Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Is Interior Design Art or Science?

Interior Design is fascinating. It has to do with a lot of elements: Beauty, Space, Architecture, Project management, and so on. Sometimes people see the work of a Designer, for example when a good project is just finished,  and you are enjoying the final result; and wonder if this work has to do more with art or science. Let’s take a closer look at this. 

Would you call Interior Design an Science?

Interior Design has to deal with basic physical elements, like light, space, color, patterns and shapes. They are equally physical concepts studied for science, too. But all knowledge and use of these elements of science in Interior Design is more like applied knowledge than anything else.

Interior Design is interested in how to use some concepts and valuable tools from science to create a good place for people. But Interior Design is not a science.

While science studies nature and concepts like space, light, color, and uses the hypothetic deductive method to predict results with these elements, these results are are written in laws. 

On the other hand, when Interior Design uses light or space, it looks to manage them, with a purpose: Manage light with the purpose of find the best way natural light may get into the room. Manage space, in order to assure there is enough and comfortable to people for walk, sit and stay there without overcrowding the place with furniture or structural elements. Manage color by using them in a smart way, contrasting opposites with an harmonious concept.

Would you call Interior Design Art?

Art is a human creation. It uses human emotions, feelings and concepts to express new ideas, feelings and feelings with a aesthetical approach.

An artist has more than an aesthetic purpose in its work, and it uses it to express human, social ideas and emotions. An Interior Designer has a very clear purpose: To create a space suitable for people to live and enjoy. 

Interior Design doesn’t create art, but applies aesthetic references that make us feel pleased, marveled in our our senses, to enjoy our staying in a room, or any space.

Master pieces of furniture design, like the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, or the Barcelona Chair may not be considered as “Art” formally, because they were developed with a functional purpose: To sit and relax, though they are so outstanding and successful that are exhibited in retrospectives all around the world. 

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