Eero Saarinen: Bio Curious Facts

One of the greatest minds of the Modern Architecture and Interior Design in the last century, Eero Saarinen, creator of the Womb Chair, has very interesting bio facts that are interesting to know, of some one that has been a source of inspiration for several generations of architects and designers.

Gone to soon.

Born in Kirkonummi, Finland, in 1910, Eero Saarinen died in Michigan in september 1961, with just 51 years old, in the middle of a brain surgery.

Worked for Intelligence Agencies.

Even though Eero Saarinen was born outside the US , he considered himself as American an had the chance to work as a Military Officer in the OSS, this is, the Office of Strategic Services, the prior American government office to the CIA., for five years. Among his assigned tasks they were to draw manuals for the disassembly of bombs; and to provide sketches for the Situation Room  of the OSS. Saarinen began its collaboration with  the OSS since its student years in Yale. He was naturalized as American Citizen in 1940.

A great friendship.

Married with the art critic Aline Bernstein in its second marriage, Eero had a boy named Eames, after his  long-time friend and collaborator Charles Eames, one of the masterminds of Mid Century Modern, along with Saarinen.

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