Curious facts about Hans Wegner’s Bio

The grandmaster of Danish furniture design and creator of the Shell Chair, Hans Wegner is the fine example of a committed artisan looking for a timeless piece. Let’s share some curious notes about his life and work:

Impressive work.

Hans Wegner designed 500 chairs, an impressive number, from lounge chairs to valet chairs. From that amount, only 150 have been taken to scale production.

Always a prodigy.

The first love of Hans Wegner since very young was wood carving, and he used to go to the local museum of Tonder, his birth town looking for inspiration to get inspiration. A later training in furniture design  made him combine his love for wood carving with the functionality and aesthetics of furniture, and feel passion about design.

Presidential Furniture.

Hans Wegner’s Rounded Chair was chosen as part of the TV set for the first Presidential debate held on TV in the United States. The sober, sculptural lines of the Rounded Chair were displayed in a scene where the candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon debated with barely other items of furniture, besides a desk and a lectern.

Designed at the beach.

One of its more flamboyant pieces, the Flag Halyard Chair was conceived during a family trip to the beach. While most of the family were enjoying the sea an the sun, Wegner, a tireless worker, made its first sketches in the sand.

Ahead of its time.

Some models created by Wegner were ignored by the time of its release, and then recognized years later with great success. This is the case for the Shell Chair, of great critical acclamation in 1963, the year it was released, but ignored by the public. Was almost 30 years later, in 1992, when the Hansen decided to re release it, with great sale success since then.

Furniture with sense of humour.

Wegner always sustained that the sense of humor was an important part of life and design, too. Things shouldn’t be so “dreadfully serious” as he once said. Some master pieces in its work are intentionally funny and light, like the Ox Chair, for example. An executive, relaxing chair in black leather with two prominent horns in the head set.


Always devoted to his passion, Hans Wegner was a tireless worker and did not enjoy vacation time that much. It required some discussions within the family To program a vacation holiday trip.

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