Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Vintage and Replicas

In the last years, the market of furniture has witnessed the rise of the Vintage trend, and it turns to be very popular right now. We hear about Vintage around us in many ways. There are Vintage fashion in clothes, in furniture, music and so on. But what is vintage in furniture?, and what does it has to do with the replicas market?. Let’s find out.

What is Vintage? 

To a proper understanding of the uses, and abuses of the word vintage, is better is we refer to other linked terms: Antique and retro.

One Antique refers to a piece of furniture with 100 years old or more time.  Usually an Antique is considered worthy, if it still functions reasonably well, and it keeps its appearance to certain extent. One antique can be really expensive, and this are pieces generally for specialized collectors
One Vintage piece refers to furniture pieces with less than 100 years old, but not that recent. But is not only about time, is about what does it mean to the particular time. A piece that we call vintage must represent clearly the esprit du temps. A regular chair may have with more than 50 years old, but is not that vintage, that a Barcelona Chair with 40 years old, because the Barcelona Chair embeds the best times of Mid Century Modern furniture, with its best features and aesthetic references. 

But what happens with pieces of 20 or less years old?

A piece like a Hans Wegner Chair, of the year 2005, for example. Can we call it vintage? Not really. It has 16 years old, but that is not enough to call it vintage  or even less an antique. It is just an used item. Some people, trying to create a fashionable label, talk about retro. Its an used item, maybe out of fashion, but still useful and somehow attractive due to nostalgia. 

And what does Vintage has to do with Replicas?

In furniture, a replica is a exact rendering of a design piece, by a manufacturer different than the original. This reproduction has to met the original standards of the first design, not only in its aesthetics, but in its functionality. 

So, its important how careful is the manufacturer with the selection of materials and its process of assembling and quality ends. A Barcelona Chair Replica, or an Hans Wegner Shell Chair to be considered like that, must look as the original, but not only look, but it has to feel the same and has a quality standard to last for years, just like the original piece. 

But if a replica is almost an exact copy of the original piece, what’s the difference between a replica and original? what’s the buzz about?

Price, of course. Replicas manufacturers don’t pay for original license or brand copyrights for the exclusive use of the brand, logo and other marketing tools. That allow them to present a pretty decent product for a broader public (without infringe any owner’s right).

A Replica is a brand new piece that respects tradition and brings you the quality of a classic piece, just like it was conceived.

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