Eero Saarinen Furniture: The Grasshopper Chair

Among the best-considered names in Mid Century Modern, Eero Saarinen will have always a privileged place. A perfectionist, hard worker, and creative genius that made giant contributions both in architecture and interior design. Today let’s take a look at one of the earliest works of the creator of the Womb Chair.

The Grasshopper Chair was designed by Saarinen in 1946. It was commissioned by Florence Knoll, her longtime friend and colleague. That would be the first of many successful collaborations.

The Grasshopper Chair is a lounge chair, designed in the most simplified and efficient way. With a fabric upholstered seat and a laminated birch frame, it got its name due to the frame resemblance with the little insect. Graceful and agile, the Grasshopper Chair offers a very simplified look for a comfortable relaxing time. As usual with lounge chairs, an optional Ottoman is available.

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