the Velvet. Go play around with it and mixed it with other different fabrics!

Get the nature on

Today’s all about natural decorating, that’s why biophilic design is gonna be the ultimate trend of 2020. Include modern planters to match MCM furniture all over tables and sideboards and join the bio-club!

High-quality is always MCM In

Mid-century modern style is usually associated with fancy places like Palm Springs and you will not find a Palm Springs home with bad furniture. If you want the place to look like a mid-century modern paradise, make sure that the furniture will stand the test of time.

Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard 

Contrasting cold steel with vibrant colors and a natural wood frame, our Juhl replica is modeled after the classic Danish modern style with brilliantly simple metal imprints. Expertly manufactured with a veneered frame in walnut, the version is positioned on a hand-burnished steel frame with wooden feet. 

Our Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard, its powder-coated chrome steel base incorporates solid walnut wood dowel pin legs to produce a durable foundation that holds the whole structure. This version, just like the original, features 2 easy-glide slippery doors which open up 2 compartments, one open and another 2 adjustable shelves, finished by six stylish drawers painted with Goethe’s color chart in a very harmonious cohesion. 

In resume, thanks to its versatility, clean lines, sleek design and plenty of storage, this Finn Juhl is a can’t-miss-offer during the next furniture on sale this Black Friday!

Arco Lamp

Any MCM room needs the right amount of lighting to break the jaws of future visitors. That’s why Arco Lamps exists. 

Even without going full-on mid-century modern, Arco Lamps will always be the top-of-notch for any type of room. Indeed, this is one of the most known and popular lighting pieces in the market, found at several places that go from fancy lobbies and mansions to aunt Sarah’s house. 

This Arco Lamp Replica honors the gorgeous mid-century modern design by Castiglioni. This replica features an Italian Carrara marble Base, beveled corners, and a stainless steel arch that’s crowned by a gorgeous aluminum hood.

Wouldn’t it be the top of the cherry?

Go get it here during Black Friday!

Alright, we finish our 5 mid century modern furniture on sale picks. Make sure to check out our early offers on the site. If you didn’t find what you were looking for on this list, do not worry! These are only five out of tons of designer articles that will be on super sale on November 29th in Manhattan Home Design, one of the fastest-growing companies in America. By now, we hoped we helped get ideas for your decoration cart.   

Did you like our recommends? 

Which ones are you adding to the list?

Tell us below!

eames office chair

Eames Office Chair and how to choose the best Office Chair

With the amount of time we all spend sitting in our office chairs, it’s important we choose an office chair that is well-designed, safe, and comfortable. The first modern office chairs like the Eames office chair set the bases of ergonomics that all office furniture will follow afterward. The good news is that there are hundreds of ergonomic office chairs that follow this design. The bad news is that you have to choose between hundreds of office chairs.

Choosing the right office chair can impact your life tremendously. Just think that you’ll spend the better part of your days glued to the office chair you choose. It might not seem important, but choosing the wrong office chair can result in detrimental consequences for you, your productivity and your health. Choose wrong and you will suffer all sorts of health issues like backaches, take more days off work, low efficiency, and large medical bills. 

That’s where we stores like Barcelona Designs and Manhattan Home Design, a small business in NYC and one of the fastest-growing companies in America, come in.

In this article, we’ll explore all the features of the Eames office chair,  a classic office chair that’s remained popular since 1958, to help you determine which office chair is best for you. 

Eames Office Chair

In addition to avoiding a great number of health-related issues, which should be of enough relevance, there are more benefits to having a good office chair. Research has shown that users who are happier are also more productive and help make a work environment healthier, more positive. In terms of performance and productivity, having the best office chair can reduce the number of breaks you need to take due to being uncomfortable. You still need to take breaks regularly, though.

If you’re a business owner, and you’re wondering why you should invest in choosing the best office chair for you, here are a few more reasons:

  • Creating a more productive office environment: Furnishing your office with ergonomic office chairs will encourage more effective teamwork. Team members sitting in an office chair like the Eames office chair will be able to focus more easily without any distractions from discomfort.
  • Encouraging Good Posture: When you’re sitting in an office chair that was poorly designed, you’ll be slouching and sitting in awkward positions in no time, trying to find a way to be more comfortable. Poor posture not only contributes to poor health but also affects your office culture and team members. The best office chairs will encourage better posture in your team and reduce health costs.
  • Rewarding Your Team: Studies show that 86% of office workers say their office chair makes the uncomfortable, and over half wish they could change for a better chair. Your staff wants to feel comfortable and happier at work. One way you can reward your staff and show them how much you appreciate them is making their health a priority. Investing in a good and comfortable office chair shows you, and the company, care.

What To Look For In An Office Chair?

Eames Office Chair

Now that you’ve decided to invest in a good office chair, there are a number of features that every great office chair like the Eames office chair should have. Most people ask these questions about office chairs features, including:

What’s the right seat height in an office chair?

Truth is, that the right seat height in an office chair will depend on your height, or at least of the person using the chair. A seat height that goes from 16 to 21 inches off the floor should work for almost everyone. Seat height is something that should be easy to adjust in any office chair. This setting allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor, your thighs horizontal and your arms even with the height of the desk or table in front of you.

Most office chairs control their height relative to the floor with pneumatic seat height adjustment feature, like the Eames office chair. Properly adjusted, the right seat height will provide you with optimal, balanced support for your lower back, your buttocks, and thighs. This posture will also improve the blood circulation to your feet and relieve all the pressure points behind your knees.

Are seat width and depth important?

Yes, the seat width and depth of an office chair are certainly important for your comfort. Any office chair seat should have enough width and depth to support anybody comfortably. The standard width for an office chair ranges from about 17 to 20 inches wide. The seat depth (that is, the measure from the front to the back of the seat) also needs to be large enough so that you can sit with your back against the backrest of your office chair with 2 to 4 inches between the back of your knees and the seat of the chair, approximately. If any of these two are lacking, you’ll end up feeling like you’re hanging from your chair, definitely uncomfortable.

Properly adjusted, the seat depth of your office chair will provide you more back support and distribute your body weight evenly across the seat. This way, all the pressure will be alleviated at the ischial tuberosities (that’s where your pelvis contacts the seat) as well as at the knee joints.

Why do you need lumbar support?

Lumbar support, or lower back support, is crucial in a good office chair. Your lumbar spine has an inward curve that flattens when you’re sitting for long periods without the proper support, especially when you’re slouching. Not having the right lumbar support also weakens the structures in your lower spine. The best office chairs have a lumbar adjustment feature so you can get the proper fit and support for that inward curve of your lower back and keep a good, healthy posture for hours.

What’s the right backrest for an office chair?

Eames Office Chair

The backrest of your office chair should be able to support the natural curve of your spine paying special attention to provide the right proper support to your lumbar region. To do this, the backrest of your office chair should be about 12 to 19 inches wide.

In cases where the seat and backrest are together as one piece, like in the Eames office chair, this backrest should be adjustable in the angles that go forward and backward, especially with a locking mechanism that prevents the backrest from going too far backward once you’ve determined the right angle.

What’s the best seat material?

Your office chair should be made of a material with enough padding so you can sit comfortably for extended periods of time. Having a back and seat made of a material that breathes is more preferable to a harder surface. The Eames office chair, for example, has a heat embossed unique design that is three times more durable and offers a superior airflow.

What’s Next

Hopefully, finding the best office chair for you should be easier now that you’ve read this guide. The most important thing to remember is that the best office chair is comfortable and prevents any strain and injury while encouraging good posture. That way, you’ll be on the right track to having a happy, healthy, and productive workday.

Do you have a favorite office chair you want to share? Any other feature that is important for you? Let us and other readers know using the comments below!

eames lounge chair

What Makes The Eames Lounge Chair So Iconic?

Pictured below are two lounge chairs; your average 1950s lounge chair and the Eames Lounge Chair with a groundbreaking design that makes it truly stand out. 

A design as groundbreaking and iconic as this one sets new standards in its field. It becomes a lead to follow for other designers and manufacturers; not to mention it stands the test of time, remaining a good design.

So what does a design need to become iconic?

Eames Lounge Chair

Along with Manhattan Home Design, we gathered the main points that make the difference between a good design and an iconic one.

  • Technology and manufacturing techniques used during its production are groundbreaking.
  • Has its place in history, or even changes history.
  • Improves on past designs.
  • Inspires other designers.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is innovative.
  • It is often imitated or copied by other designers.
  • It is often recognized immediately by consumers.
  • The design sets a trend.
  • Sets new standards in terms of quality, functions, features, or style.
  • Stands the test of time, remaining popular despite the passing of years.
  • Stays in the mind of those who see and/or use it.

Now let’s take a look at how the Eames Lounge Chair compares to these points.

Eames Lounge Chair
  • The design is groundbreaking, in terms of the materials used and manufacturing techniques used during its production.
  • The design earned its place in furniture design history.
  • The chair’s design is an improvement on past designs.
  • It has inspired other designers to design similar chairs.
  • The chair is aesthetically pleasing with its flowing curves and choice of fitting materials.
  • It remains an innovative design.
  • The chair has been copied by other designers and manufacturers.
  • The style and design are recognized immediately by consumers.
  • The Eames lounge chair sets a benchmark for others to follow.
  • It sets a trend in terms of style, comfort, and selection of materials.
  • The chair sets new standards in terms of quality, comfort, and style.
  • The design has stood the test of time, remaining popular through the passing years.
  • The chair design is memorable, as it is different to other lounge chairs.
Eames Lounge Chair

It doesn’t take much to notice that the Eames Lounge Chair embraces every point. Most likely you knew this without us having to point them out, but we needed to make a point.

Next time anyone asks you what’s so special about the Eames Lounge Chair in your home, you can show them this article and sit back while you watch them run to the door to get their own!

Getting Familiar With Mid Century Modern Furniture

We joined forces with Manhattan Home Design to show you how fascinating Mid Century Modern design and help you learn about the furniture styles they specialize in. 

If you’re looking to purchase some new furniture pieces for your own space, read on!

The 1940s to the late-1960s was when interior design swept the nation. But at the time interior design defined things like graphic and industrial design and architecture; all going for a specific aesthetic – simplicity in clean lines and sculptural forms. 

This was the moment that the phrase “less is more” was born. You’ll find a variety of Mid-Century Modern furniture like the one we’ll be talking about today on Manhattan Home Design’s site and showroom.

Eames Lounge Chair

Form,  light, and space defined many Mid-Century homes’ architecture. These homes also featured high ceilings and lots of open spaces; it was all about sleek and modern designs. Stone, brick, and wood were the most popular materials at that time.

Some notable Mid-Century Modern architects included people like Richard Neutra, Eero Saarinen, John Lautner, Paul Revere Williams, and Joseph Eichler.

Womb Chair

When it came to furniture, the new designs boasted sleek and sculptural forms that were all about physical ergonomics. The common thought was that furniture design should focus on and complement the human body, to provide comfort by all means. 

It’s amazing how Manhattan Home Design stays true to this with their replica pieces!

Barcelona Chair

Another Mid-Century Modern furniture feature is innovative materials like plywood, fiberglass, Plexiglas, and tubular steel, and fabricating techniques, which helped create unique shapes of many of the furniture pieces inspired in this era. Think of the world-famous Eames Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames, Manhattan Home Design’s replica is amazing.

5 Snug Lounge Chairs Your Dad Will Want to Sit on

Ever since the mid-century modern design movement, every home in America has the non-optional living room recliner, the Dad Chair. Certainly, if a man’s home is his castle, this particular chair is his throne. I can easily picture my own dad drinking awful, face-twisting whiskey or a cold beer while watching sports on TV.

There are no formal criteria for a Dad Chair but most share a few things in common. Substantial tall backs, wide armrests, comfortable upholstery, rugged looks, even an ottoman to stretch the legs.

We thought there are few lounge chairs that embrace this concept and we’ve decided to curate a collection of 5 chairs that would make any Dad proud.

5 Snug Lounge Chairs Your Dad Will Want to Sit on

Eames Lounge Chair

Few designs say Dad Chair more than the classic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. The nice high back, the angled headrest, the back and seat both comfortably padded, the leather upholstery. There’s a reason why this is our favorite lounge chair and we bet your dad will love it, too.

Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair

The clean lines and elegance of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair have endured since its original design in 1929. The Barcelona Chair might be the perfect Dad chair for his office. It has been the epitome in style and comfort for half a century. Why? Because it’s minimalistic, with a simple design and it works in almost any size and style of a room. 

Saarinen’s Womb Chairh

History tells us that Saarinen’s Womb Chair was born after the famous designer Florence Knoll challenged Saarinen to design a chair she “could curl up in, like a basket of pillows.”

Don’t know about you but we think the result embodies that description. Saarinen’s Womb Chair consists of a molded fiberglass shell covered in foam. The cushions on the ottoman, seat, and back are separate pieces, all great for curling up in.

A pair of Womb Chairs are also great for a relaxed conversation with your dad. We know we all have had the need to have some serious conversations with our dads in one point or another.

Wegner’s Papa Bear Chair

What could be a better name for a Dad chair than “The Papa Bear”? This wonderful design by Hans Wegner is as classic as it is comfortable. 

The particular name of this chair comes from a critic that referred to its armrests as ‘great bear paws embracing you from behind’. And if we’re lucky, we get to experience the same feeling from a Dad’s hug. Hopefully less creepy than that sounds. The Papa Bear Chair has been one of the most popular Wegner designs of all.

Wegner’s Flag Halyard Chair

Despite appearances, the Wegner’s Flagyard Chair is surprisingly comfortable. This particular lounge chair is built on a reliable frame made of solid stainless steel, while the seat and back are made of 240 meters specially developed flag line. Add a longhaired sheepskin to soften the industrial sharpness of the steel, and you’ve got yourself a lounge chair that constitutes ultimate and luxurious relaxation!

The Flagyard Chair was originally designed on a hot summer afternoon. While Wegner’s kids were playing in the shallow waters along the beach, the furniture designer was digging himself into the sand building a comfortable chair to enjoy the holidays. Back in the summerhouse, Wegner made the first sketches using the seating angles that he had conceived on the beach. How about that for a Dad Chair?

So there you have, 5 fantastic lounge chairs your dad will love. Did we miss one? Have one to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.


5 Things to Consider When Buying an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

What should you look for when buying an Eames Lounge Chair replica?

Purchasing your own Eames Lounge Chair can be compared by some to buying a new TV set. It is a big purchase that requires some knowledge into the product’s technicalities before putting down the money. 

Of course, when purchasing your home’s lounge chair, you want total satisfaction. To do so, it’s important to examine certain aspects of the chair. 

Eames Lounge Chair replica retailers often claim the similarity their chair has compared to the original model. Despite the similarities, there may be missing features from the original model or hidden snags that reduce the chair’s durability. 

Here happen any things to consider when shopping for Eames chair replicas and models.

Is the piping hand-stitched?

Manhattan Home Design makes hand-stitched piping with 1’2 inch of real leather stitched by hand along the edges of the chair. An intricate method, though completely worth the quality attribute. 

The piping is composed of 400 stitches with handmade buttons made of genuine leather. It is sewn with metal clasps to hold the leather in a firm position for a final touch.

Are the cushions are interchangeable?

Some Eames Lounge chairs have their cushions sewn onto the chair or ottoman, so this is an important matter to consider. 

Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman set have pillows that can be easily removed and are interchangeable since they both come in the same size. 

How does the cushion breathe?

Cushions that recover after having pressure set upon them provide comfort. A vital aspect for the entire cushioned area of an Eames Lounge Chair. 

MHD’s cushions are breathable, with air inlets lining the chair. With the entrance of more air, the cushions are better at retaining their original shape. Additionally, the breathable quality protects against mold and residue buildup.

What kind of foam is in the cushion?

The foam inside MHD’s Eames Lounge Chairs is of the highest quality available. This foam has an impressive shelf-life of over 20 years.

Memory foam is the best filling material for long-lasting chairs, due to its excellent shape retention. Memory foam slips into the position of your body, so it will always be comfortable. 

Does the chair recline at a 15-degree angle?

The recline of MHD’s lounge chair reaches a slick 15° angle for a true lounging experience. This allows you to sit back, and enjoy maximum relaxation. 

A 15° is the mathematical degree for harmony in the back’s incline, as it is not too low, nor too high a reclining position. This makes for the optimal lounging experience.


Eames Lounge Chair: Choosing the Right Veneer

Walnut, Palisander, Santos Palisander. What are all these names? Well, these are veneers. The wood that makes the base of the Eames Lounge Chair, the part responsible for your ultimate lounging comfort.

For the perfect Eames Lounge Chair, there are a handful veneer types, or woods, that form it. Why can’t why type of veneer be used? Because the wood must not only be attractive, it also needs to be sturdy, yet flexible, and thick, but not too rough.

The best replicas you can find online will offer you two veneer options: walnut and palisander A.K.A rosewood. 

What is palisander or rosewood?

Palisander has a more varied tone, originating from two main sources: Brazilian rosewood, Dalbergia nigra, and East Indian rosewood, Dalbergia latifolia. It is rich in smell and texture, and it can be more exciting than walnut depending on who you ask.

Its reddish color is noticeably more brown than walnut wood and goes better in spaces with a lot of wood, making it ideal for home settings. 

Palisander is largely associated with luxury, wealth, pride, and beauty. It has been one of the staple woods for great guitars, and other musical instruments, since the beginnings of the 20th century. 

What about walnut?

The walnut tree, juglans major, is an enormous plant whose wood has been a staple of furniture manufacturing for centuries, especially in Europe. Some associate it with wisdom and knowledge, and this ancient belief permeates timber and plywood that ultimately ends up on the Eames Lounge Chair.

This wood creates a complex and rich pattern, and it’s finished product has a light color that matches office settings and homes with darker walls, keeping the mid-century setting contrast we all know and love.

This wood doesn’t have any notable smell, but it sure is versatile. Walnut wood matches perfectly with white and gray spaces. It also plays well with green colors. 
It’s plain to see that wood plays an integral role in the production of the Eames Lounge Chair. Whichever veneer type you choose when purchasing your own from sellers like Manhattan Home Design is a great choice.

Manhattan home design reviews

QUIZ: Do you know what Modern Chair are you?

Eames Lounge Chair, Barcelona Chair, Saarinen Ball Chair… Which mid-century modern chair are you? Take a seat for a little fun! Or even better, take a seat that has your name written all over it. For this article, we rounded up some of the most iconic chairs of mid-century modern design and the types of personalities that go along with each iconic chair.

Just keep on reading, find your favorite mid-century modern chair and discover what that particular choice might tell you about yourself!

Eames Lounge Chair

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

If your favorite chair is the Eames Lounge Chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames, what does that say about you? Well, it says that you’re a classic type of person. You’re sophisticated and a little laid-back, which doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get things done. You’re a hard worker, most likely in a creative field that requires lots of thought. Like the Eames Lounge Chair, you’re stylish but not too flashy and you can fit in almost any sort of room, home or office. Your friends love you because you always go with the flow and rarely complain.

Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair

If your favorite chair is the Barcelona chair originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, you are the kind of person who has a refined style that’s bold but not overly in-your-face. You love sleek lines and simple color schemes like white and black. Some people might say that you have expensive tastes but your friends know that you have a finer appreciation of things in your life.

Hans Wegner Elbow Chair

If your favorite mid-century modern chair is the less known Elbow Chair, originally designed by Hans Wegner, you might be a presidential candidate. This chair is famous for being in the first televised Presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon, in which both we seating (respectively). You are generally even-keeled, even when you’re running on just a few hours of sleep. You an organized, tidy person who is always on time. Like this chair, you’re easygoing, because you never overbook yourself. You love things to go your way but rarely complain when they don’t.

Eames Dowel Leg Armchair

If your favorite mid-century modern chair is the Eames Dowel Leg Armchair, originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames, that means you’re definitely quirky. You are creative, artistic, colorful and a bit playful at times. You probably work in a creative position or have several interesting hobbies and side projects going at a time. You are the kind of person who loves artistic pursuits, and you’re famous for having your own particular idea of fun.

Philippe Starck Ghost Chair

You’re a free-thinking lover of life who likes wild parties if you love the Ghost Chair designed by Philippe Starck. You are the sort of person with a particular personality and someone who is not afraid to show it and let it shine. Among your friends, you’re a leader and always on the cutting edge. Some people might say there’s an air of mystery surrounding you, and that’s precisely how you like it.

Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair

If your choice between the mid-century modern designs is the iconic Tulip Chair designed by Eero Saarinen, you are certainly productive and creative. Whenever there are moments of chaos and turmoil, you stand for the voice of clarity and reason, always. Your desk is immaculate, and you’ve got a journal and a spreadsheet for organizing all aspects of your life.

Le Corbusier LC2 chair

If you chose the LC2 Chair by design rockstar Le Corbusier, you’re bold and confident. You’re the kind of person who likes to get things done in a very straightforward way. You simply can’t procrastinate, show up late or lose anything. “Overdressed” is not in your dictionary, even for casual Fridays. You’re always up-to-date on news — even what’s going on overseas — and have a steady hand on your finances.

Eames Molded Plywood Chair

If your favorite chair is the Molded Plywood Chair by Charles and Ray Eames, you’re definitely very handy around the house. You are the sort of person who always is good at building things with your hands. You love woodworking and truly appreciate fine craftsmanship. You appreciate the beauty in products that serve a simple function. You’re not fake, you rarely lie, and you can always be depended on to keep a secret.

Do you agree with our list? Did we miss any other mid-century modern famous chair? Let us know in the comments below!