Eames Lounge Chair: Choosing the Right Veneer

Walnut, Palisander, Santos Palisander. What are all these names? Well, these are veneers. The wood that makes the base of the Eames Lounge Chair, the part responsible for your ultimate lounging comfort.

For the perfect Eames Lounge Chair, there are a handful veneer types, or woods, that form it. Why can’t why type of veneer be used? Because the wood must not only be attractive, it also needs to be sturdy, yet flexible, and thick, but not too rough.

The best replicas you can find online will offer you two veneer options: walnut and palisander A.K.A rosewood. 

What is palisander or rosewood?

Palisander has a more varied tone, originating from two main sources: Brazilian rosewood, Dalbergia nigra, and East Indian rosewood, Dalbergia latifolia. It is rich in smell and texture, and it can be more exciting than walnut depending on who you ask.

Its reddish color is noticeably more brown than walnut wood and goes better in spaces with a lot of wood, making it ideal for home settings. 

Palisander is largely associated with luxury, wealth, pride, and beauty. It has been one of the staple woods for great guitars, and other musical instruments, since the beginnings of the 20th century. 

What about walnut?

The walnut tree, juglans major, is an enormous plant whose wood has been a staple of furniture manufacturing for centuries, especially in Europe. Some associate it with wisdom and knowledge, and this ancient belief permeates timber and plywood that ultimately ends up on the Eames Lounge Chair.

This wood creates a complex and rich pattern, and it’s finished product has a light color that matches office settings and homes with darker walls, keeping the mid-century setting contrast we all know and love.

This wood doesn’t have any notable smell, but it sure is versatile. Walnut wood matches perfectly with white and gray spaces. It also plays well with green colors. 
It’s plain to see that wood plays an integral role in the production of the Eames Lounge Chair. Whichever veneer type you choose when purchasing your own from sellers like Manhattan Home Design is a great choice.