Design notes from the Barcelona Chair. Color Grey.

Neutral colors have been used profusely in Interior Design for several years, specially grey. 

Why grey?

Grey, specially clear grey, is very close to white. It means that it can be used with almost any combination of color. That’s is good for most of the Interior Design trends. Grey as a color is a neutral element, used as factor of balance. With grey or any neutral color, you enhance your furniture elements as the focal center of the room. Your furniture will have the color, and it will be the center of attention. 

Can I use grey to make my room smaller? 

Many people like to use color as a tool to make a smaller or bigger impression. To make your room smaller by using color, you should use an strong option, not a neutral one. It can be a darker, solid, grey, but there are better alternatives.

Besides the color and intensity, is needed to be clear about which wall will be painted. To achieve this, please select one wall of a clear shape in the room. One accent wall painted plus three walls in a neutral color is a good proportion, to create a smaller view of the room.

Once your accent wall is finished, place in front of this wall, one actual accent chair. Based on the current options, a Shell chair is great. Your room will have a delimited area and will give you a sense of nearness.

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