Complement With These Modern Furniture Pieces Your Nursery Room (I/II)

If you haven’t read the previous article, we’d like to invite you to do so! There you will find an amazing suggestion for a comfortable sofa to complement your nursery room design. Now is the time to continue sharing our suggestions for modern furniture! 

This time we have placed an essential in any children’s room which is an armchair. Scroll down and check off two types of chairs that you can use for this purpose!

The Florence Knoll armchair, a classic but yet comfy support

The Florence Knoll armchair is a mid-century chair upholstered of a soft and long-lasting aniline leather that evokes the vibes of those good gold days. Although when looking for a piece of furniture your first objective is to find a functional piece, this chair is completely capable to give you what all mother wants: functionality and style! 

On this chair, you will be able to breast-feed your child without feeling uncomfortable because it is a great ergonomic form.

The Womb chair is the perfect option if you like lounges chairs

This is another great option you can select when choosing the chair for a breastfeeding baby. it comes with an ottoman so you will be able to lay all your body in the case is needed.