Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Art Works

One of the greatest ways of creating extraordinary spaces is through art works. Art, in any manifestation may bring us not only a pleasant visual experience, but an enlighten of our mind and soul. That is good enough to keep some form of art in our place, but we can’t forget that art is a form of investment, too. Art pieces tend to be valuable and there are several markets where you can invest and trade fine pieces in very lucrative terms.

So, if you are thinking in some art investing, is really important to observe some practices to guarantee the best experience and preservation of your pieces. You should to provide the room with the proper structure to host, maintain and keep your art in good conditions, it doesn’t matter the type of art you own (paints, sculpture, antiques).

You should always think of controlling the humidity of the room as first priority. Of course, cleaning and decluttering is a daily must.

 Finally, an overall design centered in showing your art as the focal point of the room is essential.

Artistic value is achieved by artistic merits, and that is the challenge of the artist. But if you want a room with artistic value, it must have great art pieces inside, and your part consists in take good care of it.

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