Curious facts about the Hans Wegner “Shell Chair”

Certainly, the Hans Wegner Shell Chair is one of the most reproduced and popular options in the world of accent chairs. A couple of comments about this classic ans its creator.
Hans Wegner never was an enthusiast for giving names to its creation. and it . He preferred to call “chairs” to all its creations. In the case of the Shell Chair, that name was given by Car Hansen and Sons, the original house of design that request the chair.
For Hans Wegner, a chair should be a beautiful object from any perspective, even from behind or upside down. He spent a great amount of time of designing making sure that it was the case. This is the reason of the sculptured elements in almost all its chairs.
Wegner  was totally committed to its work. Once consulted in one interview, her daughter, who worked alongside with him, affirmed that Wegner never programmed a vacation and he was practically forced by his family to take some time off for them and himself.

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