Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Home Improvements in 2021

The pandemic in 2020 really affected the way we live in our very daily routines. Quarantines, lockdowns, and transit restrictions made our stay in our home and reconfigure our way of life. This reality brought some natural consequences for our homes and décor. There are three trends this 2021 that have to do with the pandemic reality we’re living in now.

WFH: Your new office

First, the Home Office space is consolidated in hour houses as a central element. This doesn’t mean actually big renovations, but some adjustments in the open concept so popular nowadays. In a place with children and pets, some privacy and noise-canceling are required to work properly, and a plane-open living room/dining room space doesn’t give you the minimal structure. Cabins? space separators?

Everything is connected, more than ever

Two, the rise of 5G technology open the door for what they call in recent years: “the internet of things” IoT. It means basically a hyperconnected home where you can, through your smartphone and computer, control a great number of options: Open/Close doors; turning on/off lights, kitchen appliances, blinds, among others.

Kitchen islands Vs. Dining Rooms

Third is the fading of the dining room. The dining room is losing relevancy against other spaces. First, it has to do with the macro trend of the open concept house. With an open house, there is less incentive to use a specific space, when you can gather around the very kitchen. Second, the rise of the kitchen island has a lot to do, too. Third, the formality of living rooms goes against the trend of multi-use spaces, driven by the rise of the Home Office.

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