Design Principles from the Barcelona Chair: Emphasize and Focus (I/II)

One of the final tests for an Interior Designer’s work has to do with a successful focal point, and to know how to emphasize. Sometimes designers call this “make an statement“.

To obtain this result, the designer has to make the right combination of its aesthetic criteria and space management skills. Every space has one or more focal points, some of them very classic and extended. A living room, a bed room, a home office, are some of the places with very specific focal points and little variations through time. 

Classic focal areas

A living room, for example tend to orbit around two or three focal points: A fireplace, a TV, and less frequently, a piece of art. A Bedroom has to do mainly with the bed area, and some seat/comfort solutions combined with storage facilities. 
In a living room is very common to find tensions related to the best place for the TV and the fireplace. While usually people ask the designer to locate TV and fireplace in the same place, consensus among architects and engineers is to locate them each one apart for aesthetic and safety reasons. Nevertheless, sometimes the restrictions in space and resources lead to locate them together. 

Focal Point

But beyond the common, classic focal areas in a living room or bedroom, we have focal points too, with accent furniture or accent walls. A Focal Point is some piece of furniture or some particular feature in the room that calls the attention of the guests or any person who gets into. 

When you look a focal point you get an impression. If its a fireplace, you’ll feel warm; if its the TV you will feel energy and fun; in the case of a ceiling lamp you can be amazed and amused by the lights or shadows. If its furniture you can be delighted by its beauty and sense of comfort. Some times the energy and disposition of a room may convert a beautiful chair the center of attraction of the whole room. 

A Hans Wegner Shell Chair is a beautiful object, and it’s definitely one focal point whenever is displayed in a room, thanks to its winged look, and the beauty of plywood work, because it creates a good vibe to sit and relax.

Enhance your space

In the end, the work of the designer is to enhance the functionality if the room at its best. If you will use your living room to see TV, that has to be the most visually compelling spot of the room.

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