Differences Between Modernism & Contemporary Through Iconic Pieces (II/II)

In the past blog, we defined what the modern style is based on and described in detail the characteristics of the Shell chair. Now is the time to show you an example of modern design and then dive into the world of contemporary style. Let’s continue!

Source: dwr.com

As you can see, the most constant element and which has the greatest proportion in the design is wood. As we mentioned before, the proportions of this material are what helps us to verify that it is indeed a modern design. In addition, it can be seen as the Shell chair that accentuates this material.

You can also appreciate a neutral color palette and a vibe of naturalness and calm.

What is a contemporary style?

Source: Decorilla

The contemporary style is basically a style that is in constant movement, that is, it constantly changes its appearance. Although it varies over time, it tends to have certain prominent characteristics such as a fairly rigid color palette made up of white, black, and gray. Exhibition of materials such as steel and glass and finally pieces where the ornament is valid.

So finally the difference between the two is that:

  • The modern style is not a changing style, it is a style born in the 20th century and ended in the middle of it. Unlike the contemporary that is constantly changing.
  • The modern style has mostly wood accents, unlike the contemporary where metal and glass are more prominent.
  • The modern style has a palette of earth colors, unlike the contemporary one where black and white are the most used duo.