Differences Between Modernism & Contemporary Through Iconic Pieces (I/II)

The contemporary the modern are two of the styles within the interior design that are currently most required. Although they are often confused because they were born in similar times and influences, they do not look the same!

There are certain furniture pieces and designs that allow us to differentiate them at a glance. 

Pieces such as the Shell chair or the LC2 sofa are just some of the elements that can help us to recognize them.

Today we will define both styles separately and we will show you certain designs with the most outstanding characteristics of each style. Also, we will show you the differences between modernism and contemporaneous. Let us begin!

The modern style and its characteristics

The modern style was born in the early 20th century and lasted until the middle of the 20th century. This style is usually recognized for having a calm appearance where earth tones are the ones that make up its color palette. It shows mostly wood accents combined with slightly more modern materials like metal. 

A great example of a piece made within the influences of this style is the Shell chair. The Shell chair is an aerodynamic chair that is made of plywood and leather. 

Click to see an example of modernism and contemporary layout.