Christmas Deals: An LC3 Sofa For Your Family & Friends

Christmas is by far one of the most desired seasons of the year, basically because we can reconnect with our loved ones, sharing memories and stories. As this is a family season, it is normal that our main objective is to make our people feel welcome and comfortable in our space, so in case you are hosting dinner this year we would like to help you in your preparation and offer you an unmissable discount in one of the most affordable replica stores; Manhattan Home Design.

Yes, we are talking about the only LC3 sofa, a design by the exclusive Le Corbusier. You may have recognized this sofa for two reasons, the first is because perhaps you are a follower of Le Corbusier’s projects and you already know the pieces in his Le Corbusier collection or the most popular reason; You’ve seen it in movies like Batman.

The LC3 sofa replica is part of the most sold pieces at Manhattan Home Design and due to this they decided to create an amazing Christmas discount, you will only have to write the code: XMAS, and that’s it! 10% discount on the gorgeous aniline leather piece.