Did Hans Wegner designed Sofas?

Hans Wegner is one of the most prolific and influential furniture designers of the XXth Century, and for many enthusiasts the names of Wishbone chair, Chinese Chair, and of course, the great Shell Chair are considered as classics of design and interior design, but did you know that Hans Wegner designed sofas, too?

Well, its true, in the 1970s Hans Wegner created the CH103 series. That was a series dedicated to three seats sofas. Against all odds, it wasn’t a wood sofa. The CH103 series has a sleek frame of brushed steel, and leather upholstery, in a very modern design.

 With emphasize in a geometric balance, the CH103 Sofa is a beautiful and elegant bet for beauty and functionality of a genius of Mid Century Modern Style. As in any Hans Wegner creation, like the Shell Chair, the CH 103 Series stands out due to its simplicity and functionality, allowing to emerge the soul of the piece.

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