Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: What is the Fifth Wall?

What is the Fifth Wall? In terms of Interior Design, a quick mental review make us think see very quickly that we  talk about the ceiling.

Something that we tend to underestimate, or simply not attend in a proper way, the ceiling is, discounting leak repairs, the spot of the house that receives the less of our attention.

Nevertheless, our ceiling may bring us great rewards if we treat it properly. 
What can you do with the ceiling?

First of all, let’s not forget that the ceiling carries our ceiling lamp. so it is part of the natural focal points of our house. A ceiling must kept clean, without dirt or the famous spiderwebs. But it may not only support our lamp or candelabra. A ceiling can easily use some accent paint, or wall paper. In any case, what really count, is to use color in a smart way.

Using a strong tone in the ceiling, in a small room, will make it to appear smaller. Using a clear, neutral tone, will make it higher. Try to create a connection of your ceiling with the colors and patterns of the room your are working on. The result may bring you a great satisfaction. 

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